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This mod allows you to craft and place teleport orbs and teleport platforms.

Permissions and credits
An improved version of Craftable Teleporters is available as a part of my Magical Utilities mod.


This mod allows you to craft and place teleport orbs and teleport platforms. It also adds craftable orb holders / soul gem holders to place your orbs on.


Teleport orbs and platforms are functionally identical; the only difference between them is visual.

The requirements to use teleporters can be adjusted in the MCM. The defaults are as follows:
  • To craft an orb at a forge, you need the Glass Smithing perk.
  • To craft a platform at a forge, you need the Ebony Smithing perk.
  • To actually link two teleporters together, you need 80 points in enchanting and 40 in alteration.

Teleporting by default consumes
  • nothing if the teleporters are in the same location
  • 1 lesser soul gem (or larger) if the teleporters are in different locations, but in the same hold
  • 1 common soul gem (or larger) if the teleporters are in different holds, but in the same worldspace
  • 1 greater soul gem (or larger) if the teleporters are in different worldspaces

There may also be a way to forge teleporters without the smithing perks, but you'll have to find out about that yourself. Additionally, teleport orbs will very rarely appear in random loot and in stores.

Once you have a teleporter, drop it from your inventory and a menu will open allowing you to link it to another teleporter. After you have done so, place the two teleporters anywhere you want, and you'll have a working connection!

Activating a linked teleporter will give you the option to unlink it (which will add it and the linked one back into your inventory), pick it up to take it somewhere else, or teleport to its counterpart.

Using teleporters to get out of situations the game does not expect you to be able to get out of (e.g. Cidnah Mine during the quest there) will break quests, but as long as you only place teleporters in safe places like player homes or guild halls, you'll be fine.


  1. Make sure you have Hearthfire installed.
  2. Install SKSE and SkyUI.
  3. Install Jaxonz Positioner or a similar mod; otherwise you won't be able to place most items from this mod, and they'll either just float in mid-air when you drop them or randomly change their position when you exit and re-enter a cell.
  4. Install Craftable Teleporters.
  5. Use LOOT to sort your load order.
  6. Use Wrye Bash to create a bashed patch (Guide). Without this step, Craftable Teleporters will override or be overridden by other mods that add items to stores and random loot.


This mod should not cause any compatibility problems, provided you create a bashed patch as described above. Two small caveats apply, though:
  • Unlike vanilla followers, followers from mods will not be teleported with you.
  • Some perk overhauls, like Perkus Maximus, work perfectly with Craftable Teleporters, as they simply rename the the Glass Smithing and Ebony Smithing perks. If you use a perk overhaul that outright replaces them, you can use the MCM to remove the perk requirements.

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Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050

This not only overhauls the College of Winterhold to look much better, it also adds new functionality, like teleport orbs to each hold capital, which is where I stole the idea for this mod from.

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Credits and Thanks

SkyUILib Team -- SkyUILib
Grantyboy050 -- whose mod Immersive College of Winterhold gave me the idea for this mod
Bethesda -- Skyrim and the Creation Kit