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HD re-texture for 2 metal textures found in Windhelm. Iron and gate metal.

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This mod is an installment in a series of mods that overhaul Windhelm City


See changelog for additions to this version. If anyone sees any issues with the cubemap/environment map, please let me know!

What is this Mod??

This mod is a replacer retexture for two textures found in Windhelm: 

- iron: found on the braziers; the gates in the residential area
- bronze: found on the gates in the residential area (well i assume Bethesda was going for bronze but it's too low res to actually tell >_<)

Both of the these vanilla textures are bad, especially the the gate metal. I never really noticed it until I was spending more time in the area while lighting, and realized the gates have a huge visual impact in that area. I did my best to keep the tone of the metal gates pretty subdued so it will blend in with the rest of bland looking Windhelm ;)

These textures include new normals. The WHFlatIron1 texture for the braziers/railings have a new alpha in the normalmap for the specularity, so if anything looks off in your setup, you could try using Bethesda's normal map (I don't recommend this) -OR- you could take about 30 seconds in Nifskope and remove the specular effect from the meshes that include the iron textures. While iron in real life IS somewhat shiny in certain conditions, it just doesn't look right in-game IMHO.


Keep a lookout on the recent files as I will soon be releasing a pack of new meshes with an optional .esp for the gates/walls in the Windhelm residential area with all new UV Mapping where needed, including split meshes so snow shaders can be applied to different parts at will.



Just drop into your data folder. These files will replace the corresponding vanilla textures. 

These files will replace:


Since this mod does not add meshes, you will have to specify the texture paths for the cubemap and environment map (in the optional files)  for the gates (slots 5&6 in the texture list, respectively), unless the texture set for the meshes in question already include slots for these, i'm not sure.

If the textures for the gates looks odd on your setup, here are my specular settings for the gate NiTriShape's shader settings in the .nif files:
Glossiness: 700
Specular Color: fce496
Specular Strength: .3


Hi-res files are 4k Diffuse/2k uncompressed normals
med are half those above
low are half the med


Feedback is very much welcome. 

Trying to make Windhelm a city you want to visit one step at a time!!

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