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A simple mod that restricts the amount of stuff friendly NPCs let the player take from their homes and stores for free.

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So I inform Jarl Balgruuf that Riverwood needs help and suddenly I am free to take every silver chalice in his hall without
consequence? Seriously? While making it way too easy to get rich, this also feels very unimmersive to me and makes stealing less rewarding.

This mod alters the game settings so that friends, confidants, allies and lovers don't give away such expensive things willingly. This is more immersive, makes getting rich fast a little more challenging and encourages the player to actually put some effort in making money. For example by crafting or stealing items and selling them.

This is a very simple mod and changes nothing aside from the iFavor-values in game settings which determine how expensive things friendly NPCs are willing to give away.

- Friends only give away things worth up to 4 gold coins, meaning mostly cheap and common crafting materials and food.
- Confidants only give away things worth up to 7 gold coins, which includes slightly more valuable crafting materials such as iron ingots.
- Allies give away things worth up to 12 gold coins, which still isn't enough that they would just hand over valuable ingots or such, but enables you to take things like petty soul gems from them too.
- Lovers are still generous, but not so generous that it gets a little absurd. Lovers will give away things worth up to 50 gold coins.

If you would rather decide the values yourself, doing so is simple through the Creation Kit by adjusting iFavor values in the game settings.

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