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[Wayfarer's Coat/by Ellise]

This mod adds a new set of armor/clothing to the game.

You can craft both versions at the tanning rack, the armor version is under leather, the other under misc.

[To Install/]

Install with your favorite Mod Manager or

Extract the archive and drag the Data folder into the skyrim install directory.

[To Uninstall/]

Via the your mod manager or

Delete the El_WayfarersCoat.esp and remove the following folders:



Meshes are the work of QTA, you can find the original file here: you for allowing the community to use your beautiful work freely.


Bethesda and the Nexus

Urshi, this thing would never have have never seen the light of day without you! Thank you for your kindness and advice.

EcthelionOtW, the reason I discoved QTA's work in thr first place, thank you!

Nightasy, for your fantastic tutorials.

AC:Rogue, DA:Inquisition and the Witcher for inspiring this set.