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Diana ECE and RACEMENU preset.
Update July 2019: New sculpt, no clipping with haircuts, thiner face
Update september 2017 : Diana grew up...a little bit.
Update may 2016 : New variation of DIANA. DIANA 2016!!

Permissions and credits
Diana presets 2019 "Moonrise and mirror" are available (ECE and Racemenu)

--------------------------My blog Skyrim Scandal (UUNP showcase/ ENB test/tips/ Retex) HERE ----------------------------

--------------------------Quality Follower  "Diana Vampire Version" available Here by Ashes2Asherz -----------------------

 Diana 2017 "Platinum Version" ECE and Racemenu
- Beauty is a weapon -

This is an ECE or RACEMENU save of one of my favorite characters. Her name is Diana, and she is a Nord. I worked on her face week after week, month after month, and now it's time to share. I really hope you will have great adventures with her.
All my creations are made with ECE (Enhanced Character Edit), then converted to Racemenu, so Diana is available for all users :)

Update July 2019 : The new preset of Diana is available : Diana 2019 "Moonrise and mirror"
A new version. Thinner face and a resculpt of the face to match the last KSHairdos version
- ECE available
- Racemenu available (Organizer friendly)
- Same requirements (Fairskin complexion, Maevan2's eye brows, cute eyes, last version of KSHairdos
Conversion for ECE to Racemenu has been made by Asherz. All original tints are included in the Racemenu preset.
Thank you Asherz. Find his work here

Update Septembre 2017 : The new preset of Diana is available : Diana 2017 "Platinum Edition"
A new version. Yes of course, Diana grew up.
- The Racemenu preset is NMM ready
- Now Diana has new brows -
Maevan2's eye brows. They are beautiful and available on Nexus.
- Complete remesh of the head. That was necessary to make it fit with Maevan2's eye brows.
- New haircut
- New complexion: small freckles from ECE
- Always Ashen hair color :)
- The conversion for ECE to Racemenu has been made by Triptherift
- Always cute eyes

Update  May  2016 : Another variation of Diana is available. DIANA 2016 !!!

This version is just another vision of her. She is still the same of course.
DIANA 2016 changes :
- New tint
- Perfect eyelash
- Ashen hair
- New hair color/ haircut
- New eyes color
- Thinner face
- Always feminine and natural beauty

How to install: ( Install this preset manually. Do not use NMM or MO/ except for the Racemenu 2017 version NMM ready)

Before loading the preset, i recommand you to select the Female Nord Race.

- If you use Enhanced Character Edit:

Download only "Diana ECE preset" or "Diana 2016 ECE preset" or "Diana 2017 ECE preset platinum edition"
Extract the file in myDocuments/My Games/Skyrim/CME_save
In the game, enter racemenu (console command " showracemenu ")
Search for the slider "slot load" and load "slot 3" for Diana 2015
        !! Slot 10 for DIANA 2016 !!
        !! Slot 37 for DIANA 2017 !!
        !! Slot 40 for DIANA 2019 "mirror" version !!
        !! Slot 39 for DIANA 2019 "moonrise" version !!

Diana appears like magic!!

- If you use Racemenu:

Download only "Diana Racemenu preset " or "Diana 2016 racemenu preset" or "Diana 2017 racemenu preset Platinum Edition" or Diana 2019 racemenu preset "Mirror& moonrise".
Extract the file in data/skse/plugins/chargen/presets
Go into showracemenu, and select the preset tab
Select the preset called "Diana.jslot" and hit enter.
Diana appears like magic!!

You can use the Nif file too. Just put the nif in the Chargen folder, then in racemenu, import the nif using the sculpt tab. Be sure to mask off her neck if you intend to change her weight.


If you want exactly the same result like me, you need this list of mods.
You can use different eyes textures, mouth textures or face textures but you will not have the same result.

Enhanced Character Edit 1.4 or newest (for ECE users) :         The face creation

Racemenu (for Racemenu users) :                           The Face creation

- Fair skin complexion  7.9.1 or newest :                 Textures for the face, body, tint, lips, eyelash, teeth

- Maevan2's brows   (Diana 2017):                           Maevan2's Eye Brows
  "Install the Pure Black version". With the pure black version, Diana will have black brows and not ashen brows like her hair.

- True brows 1.7 (Diana 2015 and 2016)                   True Brows is not available anymore. So, for 2015 and 2016 presets, just use brows you like.          

- KS Hairdos for "Diana preset 2015 and 2017" :     Her hair (version 2015,2017 and 2019)

- SG hair pack 268 by hello santa :                           Her hair (version 2016)  Not on Nexus, google it!

- Cute eyes 1.2 :                                                           Her eyes
(note : I received a question about "cute eyes" and why i recommend it. "Cute eyes" has a unique cubemap (texture) which gives a unique look. This is the reason of my recommendation.)

Recommended mods:

Female facial animation:

I recommend Female facial animation. This file improves the expression of female characters, and the motion of the mouth.

Facial expression project:

Stop using the console command for expression! Use the weapon...
I recommend Facial expression project . This mod gives " humanity" to your character. (hidden file...follow the link..)

Facelight plus:

I recommend facelight +

This mod adds a lighting spell called "Facelight" to your character face or for an NPC.

About the body:

You can use the body shape you want. I have tried both UNP or CBBE. Both work well.

The best bodies for Diana are CBBE slim or UNPetite, as her face fits well with these bodies. However, you are free to use what you want :) But Diana has a preference for the UUNP familly :)
Diana 's official body is UNPetite weight 0.

About me:


I hope you will like my creation.

Diana is perfect with all ENB...even in vanilla....... lol......but honestly, I haven't tried ALL enbs, but I can assure you that the result is perfect with the majority of ENBS.

I am not a modder., I am a user of mods. I can't help about modding or technical issues.

If you have questions, I will try to give you the best answers I can :)

English is not my native language....but I will try to do my best :)

Do not hesitate to upload your images/results of Diana. I like (a lot) to watch your own interpretation of her.


tktk1 for ECE and cute eyes

Hhaleyy for fair skin complexion

jimtownirish for the brows


Kalilies Stealthic Khaos and Shocky for hair

TRIPTHERIFT  for the race menu preset conversion

                                                                       My other files

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                                                           Diana 2017 Platinum Edition