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An overhaul of Morthal into a more reasonable Hold capitol.

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~ClefJ's Morthal~
"I don't have mother's gift, not yet... But I've seen things."

I admit, I'm a little late to the town-overhaul party. Not to step on the toes of the remarkable JK's Skyrim, nor the new and amazing Holds town overhaul (which, shamefully, I cannot run on my PC), but I decided to experiment and give Morthal a new look, while keeping it as lore-friendly as possible.

"A small town, small folk, not strategically valuable, and a dangerous place to live."

I've given Morthal new buildings, interior and exterior, using snowy Riften and Dragonborn architecture! It makes it look cozy, spooky, and still very Nordic in design. All while using Vanilla and Dragonborn resources!

This mod provides:
- High Moon Hall has been completely redesigned to become a real Nord longhouse!
- All vanilla buildings redesigned, in and out, while keeping the original town layout.
- The Thaumaturgist's Hut has been expanded with a small interior greenhouse.
- An abandoned stone house for the PC added, a cozy small starter home.
- A new Blacksmith and Trader added next to Alva's House.
- Minor detail work around town, including new docks, lights and some landscaping, including a lovely waterfall next to the longhouse.
- Cleaned with TES5Edit.

Requires: Skyrim, Update and Dragonborn.

Incompatibility: Anything changing a great deal of Morthal's exterior or interior. Unknown at this time if ETAC works well with it; I know JK's has a conflicting blacksmith area.

- Navmeshes have been edited in exterior and interior cells. These were unavoidable for such a redesign. HOWEVER, major thoroughfares are generally untouched, and have not given me any issues in the mod design. Collision boxes for cutscenes and civil war markers are unedited, and should provide no issues.
- This is a 1.0, but I hope to do a little bit more to the town, and fix any issues that crop up. The Inn is unedited due to other mods that users may have that change tavern interiors, but that might change in later editions.
- Current version appears incompatible with Better Fast Travel. A patch is in the works for the future.

Thank you for downloading, and I hope everyone enjoys!