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A more realistic harvesting for flora and ingredients and death items on animals.

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This is a mod that changes the harvesting in Skyrim for flora and ingredients and items you find on dead animals/creatures. No more will you just harvest 1 flower or pick up 1 mushroom, or 1 snowberry when harvesting flora, or harvest 1 mammoth tusk from a mammoth, or 1 sabre cat tooth from a sabre cat, or 1 hagraven feather from a hagraven---you will instead get a realistic random amount that reflects what you are harvesting. I have gone round all the flora, ingredients etc you harvest from plants or dead animals in the base game and DLC and based on my judgement picked a realistic amount you could randomly harvest taking into account what you harvest, the item harvested, and the size of the thing you're harvesting. So don't worry you won't get 3 sabre cat eyes, or 5 goat legs, just an amount that I think is more realistic and not too much that it makes harvesting overpowered.... you still have to harvest but not quite as much now.

For example, in the vanilla game harvesting a small blue flower bush would give you measly 1 blue flower, now you will get a random amount between 1-5 flowers, a larger blue flower bush giving you between 3-7. Harvesting a dead mudcrab gives you a random amount between 1-3 mudcrab legs and 1-2 claws, rather than just the 1 in vanilla, and so on. You will also be more likely to get some amounts rather than others - for example, a plant that yeilds 6 flowers, you are more likely to get 3 or 4 flowers, and less likely to get 2 or 5, and even less likely to get 1 or 6.

The harvesting also works on a leveled system, whereby when you start the game you only harvest a small amount, and then as you level up your character, you will start to harvest more flora/fauna/meat. For those who used the previous version, when you hit around level 15 - 20, you will start to collect what you were harvesting in the previous version, its only early on that you get smaller numbers. Gives it a little more balance and reflects that you getting more experience at harvesting as you go through the game.

This mod also removes finding gold coins, necklaces, rings, gems etc on dead animals. I never liked this feature in the game when I killed a deer or a mudcrab i would find 10 gold coins or a silver necklace. So no more of that rubbish, just meat, fur, and whatever else the animal contains.
*edit - by request I have added optional versions where animals still drop loot and valuables.

Q. What's different about this mod to all the other harvesting mods.

This doesn't contain any scripts, and covers all the flora/fauna in the base game and DLC, aswell as the Hearthfires gardens. I've tried to be as close to realism with the amounts you harvest from the flora/fauna in the world, paying close attention to what your harvesting, what happens to the flora when you harvest, (ie) does it leave some behind in the ground, the ingredient you pick (for example, 1 mushroom if you drop it on the ground is actually 2 or 3 together, 1 bear claw is actually 5 claws together - stuff like that). Also paying attention to balance and not going overboard with the amounts. 

This mod is also fully up to date with the unofficial patch changes, and is compatible and works alongside Wiseman's Flora Fixes and Flora Respawn Fix (both of those mods fix a bug in the game where flora doesn't respawn so go get one of those if you haven't already). This mod doesn't require the unofficial patch, but i highly recommend getting it as its pretty much essential to any playthrough. Also, it doesn't add any other flora or ingredients to the game, keeps it nice and simple and just changes what was in the base game and all 3 dlc. If you want added meats or plants or ingredients and loads more then something like Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul would be better suited.

Q. Is this balanced?

Adding any harvesting mod where you get more items when harvesting will put the game out of balance if you play it as you did in vanilla. If you run around like a headless chicken harvesting every single flower, every single mushroom and every bit of meat from an animal like in vanilla (cos you had to being 1 item per harvest), you end up with too many harvestables in your satchel bag, leading to spamming of alchemy or bartering.

So, if you want to keep a nice balance, the key is to change the way you harvest. Just like a combat mod changes the AI and makes enemies tougher, you wouldn't play it like vanilla - you'd play it more strategically, less button-mashing, more dodging and weaving, more use of potions and poisons etc. And that's what you've got to do with a harvesting mod to make it balanced. Change how you harvest.
Only pick em when you need to pick em!

If you complain that you have too many ingredients in your inventory and that you can spam the hell out of alchemy... you're the one choosing to do that. The mod isn't forcing you to pick every single plant/mushroom, you're the one picking them. The mod isn't forcing you to spam alchemy potions, suprise suprise you're doing that aswell.
So basically, to make it balanced, change how you harvest so that you've got just what you need. If you see some flowers or mushrooms on your travels that you've got plenty of in your satchel bag...just pass them by. That's the whole point of the mod, less time spent harvesting, more time spent enjoying the rest of the game, and also to add a bit more immersion and realism when playing.

Q. How does this affect the Green Thumb perk?

The green thumb perk works as vanilla (ie) you get twice as many harvestables as before. Nothing has been touched regarding the Green Thumb perk, so any mod that alters it like Ordinator for example, won't conflict. It all still works as before.

However... if you've installed a harvesting mod like this, or any harvesting mod for that matter, the green thumb perk becomes pretty much useless. You have so much abundance of flowers or mushrooms or meat or whatever from the harvesting mod, the last perk you'd want to get is a perk that gives you even more flowers, mushrooms or meat. Very useful in vanilla, when you could only harvest 1 item per plant or fauna and you needed more ingredients, however, not so useful when you get 2 or 3 or 4 per plant/fauna. The harvesting mod is effectively the green thumb perk.

So, yes the green thumb perk still works, you get more harvestables like before. If you still want the perk, you can still get the perk if you really want to collect more. But in my opinion, it just becomes a useless perk with having a harvesting mod installed, just forget about it and put your perk point into something more useful is my advice.... like lockpicking (cough!).

Q. What dlc or mods does this require.

It requires all 3 DLC, Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. You don't need Wiseman's Flora Fixes OR Flora Respawn Fix to use this, but there are 3 main files to download, 1 is for if you don't use those 2 mods (so just the 3 dlc required), 1 is for Wiseman's Flora Fixes (required) and the other for Flora Respawn Fix (required). Use ONLY 1 of those.

Q. Load order

Place it after Wiseman's Flora Fixes or Flora Respawn Fix or any mod that alters the flora, ingredients or death items on animals/creatures (it alters the levelled lists for death items on animals and a few other levelled lists like amount of gold found in coin purses). If you are unsure the best tool to use is xedit, where you easily spot a conflict and make a patch.

Happy harvesting!

If there is any amounts you feel are wrong or need changing or tweaked please let me know.