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A collection of Real Shelter Patches.

Permissions and credits

If you already have installed Real Shelter, you do not need to run the patcher again. Just drop my plugins into your game.

Otherwise, you must have Real Shelter installed and you must run the TES5 patcher.

To install Real Shelter go to the original page and follow the instructions.

These files have been cleaned in TES5Edit.

These files merge OK. I place the merged patches file just before RSPatch.esp. Merge plugins may report XLCN Location errors for certain patches. It is safe to 'fix' these errors automatically then proceed to make the merge.

These patches work with v 1407 of Real Shelter.
Removes frostbite spell effects too.

Load Order
Load my Real Shelter Patches after their respective mod.

Real Shelter MCM
I suggest you disable 'fluid transitions' and reduce sheltered rain volume to match your un-sheltered rain volume.
If you find your sheltered rain texture has defaulted to another, you should force a rain weather in console (fw c8220), enter a shelter, exit the shelter, change the MCM rain texture back to your preferred option. Done.

Future plans
When Three Ten releases the next version of Real Shelter, these patches will be updated.
I will also maintain and update these patches so as to work correctly with other updates for their respective  mods.

For Modders
If you have a house mod in the worldspace that needs a real shelter setup, PM me.
Alternatively you can make your own Real Shelter Patch. Its easy and quick.

Permissions and Credits

You are not permitted to share, charge, re-upload, re-distribute or modify these patches without my permission.
You are not permitted to convert or upload these mods to Steam or

I have granted permission to the author of Ancient Watchtowers to upload the Real Shelter Patch on his Steam Workshop page on my behalf.

Thanks to ThreeTen who kindly gave me permission to upload these patches.