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This mod expands the "Shake It! - Dance Animations" mod.

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[size=15]What does this mod do?[/size]

This mod expands the Shake It! - Dance Animations mod
with new animations from Dance Animation Modder Resource,
new animations from Dance Rave Dance Collection,
and a framework for new animations from the Selene Kate Follower mod.

But wait!
Not all animations and songs are included.
See Requirements and Installation.

I recently got back into modding Skyrim and found out about a Follower mod called Selene Kate.
Apparently the mod contains dance animations, which reminded me of the Shake It! - Dance Animations mod.
So after a long time I checked that out aswell, how it was doing. It evolved into a great mod
with lots of variety, however alot of the Selene Kate dances are not available,
which is a shame because they are nice animations.
The Shake It! mod offers an easy, userfriendly way to start dance animations,
so I did a bit of mod magic and combined the Kate dances with the amazing Shake It! mod.
Some other animations were also added later on.

[size=8]Changes from the original Shake It!:[/size]

- Added a new set of scripts (Credit goes to padawanjedi) as a new file in the download section. Install after the main file.
--- This should fix an issue where random song selection didn´t work.

- Added 20 Animations and 11 Songs from Dance Rave Dance Collection. (Credit goes to fakeinbox.)

- Added 19 Animations from Dance Animation Modder Resource. (Credit goes to umpa.)
--- Made these animations loop, because they are too short to last a whole song.
- Disabled song repeating.
--- Songs will only play once each animation.

- Added Framework for 45 Songs and Dances from Selene Kate Follower.
- Switched Spells with Shouts.
--- Enables full camera movement during the animation.
--- Disables glowing light from the spells in your hands.
--- Disables getting stuck in a half combat/half idle pose.

[size=8]Video Demonstration:[/size]
Video by padawanjedi. Thanks for that :)

There are more videos on the original mod page.

The original Shake It mod version 4.5 is needed to provide the foundation of my mod.
Then you need a bit of work and patience, because my mod does not include all the files.
Some music and animations have to be acquired and installed manually with the help of my little install tutorial.
That is because the missing files were not made by me
and I don´t have permission from the original authors to include them.
You should know about the following in order to get the full experience with my mod:
Knowledge about manual mod installing
Knowledge about basic animation mods with FNIS,
Knowledge about extracting bsa files


Install the original Shake It! Mod version 4.5 (pay attention to its install instructions)
Install my Shake It Some More! mod easy with your mod manager
and put the ShakeItSomeMore!.esp after the ShakeIt!.esp in the loadorder.

go to the Selene Kate Mod
Download one of the main files manually to your desktop
Open the downloaded file
Drag the Kate.bsa out of the archive
Unpack the Kate.bsa (need a bsa unpacker for that)
At the unpacked file go to meshes\actors\character\animations\kateanims
Select kateanima00.hkx - kateanima44.hkx
Open the Skyrim install directory
Put kateanima00.hkx - kateanima44.hkx into the ShakeItSomeMore! Folder
Folder is here: (Data\Meshes\Actors\Character\Animations\ShakeItSomeMore!)
Run GenerateFNISforUsers

Do a Google search for "Selene Kate dance music"
First result should take you to a site where there is a mediafire link
Download the pack
Open it and select DanceTrack00.xwm - DanceTrack44.xwm in the SeleneKateMusic folder
Open the Skyrim install directory
Put DanceTrack00.xwm - DanceTrack44.xwm
into the SeleneKate Folder
Folder is here: (Data\Music\ShakeItSomeMore!\SeleneKate)

If you want to uninstall, follow the process described on the original Shake It! mod page.
If you already have Shake It! and now want to add/update my mod with the new animations,
you will have to do the following in order to update the MCM menu and register the new animations:

Deactivate the ShakeIt!.esp and ShakeItSomeMore!.esp (just the .esp, not the whole mod.)
Load the game (Ignore Error Warning)
Type in game console: bat shake
Wait for MCM to register the other menus
Quit the game
Activate the ShakeIt!.esp and ShakeItSomeMore!.esp again
Load your save game
Open MCM
Close MCM
(opening and then closing will cause the MCM to update.)
(bat shake does not work here for some reason)
Wait for MCM to register 1 Menu
Open MCM ShakeIt!
and the updated, new options are there.