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If you steal without getting caught the item does not become "stolen". Adjustable cost threshold.

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What it does?
If you steal something and nobody sees you do it then the item will not be "stolen".

Configurable cost threshold
Default is set to 500, if item costs this much or more then it will still become "stolen" since the owner may spread word and start looking for it! You can disable or change this in the INI file: Data/SKSE/Plugins/ItemStealPlugin.ini

Known bugs
If you put stolen item in container or dead body, take it out again without anyone seeing, it will not be stolen anymore even if you got caught stealing it originally as long as item worth is below cost threshold.

Does this affect Thieves Guild quests?
No, the quests still work fine.

Other info
It's SKSE plugin only, no ESP. Requires SKSE and latest Skyrim version. Source code is also available to download.

Thallassa and EuphemismTreadmill for helping test. :)