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Humanoids will appear and move as if injured at low health

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FEEL FREE TO CONVERT THIS MOD TO SSE. It'll probably be some time before I make any updates to it. Check back later if you want to see any updates, otherwise I have no qualms with people converting. Enjoy!

Ever wonder why, after being beaten to a slither of health, the residents of skyrim just keep on fighting unburdened, and then after taking that last hit, collapse into a embarrassing pile of failure? Well no more!

Thanks to help from FunnyBizness and his Injured Animations on I am happy to present



Combat Fatigue changes some animations for humanoid characters after their health passes a certain threshold. The character's movement speed will also be reduced as long as their health is below the threshold. The threshold and speed reduction are both MCM configurable.

How To Use

Install mod using your favorite mod manager or extract contents to your data Folder
Activate the ESP in your load order to apply the effects to the PC and NPCs
Open the MCM to configure Mod for the PC and NPCs


Injury Threshold - 
Determines the health percentage the character has to hit before the animations trigger
Injury Speed Reduction - Determines the movement speed reduction that will effect the injured character
Randomize NPC Values (NPC Only) - Randomizes the threshold and speed reduction of every NPC character.


In order for Combat Fatigue to work, you must have the following mods and all of their dependencies.
SKYUI 4.0+ (for MCM)
SKSE 1.9.32+
FNIS 6.0+ (For Alternate Animations)


Due to the nature of FNIS Alternate Animations, this mod is technically incompatible with any mod shares animation variables via FNIS AA, such as PCEA2. Do not fret, for I am working on a mod which acts as an intermediary between FNIS AA mods.


I am collaborating with FunnyBizness with this mod, and any additional updates will come out as he continues to improve and create animations.


If you have any suggestions, bugs to reports, complaints about the mod, or whatnot, then let them be known!