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Each time Durnehviir is summoned to Tamriel, his flesh will be gradually restored, until he has returned to his former glory.

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"I can feel my strength returning each time I am set free from that prison..."
-Durnehviir, after being summoned to Tamriel

WIth this mod, Durnehviir's flesh will be gradually restored each time he is summoned to Tamriel. 

  • 5 new models for gradual restoration over 6 summons (faster versions are optional) 
  • 3 new HD texture options
  • Parallax slime
  • Final form can optionally be fully restored, or have some traces of decay remaining


Install: Use a mod manager and choose your options, then enable the plugin. 
(If you don't use a mod manager, manual installation might be difficult -- make sure you get all 5 meshes, 5 textures of your choice, the other 2 required textures, the scripts, and a plugin of your choice.)

Requirements: Dawnguard (of course).

Uninstall is relatively safe. You might get one orphaned script (ogdr_CountDurnehviirSummons) but it doesn't contain any loops or anything.

Compatiblity: Very compatible, though you might get minor conflicts if you have mods that edit the summonable version of Durnehviir or the magic effect that summons him (DLC1DurnehviirSummon and DLC1SummonDragonEffect).
These conflicts would be easily resolved in TES5Edit / SSEEdit.

The Decayed Dragon - Durnehviir Retex by ZeroKing


The blue and green textures are modified from the Speckled Swampdiver in Bellyache's New Dragon Species by Bellyache (wrig675).

Also on Skyrim Special Edition!