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For OCD players like myself

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Bethesda has given me 'a small loan of a million dollars' to go through their game and correct every single bug in it. So a month later after my "fixed Drunken Huntsman", I am back with a new mod that would make Todd ashamed of his team (this is me trying to be funny, I haven't slept... don't judge me).


Q: Have you changed the location/place of any objects, houses, items (etc) on the city that will make this mod "non vannila"?
A: No, this is as vannila as if bethesda had released a patch correcting the problems with the city.

Q: Have you added new things to the map such as trees, items, objects, NPCs, quests, etc?

A: No, I simply corrected all the clipping, holes in the ground, objects inside walls, under the ground, floating items etc.

Q. Can you summarize what you have changed?

A: It's a long answer... I've wasted more than a month on this "project", I have LITERALLY gone through every single corner of the map and corrected every problem, no matter it's insignificance. From objects floating around, smoke effects missing from the chimneys & fire pits, flora clipping through the ground and under it, walls not aligning properly, npcs spawning inside walls, water floating in the air, copies of the same object (yes I know there are duplicates that have to do with the civil war quest, I've tested all of this stuff, there was duplicates of the same 2 rocks with no scripts attached to them.) AND MANY MANY OTHER THINGS. To be honest, I got tired of taking screenshots...

Q: Did you really waste a whole month on this?
A: YUP. I've literally worked on this and nothing else. Every single day for a month. I should have been playing games, but my OCD is way too strong. It's like an addiction... I... just can't stop it.

Q: Does this work with the Legendary patch?

A: Yes, absolutely. There's no incompatibility problem with it.

Q: Most of these are just simple touches/personal taste, how dare you say this is a mod, how DARE YOU!!!!
A: No, it just looks like it from the angle of the screenshots, It looks like I just moved them an inch, but in reality I've changed how the flora/plants are in the ground... and most of them were just FLOATING OVER IT. So yeah. Just download this mod, and see it for yourself. I really did fix every single plant in Whiterun.

Q: Will you be doing this type of work for any other cities and locations!?
Yes, but that takes time, patience and health. People really don't get the amount or work these things take. Even when you do it for the sport. I am currently doing Whiterun's interiors and fixing some small things about the exterior cell that I should have done when I released this mod. But hey, SHIT happens.

I have wasted a lot of time on this mod (that no one asked for), time I will never get back. So if you download it& found it usefull, please support me by endorsing it. It costs you nothing and uplifts my ego :P.

This mod contains all the fixes from "Drunken Huntsman Fix", so if you've downloaded that one, you can delete it as it is no longer necessary.

    Special thanks to  CyborgArmGun for the donation!