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A Hearthfire-style buildable riverside lodge with all amenities located seamlessly between Riverwood and Whiterun. Originally based on Lupus78's Riverside Lodge Mod, now heavily altered and optimized. Requires Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.

Permissions and credits
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  • SSE Version is here.
  • Begin the mini-quest to buy the house by looking for a small sign overlooking the river on the hilly road between Riverwood and Whiterun.
  • If you want the house for free or don't want to spend lots of time building, then read this article
  • If updating from 2.0 or below, you MUST start a new game.


Nestled in the shadow of the Throat of the World, overlooking the White river thundering down to the plains of Whiterun Hold lies Riverside Hollow - a narrow but wildly beautiful patch of land. This mod uses a mix of Hearthfire and scratch-built systems to allow you to create your own picturesque yet functional home. While sharing the roots of the original and popular Riverside Lodge, the design has been almost completely overhauled, with new features and a huge amount of customization available to you, the builder. In addition to the standard equipment common in player homes, you can raise an alchemical garden in an underground cavern, read a book under the starlight in your observatory tower, or fill a display room with treasures from your adventures. Feature-packed in a lore-friendly, seamless package.


The Home

Riverside Lodge Redux is a fully buildable home with follower/child support, a full set of crafting equipment (including DLC systems) situated between Riverwood and Whiterun. The design of the original Riverside Lodge has been almost completely altered, with most interior and exterior architecture overhauled and fully optimized to act as a beautiful, functional home without compromising performance.

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The Building Process

An immersive, configurable and lore-friendly system to build every part of the lodge from the ground up. Customization options are also improved from the original mod release, allowing for slightly more user choice in the internal house layout.

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The Cave

A lovingly crafted mini-worldspace housing a small subterranean area with hot springs and an underground stream - build a sauna and relax after a long day's adventuring, bathe in the waterfall, or grow plants from all over the game.

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The Display Room

You can build a display room to track your progress throughout the game. Unlike display rooms in other mods, you don't need ANY items to build the displays themselves - everything is down to player choice.

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Install as usual with MO2 or Vortex.
Manual installation is...c'mon people, it's 2021. Just get a damn mod manager.
Uninstallation midway through your game is NOT supported, this mod contains (very lightweight) scripts. While removing the mod mid game is probably OK, it is NOT recommended, and if you complain about it breaking your save, I will perform for you my famous "I-Told-You-So" dance.


  • If you have just built mannequins, display racks or Hearthfire fertile soil, leave the area IMMEDIATELY and return. Either EXIT the house if you built something inside, and then go back in, or ENTER the house if you built soil outside.
  • Because the landscape and pathways are altered around the area so dramatically, the navmesh matches what the END state of the house should be. It's therefore recommended not to bring followers until you've built the MAIN exterior areas of the house. Nothing bad should happen, they might just get stuck until you go indoors or fast travel.


See the FAQ Article


Lupus78 - Original Mod
Scripting help - Chesko, IsharaMeradin, FrankFamily, M3rvin, Cipscis, Darkfox127
and /u/ceruulean from the /r/skyrimmods subreddit.
Custom Meshes/Textures:

Jet4571 - Building Kits and Other Items
Oarystis - General Clutter
Stroti - Outdoor Toilet
Elianora - General Clutter
Blary - General Clutter
ArtisanX - Paintings
TESA - Resource Kit
JetSteele - Magnus Enchanter

Also further thanks to Elianora and ZugulZone - your mods have been an inspiration, and I love what you guys have done in terms of Design.
Also to Darkfox127 for his EXCELLENT tutorials.