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Small player home in Riverwood near the saw mill

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Millers Shack is a small player home near the saw mill in Riverwood that was owned by a NPC that used to work at the mill. He has gone off to do bigger things and now you can use it. (There is a small back story on a note pinned to the door frame)

The home contains all the stuff you will need to use it as a player home right through your playthrough providing you don’t want kids :) it has all the vanilla crafting stuff on the lower level It is also fully navmeshed including changing the outside Riverwood part to go around the changes I made there

Crafting included

  • Tanning rack

  • Grindstone

  • Armor workbench

  • Anvil (works the same as a forge)

  • Smelter (custom looking one in the corner of the lower floor next to the workbench)

  • Enchanting table

  • Alchemy table

  • Cooking pot (on the upper level near the fire)

Lots of non respawning storage

Top Floor
  • 2 Dressers (location suggests meant for food)

  • 3 sacks (again located close to cooking)

  • 1 bed side table

  • 3 chests (one at the foot of your bed)

  • 1 Safe

  • 3 barrels

  • 5 Weapon rack slots

Bottom Floor
  • 3 chests in the smithing area

  • 1 long chest under the armor workbench

  • 1 chest 1 lock box near the Alchemy table

  • 1 chest 1 lock box near the Enchanting table

  • 7 Assorted location barrels

What’s not included

Cheat Items or anything that will give you an advantage in anyway.  There are no enchanted weapons, armor, health potions, skill books etc etc.
The Barrels and the dressers do have a few items in them that are randomly generated by the game (depending on your skill level) but once you take them they won’t respawn and at a low level it’s just stuff like food, clothes, plants ….


Yes I know there are literally hundred of player home mods in Riverwood, I spent 3 days looking through them but didn't like a lot of them, mostly because i wanted to learn a little bit about the creation kit and in my next playthrough I wanted to live out of Whiterun

Oh and this is my first skyrim mod though I did do a basic one for Fallout New Vegas


Obviously its not compatible with anything that puts stuff in the same place like expanded towns and cities oy Jk's Skyrim
More compatible with iNeed as of version 0.6 just download the optional file

I’m a big fan of the Breezehome Fully Upgradable mod by Sku11M0nkey and I’m looking into adding a custom NPC that will make you have to buy the various upgrades and maybe send you on a mission or 2 to get them.  It kind of feels a little cheaty to just get all the crafting stations at the start to me so I have plans to make it a little more (dare I use the word) immersive (Ahhhhhhhh I said it) but first I have to learn how to do it :)


First off big thanks to Darkfox127 His YouTube tutorials videos for the creation kit have been a big help I also used a script to only allow certain items into containers (firewood pile out the front)

Also I used some great custom assets from..
Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67 (Alchemy Bags)
Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary (Just 2 of them)
Open Books Library by stoverjm  (just 2 again),
which also includes resources from Blarry