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About this mod

A texture replacement for the ore veins found in mines and around skyrim. This mod also retextures the mined ores and the ingots.

Permissions and credits

This is a total rework of all the ores, mined ores and ingots in Skyrim. Each ore has been remade from scratch using various tools so that no longer will all the ores look the same, they will now look very different from each other. All the mined ores have been remeshed and retextured so that you'll no longer get what looks like clumps of solid ore, now it will look like rock with ore infused in it. All of the ingots has been remeshed and retextured as well.

  • Highly detailed new textures for every ore in game, Including Blackreach!
  • Unique textures that does not replace the vanilla textures
  • Unique cubemaps for the ores
  • Tweaked ore meshes to use the new textures
  • Each ore type has a corresponding texture. Iron will look very different from gold e.g
  • New textures for the mined ores
  • New textures for the Ingots
  • HD mesh for the Ingots (Thanks to Billyro, mesh is from his Fenrir Blades mod)
  • Alternate "Marked Ingots". These ingots will be branded with the name of the mine they came from.

The texture is available in 4K and 2K. I recommend average users to use the 2K version since there will not be much difference between 2K and 4K.

People may ask what the difference between this and other mods that affects ore's like Glowing Ore Veins 300 by ByblosHex. The answer is simple, The textures. Mods like GOV just adds glowmaps to the meshes and edits the cubemaps. This mod is a total redesign off all the ore veins used in the game. Each ore now has a unique texture AND the ability to make them glow just like GOV.

So the short answer to the question "What's the difference" is really just that this mod adds new unique textures to each vein, ore and ingot.

This mod is compatible with almost everything except mods that changes the textures and mesh of the Ores, Ingots and Mined Ores. Always overwrite SMIM meshes.

Auto Installation
This is the best way to install this mod. Just download it with Nexus Mod Manager and use the installer to install exactly what you want.

Manual Installation
Open up the Payload folder. In that folder you will see three folders, Ore ,MinedOre and Ingots. I will explain the ore folder first. Open that up and you will see two folders again, Base and Options. Open the base folder and copy the content to the Skyrim SE Data folder. Go back and open the option folder. In there you will see two folders again, Normal and Glowing. these are for the cubemaps. Open up the folder you want and copy the content to the Skyrim SE Data folder.

Now for the MinedOre folder. This is much more easy. Just copy the content from the MinedOre folder to the Skyrim Data folder and you are done.

Same procedure for the Ingots folder as the MinedOre folder.


Do you have some suggestions ? Don't hesitate to let me know your ideas ! Feedback is welcomed!

All textures were created by me, ClearanceClarence, with Adobe Photoshop CC, CrazyBump and Quixel Suite 2. You are NOT permitted to reupload this mod to any site outside of the Nexus without my permission. I usually say yes if you ask nicely.