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Added: 05/03/2017 - 12:41PM
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Last updated at 11:43, 23 Sep 2017 Uploaded at 12:41, 5 Mar 2017

a collection of manually customized textures
to provide naturally appearing female hands and nails for (all) female NPC and as an individual option for popular custom races, fine tuned for unp high poly hand meshes

your character, npc and follower will appear cuter applying the package to vanilla and custom npc and races!

in my opinion reasonable appearing fingers and hands have same priority than other body parts or face. many images here on nexus gave me the impression that some research on increasing the quality and natural appearance of these bodyparts could be an enrichment for skyrim charcters and npc.   
so i applied some additional detail on female hand and body textures with the result that there is hopefully no need to hide female characters or npc hands anymore and skin appears almost natural and seamless.
if you like this mod i would be happy if you could leave a feedback and an endorsement. you may download my standalone follower silver if you want to do a quick check on how this looks in game.
thank you for trying!

the provided files are high res and normal map is uncompressed otherwise all closeup scenes look crap. this should cost no frame at all but if you play on a very low end rig with limitded hardware this mod is probably not made for you!

these three points are important to know:

this mod pack should be last skin mod in load order to work properly!

it is probably not compatible with mods changing the body/hands from unp to other body options or esp mods changing hand related meshes or textures! activating those mods does no harm but in some or even all cases you will not see the result of my mod.

be ware that this mod covers the vanilla path as default setting. if you like the high res fingers and skin for vanilla and you want them to be applied to your custom followers and races,  the unp body meshes (if not already included) and the files of this mod must be copied manually into the appropriate individual path of the custom race or follower to overwrite the standard skin and body files with the files of this mod.
because this is a complex process including the ability to make textures seamless while maintaining the individual appearance of the race, i added two optional seamless packages for luanri and ningheim race for easy installation.

i recommend mod organizer as the superior tool for applying mods to skyrim without doing harm. in case something does not work as intended just deactivate or delete the installed mod.

to minimize seams check if your installed skin mods are unp and racemenu compatible and if your body skin texture brightness is vanilla compatible. if you are not sure or you encounter seams try my optional packs including pride of valhalla based customized body textures and normals to prevent seams. cbbe and some special not unp compatible meshes may also lead to mesh seams.

if armor or clothes use their own meshes you still may encounter seams and low poly fingers if your character or npc is using this kind of clothes or armour. this is normal and can only partly be healed by a mod like HN66s Gauntlet support (in the optional file section) overriding in this case the low poly vanilla hand mesh with a high poly one.

you can select between three options:
1. cute fingers unp hands only: you will install just hand textures and hand meshes. seams may be more or less visible depending on the body package you have installed (not recommended unless you are able to customize brightness and saturation of textures to reduce seams manually)
2. cute fingers unp normal body seamless pack: you will install the seamless hand and body textures i use currently plus high poly hand meshes. this will overwrite your body textures, so be aware to perform a backup in case something does not work as intended! result should be comparable with my screenshots if you play fullHD and same settings.
3. cute fingers unp fitness body seamless pack: you will install the seamless hand and fitness body textures i use currently plus high poly hand meshes.
i recommend option 2. or. 3. for a seamless skin experience. if you still have problems with seams put my mod at the end of the loadorder and check if your body meshes are unp compatible.

additionally you can try my optional cute coloured nails texture pack. this is a highres texture replacer for natural looking nails. it needs no esp. be aware that it changes all vanilla females fingernails of the upgraded vanilla race or the optionally upgraded custom races.

this mod looks simple but i spent some time to paint the details for the normal map and to get it working seamless as you can see in the screenshots. to ensure the seamless experience i recommend to use dracofish's pride of valhalla unp skin mod as the base skin mod. i use it as the reference for my mod and it covers all humanoid races with a decent quality. you may select three options of quality. if you encounter problems with it or with my seamless package please let me know.

you may use this file to pimp your unp compatible custom races and npc but in many cases you have to place the files manually if the race or follower uses it's own filepath for body files. in case of ningheim race i did this already for you and you may download my cute fingers ningheim unp pack (ultra), located in the optional files of katarina ningheim preset mod.

Halofarm and MrTroublemaker for the high quality hand meshes  
Dracofish for her outstanding pride of valhalla body skin textures used customized with kind permission in my seamless pack
don't forget to endorse these mods!
Hellosanta for parts of sg female renewal face and head texture in the seamless pack
Dimon99 for base UNP
the gimp developers for the nice painting tool
nifscope developers for the nice mesh viewer

please let me know if i forgot someone to credit and many thanks to dracofish for her kind support!

you may watch my other skyrim mods here or simply google "skyrim xrayy" for some screenshot impressions.

if you have questions just ask. feedback is much appreciated. have fun playing skyrim!