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A small mod I threw together the last couple days to add wizard/witch hats to Skyrim.

The hats come in several different colors (see screenshots) and were made to match the textures of the various vanilla mage robes.

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Everyone knows the only difference between a guy in a bathrobe and a badass fucking wizard is the hat! Don't be a guy in a bathrobe, be a wizard! Gandalf, Dumbledore, Merlin, all the great wizards of story and legend, they all had big pointy wizard hats! Get a wizard hat, be a legend! DO IT NOW!

A Word from the Author

This mod will add a wizard hat, available in ten different colors, which can be crafted at forges. They have been created to match the various mage outfits in the game, and to fit in with the vanilla game textures.

Here are some video showcases and reviews! Thanks to VatiWah, DovahKurraudo and Pixelgamer for their great coverage!

[size=4pt]How to Aquire the Armor![/size]

Option 1:
- Find a forge and craft them! They are in the "Misc" section.

Option 2:
- Press ~ to open up the cheat menu
- Type help "wizard hat" and press enter
- You should see a list of items and their numerical codes
- Type player.additem 66666666 1 and replace the 6s with the numerical code of the item you want to spawn
- Do this for everything you want and presto!


-Bethesda - For this epic game!

-The author and contributors of the "Creating an Armour for Skyrim" tutorial - Without which I would not have created this mod for Skyrim! link

-All the people whose kind words, support and endorsements make modding worthwhile!