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Made by ClefJ and ported by turtlegodking

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This is a port of ClefJ's ClefJ's Morthal SE mod.

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This is a port of ClefJ's ClefJ's Morthal SE mod.

If there are any issues let me know

Credits to ClefJ for making the orignal mod

If you want to help support me to make more patches and ports you can find my Patreon here

Why I left SE in the name:
LE already has a mod called "ClefJ's Morthal" which is ClefJ's old version so I have left SE in the name to show it is the updated version from SE.

The old LE version can be found here if you want to see what I mean: Link

Ripped from the original discription:

~ClefJ's Morthal~
SE Edition

"I don't have mother's gift, not yet... But I've seen things."

Another city-mod by ClefJ, this is a deep aesthetic overhaul of the capitol of Hjaalmarch, Morthal. Rumored to be named after the ancient hero Morihaus, I felt the settlement required much more attention - as it also once served as the seat of a High King and capitol of all Skyrim.

I've given Morthal new buildings, interior and exterior, using a variety of modders resources! It makes it look cozy, spooky, and still very Nordic in design. Now the place looks as if it were once the Capitol Hold of Skyrim, properly defended against the monsters of the swamp. Some might not favor the upper middle ages design of the city walls, but I thought it nice.

This mod provides:
- New walls, gates and towers (Nonfunctional; for looks only)
- Updated vanilla interiors
- New custom interiors for Highmoon Hall and Moorside Inn

- New vendor NPC's; a blacksmith-guard and 2 general traders
- A new paintjob to the town, both buildings and landscape
- Resource-Lite! No major FPS drops hopefully
- Vanilla-Friendly, with many patches for other mods
While still a foreboding place, hopefully this "Hold" now lives up to its name.

Conflicts and concerns:
- Any mod that influences the Morthal general area: Patches included, comment if more are needed.
- A personal experience with USSEP; Beds in moorside inn had a conflict that was solved in a new-game (Which is recommended anyway)

Ra2phoenix for his hard work, input, and wonderful patch list!
Rochester SE Mod Resource by sumugi - for Heraldry Shields and other textures.
Griffin Fortress resources by mr_siika/Traeken - for numerous castle meshes.
Modified Griffin Fortress by skyrimlazz - for assorted modified meshes.
Jet's Resources by jet4571 - for new town well.
Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys - for assorted food items.
Solitude and Temple Frescoes by Arduunos - for wall paintings.
Farmhouse textures by Oracus0 - for new farmhouse walls.
Additional textures by ClefJ.

Thank you for downloading, and I hope you enjoy!!