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If you have Expanded Towns and Cities then Nuri at Ayleid Artifacts in Falkreath sells bows.
This patch converts these Ayleid bows to use the Nock to Tip restringing system.

Permissions and credits
This patch makes the Ayleid bows sold by Nuri at Ayleid Artifacts in Falkreath use the Nock to Tip improvement (tempering) system.

To use it you need the ETAC version of Falkreath installed. It does not matter whether you have the Inns or No-Inns version. If you have any other ETAC modules but not Falkreath then the bows will exist in-game but the only way to acquire them would be to use the console.

The bows themselves and the pictures are not my work but the work of InsanitySorrow.

Expanded Towns and Cities - either "ETAC Complete" or "ETAC - Falkreath" v.13+
Nock To Tip v.430b+
The requirements for both of the mods above.


NMM (recommended):
1. Download using the Nexus Mod Manager and make sure that N2T ETAC.esp is checked in your plugin list.

Mod Organiser:
I do not have MO but installation with it should be easy.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
3. Copy N2T ETAC.esp to the Skyrim\Data\ folder.
4. Start Skyrim Launcher, click 'Data Files', and place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

Files added by mod

N2T ETAC.esp

Depending on which method you used to install:

1. Use the Mod interface to uninstall

1. Delete N2T ETAC.esp

Thanks to:
InsanitySorrow for the original bows and the pictures
missjennabee for Expanded Towns and Cities
foster xbl for Nock to Tip
Bethesda for creating Skyrim.

You must contact me and obtain my permission before using any content from this mod.

Please do not re-host this file without my explicit permission.