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E.R.S.O. (aka Erkeil Real Skyrim Overhaul) is REBORN. Updated and developed, this classical Skyrim overhaul is back, enhanced and fixed.

Permissions and credits



1. What “was” E.R.S.O.?
2. ERSO pillars                          
3. Now ERSO is REBORN           
4. Installing ERSO REBORN      
5. Other suggested mods           
6. Compatibility notes               
7. Credits 
8. Reborn mods available

ERSO aka “Erkeil Real Skyrim Overhaul” was one of the first Skyrim overhauls. It was born some month after “T3nd0s Skyrim Redone”, in 2012. The goal of ERSO was to enhance vanilla Skyrim for giving to player the best experience of vanilla game. All changes to game mechanics had finalized to transform vanilla Skyrim into Erkeil idea of it, pointing to an old school concept of the game, with a medium-hard difficulty.
ERSO was completely modular. Players could choosing to install from 1 to 40 modules (with hundreds of variants) for enhancing some or a lot of vanilla specifics. The modularity assured a great compatibility with other mods, moreover player’s chance to configure his own ERSO way, according to the best freedom of choices.
ERSO was totally script-free. In whole his production, the Author avoided using scripts, by this way he gave to player the chance for install/uninstall his mods safely. Moreover, avoiding to add new scripts reduces CTD (crash to desktop) risks, granting more stability to Skyrim.  

a) ERSO is as Skyrim vanilla had to be from the start. 
b) ERSO is totally (or as less as possible) script-free. 
c) ERSO is totally modular. 
d) ERSO makes Skyrim an hard game, according to old school RPG concept of “experience progression”: at first levels player is very weak respect all enemies. Growing his level and powers, player become stronger than a lot of enemies. But also at very high levels, there will be always some challenging and dangerous enemies to fight. So that he may die in combat from
the start to the end of the game.

After about three years, ERSO is returned with some changes, to assure his “actuality” and “maintainability”. A lot of ERSO modules have been updated and published by me (more other Authors) and they may be used as standalone mods. Some ERSO modules weren’t anymore useful, in my opinion, so that I haven’t republished them (but you may find them in original Erkeil site). Moreover, according to Erkeil suggestions into last original ERSO version (16.7), I have selected some essential mods on Nexus, by different Authors, for giving to players a finally complete ERSO game experience. To maintain easily updated ERSO modules, I have to maintain them separate. If I create a single ERSO installer (about 2.5 GB of contents), also for minimal changes to a single module I should spend hours to upload on Nexus database the whole file. This would be crazy, and I can’t afford it. Sorry.
So ERSO REBORN is an accurate list of mods to install for giving you an enhanced version of vanilla Skyrim, according to original Skyrim lore and based on ERSO pillars and mods.   


Installing process and load order

1. Unofficial Skyrim Patch by UPPT (if you have vanilla Skyrim)
OR (pick only one)
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch by UPPT (if you have all DLCs) 
Required by some core ERSO modules.

2. Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade by kryptopyr 
Required by some ERSO weapons & armors changes.

3. Clothing and Clutter Fixes by kryptopyr 
Required by some ERSO clothing & clutter changes.

4. Morrowloot by Trainwiz (or his alternatives as Morrowloot 4E Edition by Fuma) 
Core mod for ERSO experience system. 

5. Treebalance – Heavy Armor Tree (and Light Armor Tree) by sushisquid 
Enhances vanilla Heavy Armor and Light Armor Tree, fully compatible with ERSO “Skyrim NPCs Overhaul”

6. Treebalance – Smithing Tree by sushisquid
OR (pick only one)
Smithing Perks Overhaul (plus Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade) by kryptopyr 
Enhances vanilla Smithing Tree.

7. Treebalance – Speech Tree by sushisquid 
Enhances vanilla Speech Tree.

8. Populated Cities Towns Villages Reborn by Erkeil Team RS 
Adds hundreds of new generic NPCs to cities, towns and villages to give you feelings of real life in Skyrim settlements.

9. Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins Reborn by Erkeil Team RS 
Adds hundreds of new enemies (creatures and NPCs) to various places in Skyrim, to give you more challenge during interior exploration.

10. Populated Forts Towers Places Reborn by Erkeil Team RS 
Adds hundreds of new bandits, warlocks, necromancersand undead to forts, towers, coves and roads in Skyrim.

11. Populated Imperials Stormcloaks Battles by adolphen
Adds an Imperial Army plus a Stormcloak Army that search minor enemy patrols and do great battle when they meet.

12. Populated Lands Roads Paths Reborn by Erkeil Team RS 
Adds knights, refugee, travelers, pilgrims, mercenaries, and much more to Skyrim roads.

13. Populated Skyrim Civil War Reborn by Erkeil Team RS 
Adds dynamic and immersive Imperial and Stormcloacks patrols to Skyrim holds. Fully compatible with Immersive Patrols by Scrabbulor. 

14. Populated Skyrim Prisons Cells Reborn by Erkeil Team RS Adds dozens of new prisoners to Skyrim cells, with some surprises. 

15. Vanilla Races Redone Reborn by Erkeil 
Changes all race specifics, according to lore, for differentiating them and their chance of specialization. ERSO core mod. 

16. Enhanced Fauna and Monsters Reborn by Erkeil 
Enhances all vanilla animals and monsters without using scripts. Better AI, better specifics, new diseases, more powers, all
vanilla faction issues solved and much more. It’ a core ERSO mod NOT compatible with
Skytest or Animal Tweaks. 

17. Enhanced Mighty Dragons Reborn by Erkeil 
Most famous Dragon and Dragon Priest overhaul without using scripts for Skyrim.
2nd Nexus mod of the month on April 2013, best PC GAMER Dragon Overhaul all-time. What can I write more? 

18. Real Unleveled Skyrim Reborn by Erkeil 
Changes Skyrim into a new unleveled world. Now draugr, vampire, werewolf, warlock and necromancer lairs are truly dangerous places. Almost impossible for low level character. ERSO core mod.

19. Supreme Miraak Reborn by Erkeil 
Enhances Dragonborn DLC final boss.

20. Supreme Harkon Reborn by Erkeil 
Enhances Dawnguard DLC final boss. 

21. Lord of the Dead Reborn by Erkeil 
It’s only a suggested, but NOT core, mod. LTDR overhauls vanilla necromancy system. Fully compatible with Undeath. 

22. Skyrim NPCs Overhaul Reborn by Erkeil 
It’s the true core of ERSO. Almost all vanilla generic and unique NPCs changed. Now your enemies use racial powers, perks, more vanilla spells, have a static level of experience and, in general, are tougher. Must have.

23. Erkeil’s Better Level Progression Reborn by Erkeil 
Re-balances the experience progression curve forgiving a more logical and equilibrated skill development to your character. It’an ERSO core mod. 

24. Realistic Merchant Stocks Reborn by Erkeil 
Reduces special and normal item quantities into all Merchant stocks. It’s an ERSO core mod, considering that in Skyrim there are too much strong items and gold. It’s a compendium of Morrowloot or Morrowloot 4E.

25. Erkeil’s Training Cost More Expensives by Erkeil 
Rises training cost sessions, considering training a vanilla cheat to enhance your character without fighting/exploring. 

26. Enhanced Legendary Weapons and Armors Reborn by Erkeil 
Enhances Legendary Weapons and Armors, now truly legendary.

27. Erkeil’s Respawn Settings Reborn by Erkeil 
Choose your preferred respawn setting combination.

28. Standing Stones Overhaul Reborn by Erkeil 
Overhauls vanilla Standing Stone gifts.

29. Skyrim Sounds and Musics Reborn by Erkeil 
liminates the cave/mine/dungeon/fort and ruin loops;adds a short silence between 2 different music and sound effect tracks; vanilla music tracks are partially replaced and new tracks has been added; adds new sound effects; all new music and sound effects are differentiated by dungeon kind. It’s an optional file. 

30. Better Enchanting Perks Tree Reborn by Erkeil
OR (pick only one)
Enchanting Awakened by egocarib 
Enhances vanilla Enchanting Perks Tree. It’s an ERSO core mod.

31. Realistic Fall Damages Reborn by Erkeil 
Now falling is realistic and dangerous, for player and NPCs. It’s an ERSO core mod. 

32. Dragon Priest Mask Overhaul Reborn by Erkeil 
Overhauls Dragon Priest Masks giving them new powers and weaknesses. 

33. Enhanced Enemy AI Reborn by Erkeil 
1st Nexus mod of the month on June 2013. Highly compatible, lite, script-free mod to enhance a lot your fights. The mod
changes only animal, monster and NPCs combat styles. Compatible with
Duel, Deadly Combat, and most of other combat mods. Really a MUST HAVE, so ERSO core mod. 

34. Better Magic by Sushisquid 
Overhauls excellently vanilla Magic system without using scripts.

35. Deadly Combat by Borgut1337 
Overhauls excellently vanilla combat system, plus very good combo with EEAIR.

36. Dragon Soul Relinquishment by Alek 
Converts dragon souls to perk or shout points.

37. Loot and Degradation by Isoku 
Overhauls loot system and NPCs loot corpses. Introduces a degradation system. I suggest to eliminate magic loots to generic NPCs.

38. Phitts Alchemy and Food Overhaul by Phitt
OR (pick only one)
Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul by kryptopyr 
Enhances vanilla alchemy and cooking system.

39. Path of Shadows by Grimwolf 
Overhauls stealth and lock picking system.

40. Armor affects magic by Phitt 
MUST HAVE. Really extremely underrated gem to give sense to play as a pure mage in Skyrim. Now each piece of light and heavy armor decreases your magicka for spells. ERSO core mod.

41. Trade Barter by kryptopyr 
Overhauls vanilla Skyrim system. I suggest this barter ratio: min 3,5 - max 7.

42. Skyrim -Community- Uncapper by Elys 
You have to reduce by 40-50% your skill gains. It's an ERSO core mod.  


Install / load before 4) Morrowloot or Morrowloot 4E

43. ClamsDropPearls by Corepc
44. Guard Dialogue Overhaul by eckss
45. Improved Combat Sounds by judgefredd
46. Mage Backpack by Tumbajamba
47. Soul Gems Differ - Full and Empty by Utopolyst
48. The Choice is Yours by kryptopyr
49. Thieves Guild Requirements by kryptopyr
50. Traps make noise by kryptopyr
51. Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles
52. Expanded Towns and Cities by missjennabee
53. JKs Cities - Lite and SuperLite by Nazeen
54. Immersive College of Winterhold by Grantyboy050
55. HOPo - Horses On Patrol - Extra Orcs by jayr848
56. Skyrim Sewers 4 by Viltuska
57. Underwater Treasure by Jokerine
58. Apocalypse by EnaiSiaion PLUS ASIS by TAT (to give new spells to NPCs)

Install / load after 41) Trade Barter  

59. Fires Hurt by abot
60. Alternate Start - Live Another Life by Arthmoor
61. People are Strangers by Sagittarius22
62. Bounty Gold by gorey666
63. Crime Overhaul by chinagreenelvis
64. Hypothermia by Nitor PLUS Hypothermia Plus - Unofficial Upgrade by Granson
65. Important Information Overhaul by Apollodown
66. iNeed by isoku (set timescale to 8)
67. Lock Overhaul by Quad2Core
68. Sands of Time Sleeping Encounters Standalone Module by The SOTTeam
69. Weighted Arrow by Joubarbe
70. Wet and Cold by isoku
71. Civil War Overhaul by Apollodown (after that you have to install
Skyrim NPCs Overhaul Reborn patch)
72. Immersive Speechcraft by Sirsalami

ERSO REBORN is compatible with all mods that changes textures & meshes.
ERSO REBORN is compatible with all mods that doesn’t change vanilla edits.
ERSO REBORN is compatible with weather, environmental and lighting mods.
If your mod changes vanilla edits, please use TES5EDIT tools by ElminsterAU to check for eventual conflicts.     

Erkeil did ERSO and all his standalone mods. All credits go to him, for the permission to player and modder community to use his work freely. Thanks! 

Better Enchanting Perks Tree Reborn
Dragon Priest Mask Overhaul Reborn
Enhanced Enemy AI Reborn
Enhanced Fauna and Monsters Reborn
Enhanced Legendary Armors and Weapons Reborn
Enhanced Mighty Dragons Reborn
Erkeil's Better Level Progression Reborn
Erkeil's Respawn Settings Reborn
Erkeil's Training Cost More Expensive Reborn
ERSO - Erkeil Real Skyrim Overhaul
Lord of the Dead Reborn
Populated Cities Towns Villages Reborn
Populated Dungeons Caves Ruins Reborn
Populated Forts Towers Places Reborn
Populated Imperials Stormcloaks Battles
Populated Lands Roads Paths Reborn
Populated Skrim Civil War Reborn
Populated Skyrim Prisons Cells Reborn
Realistic Fall Damages Reborn
Realistic Merchant Stock Reborn
Real Unleveled Skyrim Reborn
Skyrim NPCs Overhaul Reborn
Skyrim Sounds and Musics Reborn
Standing Stones Overhaul Reborn
Supreme Harkon Reborn
Supreme Miraak Reborn
Vanilla Races Redone Reborn