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Skooming Skyrim allows you to become druglord of Skyrim over various quests. Meet the best skooma cook of all times - a Khajiit named Da'rhakaz - and let him show you the ways of the business. Will you resist the sweet temptation or will you be 'breaking bad'?

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Listen to this while reading the description for full immersiveness.

Skooming Skyrim by BigBizkit

Version 1.5 is now up:
+ Fixed all known bugs
+ added Voice Acting (20%)
+ Cleaned and improved stability 

I recommend keeping a backup save just in case, if you had the loose file version you will need to uninstall that first. 
Update Instructions (super minor Breaking Bad spoiler)

Thank You to Donors!
It wasn't allowed before but now it is so I would like to thank all the insanely kind people who actually deemed me worthy of donating money to me for my work!
List of Donors (chronological order):
Jacob (same as above so double thank you!)
GSK Enterprises

Are you a goody-goody dovahkin, or are you breaking bad?

Short description

A quest mod seamlessly intertwined with the vanilla thievesguild questline leads you to a fully operational skooma lab. There you will meet the main quest giver - Da'rhakaz - a master skooma 'cook'. Through the serious of around 10 smaller quests 'Skooming Skyrim' will let you become a true Skyrim Skooma Dealer. 'Cook' skooma, upgrade your lab, distribute your product, master the art of 'cooking', make the right connections, dispose of too many 'cooks', and stay under cover so the drug enforcers won't catch you, and maybe soon you will become Skyrim's Druglord.

Requirements / Installation / Compatibility

This currently requires all three DLCs. Whether I make a non-DLC version depends on your support / reception of the mod. It is very laborious to make multiple versions. Fuz Ro D-oh is required for the silent dialogue.

Installation: As per usual. Utilize NMM or the mod manager of choice. 'Skooming Skyrim' should likely be somewhere near the top of your load order.

Compatibility: This is compatible with all the 300 mods or so I use. Might conflict with mods that do heavy editing of GOldenGlowEstateExterior01 (I am not aware of mods that do that).

Starting the Quest

1. !!!!!!!!!!MUST READ

You must have completed the thieves guild quest involving Gulum-Ei called "Scoundrel's Folly" one way or the other (spoiler of this quest: to start the quest.
After that, you can either speak to Gulum-Ei and ask him "What's with the look on your face?". If you decided to kill Gulum-Ei instead, there should be a note with a key in it at the Winking Skeever where Gulum-Ei used to sit.

2. (minor spoiler read if you cannot proceed)
At Goldenglow Estate you will find the entrance to the Skooma Lab hidden under some plants. You must remove those plants using the shovel there to access the lab.

3. (minor spoiler read if you cannot proceed)
The quest to kill Sarthis Idren is intertwined with the vanilla quest "The Raid" (spoiler of this vanilla quest: You need to find "Wujeeta" at the Riften docks or in the Fishery. Help her, and find out where she bought her skooma. THis will start the quest that leads you to Sarthis Idren. If you have already killed Sarthis Idren, you can immediately speak to Da'rhakaz and tell him.

Main Features

A fully functional Skooma Lab, your center of operations and the place where you learn how to 'cook' properly.

A fleshed out new character, the main quest giver of this mod and your partner in crime - the Cyrodill-born Khajiit Da'rhakaz - who will teach you what you need to know about the business. Make sure to ask him about what you want to know and check back with him if there is "Anything new?" regularly, as he may have something for you from time to time. If you keep moon sugar stocked in the lab (in the the sacks labeled "Moon Sugar") he will cook a batch of skooma every day. What quality his skooma will have depends on your "street level" (see below for kingpin points).

A multitude of quests to upgrade the Skooma Lab and become more efficient at making both skooma and gold.

The ability to grow Moon Sugar Plants and thus your own supply of the all important moon sugar.

The ability to sell skooma on the streets by talking to NPCs. Different people have different tastes and you will learn to adapt to the market. It is better to sell at night than in broad daylight as the chance of being reported for breaking the law is lower then. Also, experienced fences (read: if you have the 'Fence' perk) are able to move more volume and get caught more rarely.

Selling to the same people will eventually turn them into addicts who will pay outrageous prices for your product!

Selling skooma (once you have started the quest "Vials and Septims) will increase your "kingpincounter", meaning, the mod keeps track of how much skooma you sell. Higher quality skooma earns you more "kingpin points". The more skooma you sell (the more kingpin points you have) the more additional quests open up when you talk to Da'rhakaz.

Beware of incognito drug enforcers catching you and putting you to jail! Or if you get caught, have a bribe ready. Or trick them using your skills as a fence (read: you have a chance of fooling drug enforcers if you have the 'fence' perk)

Once you become an experienced Alchemist (Alchemy level 100 or greater) you get the chance of creating the purest skooma in the whole Empire.

And more...


Q: How start quest?
A: Read description

Q: I killed Sarthis Idren and Da'rhakaz told me to cook skooma but I cannot use the Skooma Lab?

Q: I made skooma now what?
A: After you have made 5 vials of skooma (you don't need to have made them, you only need to have 5 vials of skooma in your inventory) Da'rhakaz will tell you to sell them on the streets to some NPCs. Each transaction will increase your "kingpin counter". Once you have sold certain amounts of skooma, new dialogue with Da'rhakaz will become available. Check back with him regularly.

Q: How do I learn the other recipes?
A: As you level your Alchemy skill, new recipes become available.

You need to ask me first before you use any of the assets/scripts from this mod or if you want to make a translation.

]Special Thanks
I want to thank the author of 'Vvardenfell Druglord' - one of my all time favourite mods for Morrowind - for the inspiration.