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-Virtually ANY NPC can do mounted combat
-Improved combat AI system
-Toggleable Options

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Mounted Combat For Everyone
Combat Upgrades

-Virtually Any NPC can do mounted combat
-Improved Combat AI
-Mod Configuration Menu
-Toggleable Options 

*This mod does not provide horses for NPCs but should work with any horse. Another mod provides an array of horses available to NPCs for use: Radiant Spawn Engine

Also available on Steam

Skyrim V1.9.32.08 or later 
SKSE 1.7.3 or later 


Go to the steam page for the most up-to-date change logs and versions

[Version 3.43]

-improved attack/hit sync for mounted npcs
-Several CTD fixes
-lighter code
-Fixed: enchanted weapons doing deep wound damage multiple times on impact
-getting hit with an arrow or power attack has a small chance of knocking people off mounts


Just extract the files to your Skyrim Data folder
If all you want is the Mounted Combat, most of the other features can be toggled off from the menu, most, not all.

Additional Notes:
This mod does not add or change the perk trees, and only directly edits a few vanilla references. Most of what is added is done dynamically via scripts. But it does change some combat related game settings including weapon damage. 

Known Issues:
Most have been resolved, occasional ones are minor
The scripts have been optimized for efficiency but I have no idea how this will run on a lower end PC