About this mod

This mod is altered version of Dwemer Jar. (original version created by MegaKurt)
Maybe, too much alteration.

Permissions and credits
At first, i'm not native english speaker so these words may be hard to read. I will explain as simply as possible.
These screenshots are using ENB.

=====  Dwemer Jar Altered =====

This is altered version of Dwemer Jar. (original version created by MegaKurt)

Like original version, when you install this mod, Dwemer Jar Altered will be placed in your inventory.
Using this as a potion is way to enter the jar.
In the jar, There are many useful facilities.

[ Facilities from original ]

  • Forge
  • Workbench
  • Grindstone
  • Arcane Enchanter
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Tanning Rack
  • Smelter
  • Cooking Pot
  • Bed
  • 7 mannequin (can remove it in one-button)
  • Light Switches

[ New facilities ]

  • Original Customizable Sorting System (Uses storage from General Stores, Misc stores and Custom stores and New categories of Books added. i fixed some bugs of GS)
  • Staff Enchanter (dragonborn)
  • Oven (Hearthfire)
  • 4 planters
  • New design weaponracks
  • Bookshelf
  • Vending Machine (Remembers what you sold, and mass produce, distribute it in Skyrim)
  • Item Rebuilder (it removes player's enchant and smithing from items)
  • Bath (can change auto undressing, quantity of water)
  • Teleport Map
  • Prison for NPC (add spell to capture)
  • and more, maybe

Facilities from General Stores (not altered) have [GS] tags at the beginning of name.
This mod's original ones, have [DJA] tags.
These are to do not be confused, so clear things don't have tags.

Transfer system of crafting ingredients while crafting, it refer to a list of GS and takes from GS storage.

[ Removed from original ]

  • Hot key activation relying SKSE and SkyUI (MCM menu)

While combat, it is impossible to enter the jar, so there is no need to be in a hurry to enter... i think.
DJA don't require SKSE and SkyUI at all.
To change Transfer system on or off, there is switch near the smelter.

--- Install and Requirements ---

This mod requires All DLCs and General Stores.
At first, you must install them.

Use NMM or MO, it is easy way.
If you want to install without support by them, same as original Dwemer Jar. (This mod don't require original, but if you can endorce original, you should do it)

--- Updating ---

    # 1.0 ~ 1.5 to 1.6

Many scripts are changed, so it is necessary to do script cleaning to update it.
Don't forget collecting your items and releasing NPCs!
After that, remove old version files and load your saved game.
Wait for a while (about 30 seconds). Then save it and go back to desktop.

Save game script cleaner by Hadoram

This is fast way.
After cleaning, install version 1.6.

--- Tutorial for Custom Sorting ---

Other facilities will be understood surely, but this Custom Sorting may be confused a little.
So I prepared this tutorial.
If you don't need this, skip this part.

In DJA, you begin auto sorting from this bird.
Both upper floor and lower floor, this bird is placed in.
Near the bird, there is white ayleid urn. Like the GS's sort chest, if you add items to this urn, most items can be sorted.

Under the table, there is normal urn. For this tutorial, some goods are in it. Take them.
By the way, this is also no-respawn. Use as you like after turorial.

This is control panel for Custom Sorting.
Then, i give a concrete example:

When you come back to here from great adventure, there are many clutters in your inventory - just like this, hide armor from bandits, draugr arrows, etc.
Even if you use auto sorting, these clutters are not sorted.

...until today.

Put your hide armor into the dwarven chest over the yellow panel written 1.
It needs only one. Custom list 1 remember it. On the top of this control panel, there is list browser and you can confirm that any times.
Next time you use auto sorting, your hide armor will be sorted, in the Custom store 1.

Perhaps, you want draugr arrows to be sorted too.
Same way, put your draugr arrows into Custom store 1.
Custom store does not distinguish among categories of items. armor, weapon, potion, books, anything ok.
Next time, your draugr arrows are put into the Custom store 1. And from now on.

By the way, draugr arrows are a little powerful than iron arrows.

...if you want to remove from list and order them not to be sorted, then,
Take a draugr arrow out of Custom store 1, and open the yellow panel written arrow head directed downward.
This is useful to removing from lists.
if you put your draugr arrow into this, it will be removed from list, and all your arrows will return to your inventory .

Do you think that - what is the black panel under the yellow one?
These panels are all 0 as default. If you use yellow panel, can change the value.

You probably have the ebony arrows - if you didn't sell them.
They are consumables, but while game is beginning they are valuable.
If you want to keep some arrows in the storage, but not all...
Like this case, changing black panel will help you.

Put your ebony arrow into Custom store 2, and change the value to 20.
Next time you use auto sorting, ebony arrows in your inventory are supplemented to 20 from Custom store 2.

This is over, ...ah, i forgot it, leeks.
Probably they are in the GS's food store. they are already listed in GS as default. 

But, you may want to keep them all in your inventory, to sell to farmer.

Like this case, if you think "Don't sort this!" about your items, yellow panel written X will help you.
Open this panel and put your leeks into it. "Don't Sort List" remembers it.
From now, leeks aren't sorted.
If you want to remove them from this list, same as draugr arrows.

Maybe it is not necessary to add the explaining, but...
This panel likes Custom stores' control panel, it can change return value.
These are listed by DJA to be sorted as default, but probably you want to keep some from sorting.
So this panel is prepared to do it in advance.

--- Q and A ---

/// Sorting System ///

Q: Tell me what is different of sort system, GS and DJA.

A: Simply, DJA has new categories what GS doesn't have.
So even if GS can't sort your new item, DJA may be able to sort it.
There is GS master activator in DJA too, so you can use GS's "Unburden" from it.
But it doesn't sort items listed by DJA's unique part.

Q: What is the bug of GS you fixed?

A: If you used GS's sorting chest to sort new books, it was listed as ingredients.
In this mod, i changed sorting script of the chest, so it will be work as DJA's sorting urn.
But old script may stay behind, so if you are using GS already, it is better to use script cleaner mods.

Q: I'm not good at picking, so lockpicks 20 are not enough...

A: Put your lockpicks into Custom store. Custom stores sorting overrides normal misc sorting.
And, Custom stores return value can be changed to 100, 500.
Do you think 500 are also not enough? So...You should use Don't sort list.

Q: If two Custom stores have same items, what happens?

A: When the item is added to New store, Old store sends items to New store, and Old list deletes the item.
This means, it doesn't happen.

/// Vending Machine ///

Q: Why Anoriath sells children's doll? / Hulda sells human bone!

A: That is normal operation of Vending Machine.
You know, Vending Machine remembers all of items you sold here. Even if it is other mods items.
And, if you install this mod, other merchants may remember and begin mass produce.
They are not machine, do it with low probability.

Q: Items circulation stopped without control. / Merchants money don't increase.

A: Their change will be effective from next respawn. Wait for next respawn.(2 days in game, as default)
Even if you wait, it not changes... In this case, leveled list maybe stopped.
This mod often reset own leveled lists and fill them again, but this may be not effective till you save game and reload it.
So, if you feel something strange, do "save and reload". This settles almost all.

Q: I sold my weapon quite some time ago, but it disappears from the store...

A: Products from this machine often disappear:
- Leveled list gives it not always.
- If many items are added to list as same category, Vending Machine shuffles them and pick up to add again.
And as item become old, it is picked up with lower probability. (don't become zero)

There are two kinds of lists - list registered all items you sold, and leveled list has current sale item.
The former's memory is limitless and doesn't disappear. This shows what is new.
The latter has limit and is changed often.
If you want to restore it, sell same items. "What is new" will not be updated, but last item is registered always.

Q: I want to reset the list. / Please stop this circulation...

A: You can do them from Panic bar for Vending Machine. It is placed at side of machine.

/// Other ///

Q: Tell me how to summon my prisoner to cage again. I sent my prisoner to solitary cell.

A: From Prisoner Select Menu, Use "Change current targeted Prisoner".

Q: How do i change this BGM?

A: Make your music file as XWM, rename to JarDay1 ~ JarDay5 or JarNight1 ~ JarNight5, and place it here:  \Data\Music\DJA\
Day file is played while 5 a.m. - 8 p.m.  Night is other.

--- Uninstall ---

Use panic bar for GS and other stores. Select "Initialize". (weaponracks, please collect it by yourself.)
[GS] tagged storage is safe if you keep using GS.

To uninstall cleanly, you should stop the Vending Machine's circulation.
Panic bar for Vending Machine, is placed at side of machine. Select "Stop release completely".

And, don't forget to release your prisoners.

If you have done it, go out of jar and save, and remove files.

--- Incompatibility ---

There is not any incompatibilities with other mods, but Vending Machine unpredictably increases not only sale items but also merchants' money.
So, if you use another mod increases merchants' money, it may cause vanilla bug.
(While merchant has over 32,767 golds, even if you sell anything to him, he pays none)
To avoid this, Select "Stop only circulation of added money" from Panic bar, or uninstall the money mod.

--- Credits ---

Thanks for these great works and offering as resource:

Original version, Dwemer Jar by MegaKurt
General Stores - storage resource for packrats by Harvey2112
Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
Ayleid Resource by Lazz - jgreybear
Elianora's Extra Resources by Elianora
OpenBooks Resource by Blary
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix
Fully Functional Upper Class Furniture Resources by ps46183
New Plants by Tamira
BGM from H/MIX GALLERY (japanese site)

And of course, Bethesda for creating Skyrim