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Prepare to face the LEGENDARY BANDITS of Skyrim, in this mod.the mod adds 15 legendary bandits travelling through Skyrim. A total of 23 unique npcs, find out about their stories by reading the new books and journals added to the game! A total of 42 new npcs (23 unique, 19 non-unique) 1 new conjuration spell, 1 new conjuration staff, 8 Uniquely

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This mod adds 15 LEGENDARY bandits to the game, aiming to give you some more thrilling encounters while raiding bandit camps. Most of the bandits travel through Skyrim, visiting several bandit camps to show of their LEGENDARY status to all the other bandits. You have to be weary on the roads, as you never know when you may encounter one of them, with their followers. Happy hunting! (Not for you but for the bandits off course)

If you want to kill all of the bandits as soon as possible you can start the quest by finding a Galvus' note in the drunken huntsman. This note is located in the lower bedroom on a nightstand( the note may be underneath it or next to it with certain mods installed so look carefully). This note will further explain what you have to do. For your next objective you also have to look carefully, for the journal may have fallen of the table too. 
If you cant find the note for whatever reason, try going to the whiterun catacombs, on the far right read 'knaag's orders'.
If you just want to encounter the bandits at random, I still suggest that you play the first part of the quest to get the most out of it, otherwise you will miss out on some unique encounters and background stories!

23 unique npcs( 15 legendary bandits - 2 conspiritors - 2 creatures - 2 other bandits - 1 draugr - 1 named 'bodyguard')
19 non-unique npcs
1 conjuration spell (summon Bolg the Skinless, a powerfull draugr to fight at your side)
1 conjuration staff (summons four levelled skeletons to fight for you)
8 uniquely named weapons
1 (small) story about skeevers
1 guide to getting rich
1 recipe book
15 journals
a draugr's orders
(these will make more sense when you play the actual mod)

All the npcs in this mod are levelled, meaning that the challenge should be just as hard at any level. It is possible, but I don't recommend fighting them right from level 1. For testing purposes I played a level 12 nord with triple the health an stamina and three followers. Let me know in the comments how the fights went for you.

If you have any suggestions for a mod, feel free to tell them to me in the comments, I do believe however that this mod is finished (aside from possible bugs)

Sometimes upon killing all the bandits, the quest won't be completed, this is not a big deal as you do not get a reward afterwards anyway (the loot of the bandits is the reward). It is present though, if this happens just ignore it and deselect the quest.
I do not know how to resolve this issue at the moment.