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Placeable sleeping bags for you and your followers to sleep warm under blankets - with a few complimentary features.

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Adds craftable and placeable sleeping bags for you and your followers to sleep warm under blankets
anywhere in Skyrim. Plus a few complimentary features for them to relax a bit too...

This mod is dedicated to my pal BugNexus who encouraged me to mod again. He also tested many versions of this, and his constant support, ideas, observations and willingness to crash test anything made it worth the endless hours I spent scripting and modeling this. Bug, you're great, and guys, if you like the mod, please kudos him!.. Thanks :)


► Craft sleeping bags at the tanning rack (misc)
► Place, move, switch them anywhere in Skyrim
► Sleep inside your sleeping bag with your sleep mod
► Simple Actions users lie down anywhere under blankets
► Sleep lying down inside your sleeping bag
► Unfold a blanket on any Vanilla-placed bedroll
► Relax on your sleeping bag: sit, lie down or meditate
► Followers use their own sleeping bags to sleep
► Followers smile when they relax, sit or meditate
► Unequip gear before sleep and reequip on wake up
► Works with Another Sleep Mod, Go To Bed and Simple Actions.
► Compatible with Frostfall (Frostfall version)
► Configurable with MCM menu
► Cleaned with TES5Edit
► No Vanilla asset has been modified in any way

Not Safe For Work*

*Er... Admins told me to warn you that this is 'NSFW' stuff 'cause I stupidly forgot to change my body types before I captured this.
Sorry about that, but just to be clear: auto-unequiping won't make your toons naked, they'll be wearing whatever your body type is.
For non English-native guys like me who might be mistaken by the expression, this doesn't mean that the file is not "safe", it's just the video.

Shinji72's review of Sleeping Bags.Thank you Shinji!


SKSE version 1.07.03 or higher

SkyUI version 5.0 or higher - works with SkyUI-Away

► Compatible with all DLCs but does not require any


- Go To Bed compatibility patch: required for sleeping bags to work with Go To Bed.

- Frostfall 3.0.3 version in the main files. Install only one main file version.


1. A player sleep mod so you can see yourself sleep inside the bag. Skyrim Sleeping Bags is natively compatible with Another Sleep Mod, it is also compatible with Go To Bed with the optional patch.

2. Alternatively or together with ASM or GTB, you can also use Simple Actions which lets you sleep anywhere using the laydown animation. You'll now be able to unfold a blanket over your sleeping player... anywhere. It also works when sleeping on the ground.

3. A follower mod which lets your followers sandbox and use their own sleeping bags to sleep warm or just relax. It works great with Amazing Follower Tweaks and Followers Can Relax, it should work just as well with other follower mods, including modded followers. In my tests, I've even seen a Whiterun guard use one of my followers bags!..

4. Frostfall 3.0.3's users can use sleeping bags to keep warm and reduce their wetness level as well as be able to sleep in the wilderness inside sleeping bags even when they have disabled the "wait outside" option. This works both with Sleep mods' as well as using the laydown animation for sleep. Sleeping on the ground under a blanket will only warm you up in interior cells though. And whether inside a sleeping bag or on the ground, certain conditions apply: to efficiently reduce your exposition, it's best to sleep several hours, and to effectively reduce your wetness, you'll need to unequip your gear - if you don't, you'll dry up a bit but remain damp. After 6 hours of sleep however, your exposure and wetness levels will remain constant.


- Japanese Version: Skyrim Sleeping Bags - Japanese by BowmoreLover


- Sleep inside your sleeping bag with Another Sleep Mod or Go To Bed, using your sleeping bags like you would with any other bedroll. Or/and if you're more/also the Simple Actions type, sleep with the laydown animation.

- Sleep or just lie down on your "laydown sleeping bag", activate to lie down, activate again to sleep, and activate again to get up. When you've configured the mod to keep your clothes or armor on, you'll need to activate one more time between lie down and sleep to unfold a blanket (or not if you don't want to). E key for keyboard users, A for Xbox controllers or X for PS3 controllers. Alternatively, the jump key can be used to get out of the laydown sleeping bag quickly and at any time IF you're not in TFC mode. These keys are scripted to prevent the use of the activate key when in free camera mode to prevent you from getting stuck, but that function is far from 100% reliable - and 0% reliable with the jump key - so just don't jump when in TFC mode!

- Relax sitting down or meditating on your "laydown sleeping bag": activate to sit down, and activate again to get up, or just move forward like you would to get up from any Vanilla chair. These animations use markers, so the same warning applies about TFC mode: don't activate anything while in TFC mode.

- You're the Dovahkiin, you have your own sleeping bag that your followers wouldn't dare to use (recognizable by the Skyrim book placed on it), but it is only fair that your same followers won't let you use their own sleeping bags. So just don't.

- Place Followers Sleeping Bags for your followers to relax or sleep - when in the wilderness, you'll find how eager they are to unwind!.. Like you, they will unequip helmets and weapons when relaxing, as well as backpacks if you've set that option in the MCM menu. When sleeping, they will unequip armors and clothes as well as weapons, and reequip their full gear when waking up.

- Place your sleeping bags on fairly flat grounds to prevent clipping. The problem is not that the sleeping bag cannot be placed on slanted surface but rather that the actors will not slant accordingly in animations - beyond a certain angle, the animation will play horizontally anyway.

- Enable only one player sleep mod: Go To Bed or Another Sleep Mod, not both. In case, you accidentally do, the MCM menu will edit a warning.

- When using Another Sleep Mod, enable only one sleep gear management system, ASM or Sleeping Bags, they're not incompatible but there's no point having Papyrus do the job twice. Same goes with Follower mods sleep outfit management systems, pick only one: Sleeping Bags' or your follower mod's. You can set these options in the MCM menu. I recommend however to always unequip when sleeping with a sleep mod to prevent clipping. When sleeping with the "Lie Under Blanket" power, you can choose to keep your gear on if you want, you'll then spawn larger blankets which should keep potential to minimum, hopefully none at all.

- Clean up your loaded game from lost or misplaced sleeping bags if you need to, using the CleanUp button in the MCM menu. If you've placed many sleeping bags in a same area and realise that some items or markers have not been properly deleted by the game even after picking you bags up, you can also use the same button to clean up the area before you leave. Please note that this can only work in cells which are still loaded by the game (that's a minimum of 5 cells around the player in a Vanilla game) and remember that "delete" doesn't always happen instantly, the game only marks objects for deletion but effectively deletes them a bit later, sometimes only when the cell unloads. All deteted objects will be removed from your save, which means that if you have not picked up your sleeping bags, you'll have to craft them again. So the best way to keep your game clean is still to pick them all up before you leave.


- Move around or reposition sleeping bags with Jaxonz Repositioner (or any repositioner mod), you'll break them (= reload!).

- Activate or jump out of animation when in TFC mode, you'll get stuck (= reload!)

- Spam your keys - remember, this is a scripted mod, depending on how heavily scripted your game is, some functions may take a split of a second longer to load.

- This is common sense but don't place hundreds of sleeping bags around, once placed each of them will run it's own script instance whenever any NPC decides to use them and in the end this could add up to script latency. Just use them sensibly like you would with any other mod which places new items in your game and you'll be perfectly fine.


For installation, just use any mod manager of your choice and you'll be fine.

Then, first things first: wait till MCM lets you know that a new menu has been added and open your menu - depending on how many scripts are running in your game, this could take a few minutes. Dawnguard and Dragonborn ammos will be automatically detected and added to your unequipable gear. For custom ammos, you'll need to use the "Add Custom Ammos To Weapons" button and the mod will automatically detect any custom ammo which is your inventory. This takes a few seconds too to scan your inventory, just wait till a confirmation pops up telling you that custom ammos have been found.

You will automatically receive the "Lie Under Blanket" spell and Simple Actions' users don't even need to craft a blanket to use it if they don't wish to. When using that spell (in your Power menu) on Vanilla placed bedrolls or activating your 'Dovahkiin Laydown Sleeping Bag', I'd strongly recommend that you stand close to the center of the bedroll, facing the foot end of it, just to avoid watching your character suddenly 'translate' there. You can also use that same spell to lie on the ground and unfold a blanket over your sleeper anywhere, should you want to.

Then just go and craft some sleeping bags at the Tanning Rack, under Misc.: you'll need one BearPelt and one Leather to craft on sleeping bag. When you're ready to place them, just drop them and follow what the prompts will tell you. To move them around, just grab them, to rotate them, activate and use the menu. When releasing them from grab, I recommend that you release them fairly low on the ground to prevent the ground-collision bug (see further down).

Your sleeping bags can also be turned to relaxing bedrolls where you and your followers can sit, lie down or meditate. The player can sleep under blankets using the Laydown animation too, followers can't because... well, they can't. Once you've laid down, use your activate key to sleep or get up.

On sleeping bags where sleep packages are used (player sleep mods or NPCs), all actors (followers too) will unequip worn armor (or clothes) and weapons, but keep some items on like rings and amulets - and they'll reequip it all when getting up. When lying down however, you can choose to keep your clothes or armor on and unfold a blanket or not.


As a general advice, it is always best to keep scripted mods installed in your game even if you've stopped using them, or reverting to a previous clean save from before the mod was ever installed.

On the other hand, some mods function differently from others. Sleeping bags uses no quest which could linger in your saves and all precautions have been taken to keep both your logs and your saves clean. Scripts only run when sleeping bags are in use, otherwise they stop. If you've placed dozens of sleeping bags and picked them all up, all attached scripts will stop running. If you use the MCM CleanUp button before leaving a cell, any potential leftover will be deleted and even the "CleanUp" script will stop running - but even if you don't use that button, since all objects are placed at run-time and not persistent, they should be gone and deleted when you reload anyway.

Personally, I've installed and uninstalled Sleeping Bags many times on 2 different machines and 2 different heavily modded (and scripted) games without any issue. I systematically used flexcreator's great diagnostic tool Savegame Script Scalpel to check scripts instances in my game tests both when the mod was running and after uninstalling it in the wildest possible manner - and each time I found that all instances were gone after uninstalling.

So I guess it's safe to say that, should you wish to try and uninstall Skyrim Sleeping Bags without wanting to revert to a clean save, you'd probably be ok to do it, and I'd recommend you do it in 3 simple steps:

1. Make sure all your followers have stopped using any sleeping bag, pick up the ones you've placed in your game and drop them into a respawnable container.

2. Run the "Clean Up" function from the MCM menu in any location where you may have forgotten or lost other sleeping bags, this function can only work in cells which are still loaded. Actually, if you use that button when your sleeping bags are still on the ground, you'll see them disappear (those in your inventory are safe). But give it a few seconds to do its job anyway, then enter any interior cell or fast travel somewhere else.

3. Quit, disable Skyrim Sleeping Bags, and reload. When you quit again, if you want to check your papyrus log and search for 'HSB' (Prefix for HoamaiiSleepingBags), if all has gone well, you should see no other notification than SKSE running its cleanup function on the Config Script. On your next game load, this should be gone too.

Please note: as for any other script from mods or the game itself, this does not mean that these scripts have been erased from your saves, it just means that no error will show up in your logs from invalid registrations. All scripts are attached to custom items and no Vanilla asset has been modified or scripted, this means that these scripts will be removed from your game together with the custom items they are attached to.


Should be compatible with almost everything, BUT sleeping bags are what Jaxonz calls 'complex objects' and warns you about in his Jaxonz Repositioner mod. DO NOT try to select, move or reposition Sleeping Bags using Jaxonz's Positioner, this would not only break the displaced objects but also leave orphan references in your game that you will not be able to pick up afterwards. Only use Sleeping Bags' positioning system to move and place your Sleeping Bags around and you'll be fine. And, just because I know you guys, in case you accidentally used a repositioner mod on a bag, you can also use the MCM reset button to delete all misplaced objects, you'll just have to place (and craft!) new sleeping bags again.


- Essentially one: the world collision. In some places, you'll find that sleeping bags tend to be gobbled by the ground and sink beyond reach, due to the collision plane of landscape not matching the meshes. A custom debug function prevents you from loosing the item, but it can still gets annoying sometimes, though I'm sure with a bit of practice, you'll fast learn to recognize dangerous grounds like I did. Ground collision is a real nightmare for flat items like bedrolls, I tried hundreds of options but if anybody finds better collision settings than those I finally opted for, I'm all ears!..
Oh, one word of advice: don't use them in the Sleeping Giant Inn, not only the floor's messy collision plane will try to instantly snap it out of your reach (particularily on ground pelts) but even if you miraculously manage to place a bag, there's also a Vanilla NPC in there who will immediately use your bag and refuse to ever get up!.. (even though your Dovahkiin sleeping bag is flagged as "ignore by sandbox" - that's another one of Vanilla Skyrim's mystery...)

- Not an issue of the mod but rather of the game itself: do not try to get up from your sleeping bag (using keys or gamepad) when you're in free camera mod - you'll get stuck. If you accidentally do while using the laydown animation, you can debug out of it by resetting the spell in the MCM menu, but this won't work on sitting or meditating. So just remember to console out of TFC before you activate yourself out of an animation.

- Occasionally, followers will "forget" to unequip some weapon when sleeping or relaxing, some of it is due to follower mod combat systems managing their weapons, some of it is due to the game itself. If they carry several weapons in their inventory and switched from dual wield to a bow or crossbow for instance, they'll automatically reequip their left weapon when unequipping their bow for sleep - this first attempt has been taken care of, but in order to prevent messing up with their modded combat styles, I gave up on the (rare) occasions when their weapon management system tries to equip them with yet a third weapon.

- And... er, yeah... some parts of the blankets meshes are a bit messy around the edges, sorry, but I figured it'd be easier to update meshes than scripts...

This mod is dedicated to my pal BugNexus who encouraged me to mod again. He also tested many versions of this, and his constant support, ideas, observations and willingness to crash test anything made it worth the endless hours I spent scripting and modeling this. Bug, you're great, and guys, if you like the mod, please kudos him!.. Thanks :)

My warmest thanks to all the great Nexus members who were always willing to help: Tamira for kindly helping me with collision issues, cdcooley, Lofgren and IsharaMeradin for their  scripting help, flexcreator for always answering my many questions about ways to keep your games clean, Andrelo1 for helping me figure out compatibility with his Go To Bed mod, BralorMarr who created Simple Actions for his willingness to let me edit his scripts (in the end, I didn't need to), Pevey, for making it easy to create compatibility with his Another Sleep Mod by including his source scripts, Chesko for his quick answers and help in adding compatibility to Frostfall 3.0.3, sLoPpYdOtBiGhOlE for enlighting me about the use of arrays, TerraNova, DarthWayne and many others... thank you, guys, for putting up so nicely with my Frenchy English and my many questions!..


  • Bethesda's Creation Kit
  • 3DS Max
  • Nifskope
  • Photoshop
  • Gimp
  • Papyrus
  • NotePad++
  • Papyrus Data Transfer - Savegame Script Scalpel
  • TES5Edit
  • SKSE
  • Nexus Mod Manager


Do not upload to any other website than the Nexus or use any of this mod's created assets without asking my permission first. Thank you.