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Erkeil's masterpiece "Skyrim NPCs Overhaul" is Reborn. After 100+ hours of hard work a lot of bugs have been fixed. A lot of Npcs have been enhanced. Plus SNPCO is now fully compatible with USKP and USLEP, and Skyrim Legendary Edition.

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* * * IMPORTANT NOTE * * *

I'm not the Author of this mod (Erkeil), who gave free permission to player/modder community to use his assets.
Have fun with this classic no scripted NPCs overhaul!
A lot of bugs have been fixed. A lot of NPCs have been enhanced.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * *

Skyrim NPCs Overhaul is a huge overhaul regarding about all (named AND generic) Skyrim NPCs.

A synthetic list of changes:
a) Alik’r warriors, Bandits, Forsworms, Hunters, Nightingales, Penitus Oculatus Agents, Sailors, Thalmor soldiers and wizards, Vigilant of Stendarrs, Warlocks, Hagravnes and Witches have more power and abilities. These enemies will be more challenging.
b) Stormcloak soldiers and guards, Imperial soldiers and guards are stronger. Now all soldiers have 30th level (the level is higher for captains and commanders) and all guards have 35th level (the level is higher for captains and commanders). Soldiers are able to heal themself.
c) Mercenaries, Adventures, Assassins and Thieves are stronger.

d) ALL TRAINERS and VENDORS are PROTECTED = killable ONLY by the player!
e) ALL possible FOLLOWERS aren’t essential anymore, but PROTECTED (killable ONLY by the player, so that they could be killed only in a fight with player) and a bit more powered.

f) ALL ESSENTIAL (with some exception) NPCs are become PROTECTED NPCs (=killable ONLY by the player), to give a bit more immersion to the game.
ATTENTION! = Anymore immortal NPCs, but for this reason you should be prudent before killing someone (the risk is losing a quest – but the great advantage is a noticeable immersion “old school” – see Baldur’s Gate, i. e.).
g) ALL NPCs are stronger. Most of them could heal itself with potions (yeah, player isn't anymore the only person able to create and use potions in combat).
h) most NPCs have a static level.
i) MOST OF NPCs QUEST-GIVERS and NPCs QUEST OBJECTIVES now are PROTECTED (=killable only by player).
j) ALL NPCs can use their racial powers once a day!
k) ALL NPCs finally have proper vanilla PERKS! Now they fight af full potential.
l) Also FOLLOWERS finally have and use their perks!
m) NPCs usually in the wilds and dungeons (bandits, forsworn, adventurers, etc…) and guards have torches. People in cities and villages don’t have torches;
n) humanoid NPCs as farmers, dremoras, hagravens, draugrs and giants have and use proper perks!
And much, much more!


This mod is incompatible with mods that edit vanilla NPCs.


(ONLY) if you have trouble try these steps:
In MO/settings/plugins/fomod, set prefer to ‘false’ instead of true. It will run the external installer and so It should works


Erkeil did this mod (you find him on google). Thanks for his permission to use/mod it freely.

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