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Khajiit Speak more patches for more mods, yes?
<br /><br />Included patches for:
<br /><br />-Simply Knock
<br /><br />-Skooming Skyrim
<br /><br />-Immersive Speechcraft

Permissions and credits
Name: Khajiit Speak More Patches
Version: 1
Date: 4/15/2016
Category: Dialog Overhaul, Patches, Related to Khajiit race
Author(s): Zelazko

New patches for the famous Khajiit Speak mod.

Included patches for mods:
-Simply Knock
-Skooming Skyrim
-Immersive Speechcraft

Install Manual
1. Copy the .esp file to (steam path)\Skyrim\Data\
2. Start launcher or mod management tool of your choice and activate the desired esp file(s).

1. Start Skyrim Launcher or mod management tool of your choice and deactivate the .esp file(s).
2. Delete the .esp file from (steam path)\Skyrim\Data\

Should be safe to upgrade in middle of play through. But who knows? Skyrim is not Oblivion so be double careful and always back up your save games.

Should be none but this mod will break your in-game lore if you don't play Khajiit race.

Known Issues or Bugs
I probably made a few spelling, syntax and or grammar errors here and there, let me know. :P

1.0, 2016/04/15 - Initial release.

Preferably contact me through nexus generated forum topic of this file.

mjharper - for creating Khajiit Speak
TES5Edit team - for providing mod editing tool
Readme Generator by LHammonds - or you wouldn't be reading this readme.

Chesko - for Simply Knock
BigBizkit - for Skooming Skyrim
SirSalami - for Immersive Speechcraft

Tools Used
TES5dit -  ||
Readme Generator -


I don't care but authors of the individual mods I provided patches for probably do, so better ask them.