About this mod

5 unique and distinct ENB presets ranging from the real to the fantastical!

Permissions and credits
Evok ENB

Vid courtesy of hodilton


Vid courtesy of SkylaSkyrim


1. Download: 0.292 binary and place the d3d9.dll file into your Skyrim folder. (Where the SkyrimLauncher is located)

2. Download my enb preset and install one of the 5 versions along with all files in the same location as 0.279 dll. (skyrim main folder)

3. Activate my lighting ESP's last in your load order with ELE lowest.

4. Calibrate your monitor ( and pay special attention to your gamma. Set ingame brightness to the center. If using LED monitor you may want to set the ingame brightness one to two clicks left of center.

And please, if you liked it, just take one second to ENDORSE and support my work ! 


You will find a Character Closeup DoF folder that contains a high quality DoF as made by kingeric1992 and tweaked by tetrodoxin. It is a beautiful DoF and I suggest trying it. It is also highly configurable in the ingame GUI whereas the default DoF is not. 

*I am willing to compare any ENB you like with further screenshots, all you need to do is ask! Also, I am open to suggestions and criticisms. Want less color or darker nights, just ask! Also, I have included a decent GUI so you should be able to control everything yourself. Especially with the Charcter Close-up DoF, it is completely configurable and you should all try it!

**I plan on updating the default DoF soon with GUI controls, it will be a few days.


Thanks to all of you for helping!

EDCVBNM, SimClark, wolfgrimdark, Queenieangel, BlackMaid, hostorm, Mangaclub for Vividian Weathers Extended, Avalos1, tetrodoxin for the DoF, Caiology, Farvat, Liadys, ista3, 
rxkx22, frank213, smam711, kek668, janswin, Jawz for ElE, unko9622 for anko lighting, WoodManGamer for WGA lighting!