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Hi everybody,
my name is Lorelei. I'm an elf. Not a common elf, a high elf. I have long ears and half long brown hairs.
Luckily I don't have a long nose....

It will be a pleasure for me to live extraordinary adventures with you in the world of Skyrim. But before
sharing new things, my creator tell me you need some very simple requirements. Yes, my creator is very uncompromising.

First, you need SKSE

Then you must choose between "Enhanced characters edit" or "Racemenu".

         - For those who use ECE : Enhanced Character Edit 1.4

         - For those who prefer Racemenu : Racemenu 3.4.5

i'm proud of my pale skin. It's beautiful isn't it!! I like my soft and milky skin! No imperfections!!
I need Fair skin complexion to feel good. And please, 4k version for being perfect.

My brows are very "specials", i know... i'm an elf, don't forget it!! and i like my brows.
My brows are in ECE 1.4

Everybody tells me my lips are gorgeous. Of course i have Seductive lips HD

I have very good eyes too. They are efficients. But sometimes, men tell me they are Cute.
I don't really understand what they mean...

My haircut is unique. It's a rare haircut. It's not available here. You must find by yourself
.....     sg hair pack 268 by hellosanta    ......

I'm an elf and elves like nature and nature is the light. It's good to use facelight and facelight plus.
Please use it for me!

I like to smile. It's important to smile. But sometime i'm angry or proud or confused or shy.
You need this and this to know my true personnality.

If you use Enhance characters edit 
Caution!!  Lorelei has been created on a Nord base!!!, so select the nord race before loading the preset!!

Download only "Lorelei ECE preset"
Extract the file in myDocuments/My Games/Skyrim/CME_save
In the game, enter the racemenu (consol command "showracemenu")
Search for the slider "slot load" and load "slot 26"
       Lorelei appears!

If you use racemenu  
Lorelei's brows come from ECE. They are ECE brow number 11. You must manually replace an existing brows by this one.

Download only "Lorelei Racemenu preset "
Extract the file in data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets
Go into showracemenu,
Select the one called "Lorelei.jslot" and hit enter.
      Lorelei appears !

Q : what is this wonderful flat body....?
A : I have a Unpetite body/Uunp edited

Q : your jewels are very beautifuls!!!!
A :

Q : Does your creator nice with you?
A : Yes,my creator is always kind and friendly with me.

Q : ENB?
A : Rudy enb

I would like to thanks every peoples who endorse me and motivate me those last months.
It's important for me. I learn from you and i improve myself.
That's the reason i upload "Lorelei". This is my way of sharing.

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