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My own fixes and tweaks. Carried on USLEEP fixes. Proper loading screens models. Desaturated textures. Ancient Dwemer Metal desaturated version, and more. 4K-2K. ESL.

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My patches and fixes for the amazing Sons of Skyrim mod.

Fixes v1 (Requires the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch)
  • Intended for the original Main Archive LE file, not the optional Standalone Version.
  • Carried on the Unofficial Skyrim patch fixes.
  • Changed to "Initially Disabled" 16 previously deleted records, to avoid CTD. 
  • Several fixes/tweaks to 34 NPC records.
  • New loading screens models.
  • 1st Person clipping fix for 5 armors.

Optional downloads (Only textures/meshes. It's safe to install/uninstall them at any time)
  • Desaturated textures. I manually edited all the diffuse textures to better fit my game/ENB. Maybe you like it too. 4K-2K versions available (4K it's the same size than the original Optional HD Textures file).
  • Desaturated Ancient Dwemer Metal patch. A desaturated fabrics version of my original ADM patch. 4K-2K versions available.
  • Ancient Dwemer Metal patch. Same patch than the one included in my ADM - My patches mod. 4K-2K versions available.
  • Falkreath - My version. My personal approach to the Falkreath armor set. I changed the purple color to a grey-bluish style. 4K-2K versions available.
  • Loading Screens patch. This will actualize the loading screens with the new models. Already included in the Main Fixes file, but I added this file if for some reason you don't want to use it.
  • Markarth Steel Armors and Weapons patch. 4K-2K original and desaturated versions available.
  • Cloaks of Skyrim patch. It will replace 14 linen cloaks. It doesn't touch the capes, nor the fur cloaks.
  • Guards Armor Replacer: Windhelm and Stormcloaks. Only meshes. It will replace the Guards Armor Replacer armors and weapons with the new models. You only need the Sons of Skyrim textures. For example: If you only want the new Windhelm and Stormcloaks models been used by Guards Armor Replacer, the rest of Guards will continue the same.
  • Guards Armor Replacer: Markarth. Only meshes. You only need the Sons of Skyrim textures.
  • Markarth Golden Armors and Weapons patch. Only meshes. It works with the original and my desaturated textures too. Ideal to use together with Golden Dwemer Pipeworks Redone, but it's not a requirement.
  • Fur Collar White and Black versions. Only textures. Separated Official Armor version available too.
  • Shield on Back patch. Only meshes. It adjust 13 shields to avoid clipping with the capes. To avoid the "flying" shield when equipped I edited/adjusted their grip too. It's not perfect but it will do.

- Any idea or suggestion? Just let me know.


- SE-AE version here.

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.
Don't forget to endorse and share your screens. :)

Especial thanks
  • To NordwarUA for his wonderful work as always!
  • To my lovely Patreons and supporters.

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