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  1. mcb4276
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    Holy Sh**...THANK YOU!!!  I spent hours.. acutally days trying to figure out why I had CTDs whenever entering new cells, random freezes... the game was seemingly working for a bit... but then the CTDs got worse... then I found this (why I didn't google it earlier, I don't know)... Loaded this up, followed the easy steps and 10 minutes later.. I am running around, going from town to town, building to building for the past hour with no problems!!!  THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!
  2. Mookeylama
    • premium
    • 9,740 posts
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    anyone know if showRaceMenu_preCacheKiller.dll  (showRaceMenu preCache Killer mod or from racemenu) is needed or works w/ this?
  3. LegendLegacy
    • supporter
    • 399 posts
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    Thanks for this!
  4. catalyst2142
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    how do i find out what the "exception addresses mean"

    the ones i keep getting in the log

    12 Jun 22:34:10 Game has crashed with exception address 0xA50AC6!
    12 Jun 22:37:13 Game has crashed with exception address 0xA50AC6!
    12 Jun 23:19:42 Game has crashed with exception address 0x5AC077A4!
  5. Skulcrusherz123
    • supporter
    • 10 posts
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    I was doing a new playthrough and with all the new mods the last two years I did a complete reinstall to try out everything new, but for some reason every 10 minutes or so my game would ctd for no reason, even I was just standing there and doing nothing for 10 minutes it would ctd. Long story short this patch fixed it up now I'm stable again :)
    1. Saggaris
      • member
      • 847 posts
      • 22 kudos
      I think (think) it may be related to Windows 10, I had a a thoroughly modded and very much abused Skyrim running on Windows 7 for almost a decade and experienced crashes vary very rarely, a new build with a new install of Skyrim on an SSD sees perhaps a handful of CTD per day, (yeah I have a bunch more time on my hands now) but I have added a few more mods and updated other stuff, so that could be a factor too.
      A few other players of 'older' titles on Win 10 that I've spoken to seem to have similar experiences, and there are a few that have way to overcome the problems, though normally when they start to explain how they do it I find myself in that place that dogs go when you describe to them how the internal combustion engine works.

      So yeah, now I just go "tch" and restart the game.
  6. Crossfire2085
    • premium
    • 122 posts
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    yea so i change the one part in the ini file of this plugin and the game just crashes when i continue the game im using MO2 with this so im not exactly sure how to use this plugin without the error showing up everytime
  7. pickleapple
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    Can someone serious tell me what to do with the crash dumps. My first playthrough was fine with only one crash and after that the game constantly crashes now. I don't know what the is  issue and I don't know what to do with the crash dumps.
    1. slygeezer
      • member
      • 3,329 posts
      • 72 kudos
      The last topic on the Forum tab discusses the crash logs.
      The mod itself can help if you are running Skyrim on a Windows 7 machine.
      But should not be installed if running Skyrim on a Windows 10 machine. Read sergey9012's post below.
    2. pickleapple
      • member
      • 6 posts
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      Sorry for the late reply, so this mod pretty much doesn't work for peeps with windows 10 got it now uninstalling.
    3. Monkinsane
      • member
      • 185 posts
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      Works just fine for me on Win10. I guess it depends on what settings you enable. 

      Saved my Skyrim playthrough.
  8. gamer365
    • member
    • 16 posts
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    Hi @meh321

    Thank you so much for this wonderful plugin :-)

    I can now run skyrim for many hours even days without a crash. If I did
    encounter a crash when I was setting this up I found that it was
    ususally an error on my part mainly due to not batch building something
    in bodyslide. however even saying that (oldrim) was already way more
    stable with the fair ammount of mods that I have installed.

    also you recommend setting alignheapallocate =1 if you use unp & crashing
    when you use the sliders I use CBBE & was getting this crash until I
    used alignheap 

    just incase it helps anyone

    I am running this on win10 using MO2 installed seperately from skse (I know you don't need to lol)

    The only other thing I have noticed is that when in racemenu if for example
    you flick from one hair to another too quickly it will cause you to run
    out of memory pretty quickly although that is not due to this plugin.


    If you have RAZER CORTEX installed remove it as it is known to conflict with skyrim!!

    Of course Oldrim will always have the odd crash but my install at least is more stable than vanilla!!!

    so thank you once again

    all the best Take care & stay safe to you & everyone
  9. clairdelz
    • member
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  10. Leviosaaa753
    • member
    • 75 posts
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    Trying to launch the game after doing the said skse fix on description causing the game crash without even opennig with a error 

    How do i exactly get this mod to work? Reading these comments it seems this mod is causing more issues than its fixing 
    1. LVFinessa
      • member
      • 12 posts
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      I'm crashing by pressing a damn how do you crash by pressing a key button man like that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. 
    2. M0ro
      • supporter
      • 1,076 posts
      • 8 kudos
      The main point of this mod is to put it to your data if you experience a problem with crashes
      Did it helped? No!
      The problem is deeper, try de-activating mods for change...
      Helped, No!
      Try cleaning the save with other tool and look at your load order and dependencies over them.