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This mod adds a new town in Falkreath hold right next to the crossroad between Markarth-Whiterun and Solitude-Falkreath.

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How can a big crossroad, the one between Markarth-Whiterun and Solitude-Falkreath, have nothing. Not even an inn? Now there is! This mod places a new town in the Falkreath hold right next to the crossroad.

The idea is that the town must feel likes its originally part of Skyrim. So no fancy stuff here.

Tnx Jimmy!

Just the latest Skyrim: v

A full living breathing town, where the NPC's have their own life's.

* There is an inn appropriately named "Crossroads Inn" with innkeeper, service maid, bard and a drunk. Here you can rent a room, or get bounty quests from the innkeeper.
* There is a blacksmith in town that works a forge. Her husband repairs broken wagons in town.
* There is a 'apothecary' merchant in town. Her shop is on the lower level, while her husband runs the misc. item shop on the second floor. Pls note this is a very laid back town, so their trading hours only starts at 10 in the morning.
* The town has its own faction and guards with patrols, guard house and jail. The town falls under the jarl of Falkreath by location.
* There are also another two families living there. The two husbands works in the "Brim Mine". The Fasett family has a daughter and the Itard family has a son. The two wives are wannabe Dibella followers.
* A Dibella shrine.
* For the thieves, there's also a fence living in town, if you can find him.

Runs with anything except something that might be placed in the same space (That's logical - I don't know of any mods that places something there. If you do find sutch a mod, pls let me know).

Yes it is compatible with 'Inns and Taverns' by Mena. Her inn is on the other side of the crossroad. Nothing wrong with some competition between inns right?

If you are using The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold then please download the patch for it. Make sure to place the patch after each of these mods.
If you are using Tamriel Reloaded Trees then please download the patch for it. Make sure to place the patch after these two mods.

Automatic  Download with NMM
- Click the Download with manager button on top of the file.
- Gavrostead will appear in the NMM's Mods list once it's downloaded. Double-click the Gavrostead entry to Activate it.


Manual Download with NMM
- Start NMM and click on Mods.
- In the left icon bar, click on Add Mod rom File and select the downloaded archive file.
- Gavrostead will now appear in the list. Double-click to Activate it.


Manual Installation
- Locate the Data/ folder in your Skyrim installation directory. Typically it's found at Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/.
- Extract the contents of the downloaded archive file to your Data/ folder.
- In the Skyrim Launcher, select Data Files and enable 'Gavrostead.esp'

If for some strange reason you want to get rid of the mod, just delete the file from your Data folder. Just make sure you are far away from the town when doing so, and not...say inside in one of the buildings in town. Thats the same as deleting your safe file.

None anymore.

If you have an issue where the npc's have gray faces, then please download the fix for that in the 'optional files' section.

I haven't tested the town to the full extend with the dragon spawn next door. If anyone find issues with the dragon, if there are issues, let me know.

Always save and backup your save files before trying out new mods!

I didn't add any scripts, so the file should be safe. I did make adjustments to the terrain and navmesh.

I love trees, so I added some to the town to give it a better atmosphere even if the town is on the edge of the grass fields, its still on the edge of the forest as well. So no, I want change that. Most of the NPC's are essential, so they won't die. That's just the way I like to do it.

There are currently no quests from this town other than the bounty quests. Its just a town as any other in the game.

1.2 Fixed the disappearing buildings (hopefully)
      Changed the two shop signs that was using signs from Whiterun

1.1 Fixed the misc. shopkeeper not willing to do business with you
      Fixed a tree that was floating
      Fixed the crime system where if you attacked the town citizens, the guards would not react
      Some guards seemed to be afraid - not anymore

1.0 Initial release

If you want to change my mod, or add anything to it, ask me 1st. Remember: credit must be given where it is due.

If you want to add quests for your own mod to any of the NPC's from this mod, pls feel free to do so, but you'll have to include this mod with yours and give me credit for my work.

This mod may never be sold for any money.

Bethesda for this awesome game for some direction of thought
DarkFox127 for some really great tutorial videos

Rervun SE
Gavrostead SE
Overstead SE
Rorikstead Wagons
Rorikstead Wagons SE

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