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a ningheim based character katarina presented as a slowly growing bunch of optional quality presets with their individual settings: optional league of legends version, sweet and blond edition and so on. additional and recommended highly detailed features (see picture gallery) like eyecandy skin and cute detailed high res fingers based on unp, eye and teeth options included. these presets are a suggestion and hopefully are a good basis for you to easily create your own handsome female character. just cose the one from the photo gallery coming closest to your taste or try them all.

if you want the eyes and teeth in the screenshots use my uploaded eye and teeth replacers.

the focus was laid on natural appearance and high detail, so ningheim race was the best choice for me to create a handsome, close up capable, detailed female character.

some mods must be installed to get the correct results (watch the green marked esps in my screenshots for the necessary mods)
the preset file has to be placed at the right place! (see displayed path in my screenshot, maybe deviating if you use mod organizer)

YOU NEED THE FOLLOWING MODS (and of course credits to all modders providing the basis for my presets):
the ningheim race
current race menu version
ks hairdo's renewal for the hair, hdt if you use the hdt hair options

recommended options if preset does not appear as expected:
check unp base mod installed (skinny recommended)
install ningheim cute fingers and skin option from my cute fingers seamless body mod and replace your ningheim skin settings with it
check optional ningheim eye, brow and skin/cute fingers addon options are installed (see file section) if something is messed up with my presets or quality is not as expected
Install stojas warpaints mod (not essential but recommended if you encounter messed up warpaint)
if you do not use hairdos hdt option you my have to change the hair to a non hdt one in the racemenu.

thank you all and the modders of the listed mods above (including caliente for body customizer images) for making this preset possible and for trying it - and for so many downloads and endorsments.

installation of the preset:
- unpack and put the preset file in the folder data\skse\plugins\chargen\presets (if you use mo it also can be the
overwrite folder depending on your installation settings).
- open console ingame an type showracemenu
- chose "preset" button in the menu and then the preset load button and load the desired preset.
- you may change and optimize the preset now. don't forget to save it in a new preset and to save the game.

i recommend unp base skinny body and high poly feet and hands for unp bodys for best results (use my cute fingers textures add on in the file section).
you may use newerminds katarina armor mod. you see parts of this armor set and sylva dragon jewels in some of my screenshots.

** update ** if you use the unp mature skin texture mod be shure to use my patched face skin texture uploaded as optional file. otherwise my presets doesn't match the sceenshots. i patched the skin around the eyes. all credits for this texture go to the original author.**

if you want her as a follower have a look at my guide in the discussion thread. together with the mod AmazingFollowerTweaks this worked for me without the need to create an extra follower mod (but no guarantee it works for everybody!).

i recommend my teeth replacer for ningheim and other races (better teeth for human races) or my first and slightly different version (see file folder)

if you like cute fingers you may try my ningheim cute fingers option in my cute fingers seamless body mod.   
for standard unp npc and female characters and lunari race you may try in additionally my other cute fingers unp mod options

if you like a more brown and tough or blond and shy character or lunari race character you may have a look at my other presets coco ningheim, maryl ningheim and jana lunari or  reja ningheim or the male character mic

you may watch my other skyrim mods here or simply google "skyrim xrayy" for some screenshot impressions.

* you are welcome to post your katarina preset screenshot in the user image section *
thank you for trying my presets and have fun playing skyrim!