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Geralt Of Rivia from the Witcher as a voiced follower for Skyrim.

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Ever dreamed of fighting side by side with the white wolf? Well, I just made your dreams come true.
This adds Geralt Of Rivia (the main character of The Witcher series) as your companion.
Before you read any further, a couple things to note: This is in no way another push-over, do-whatever-you-say follower. Sometimes he will agree to do something for you, other times he will not. You can't take his swords. He also will not use anything other than HIS swords, with the exception of Witcher signs.
You can find him at The Winking Skeever.

He has a lot of unique features, such as:

Custom dialogue options that only appear during certain times of day/in certain areas 

Location sensitive dialogue
Weather sensitive dialogue
Custom Combat AI/Custom Combat Class
Custom spells based on Witcher signs
Hair/Armor/Textures ported from The Witcher 
Custom conversations
Unique interactions 
Over 100+ lines of dialogue
Witchers Swords (dual scabbards)
Unique Witcher potions made just for him (And named accordingly)

"Can you make him look more like Geralt from TW3?"

I guess some people don't realize that a game from 2011 will never look like a game from 2016.

"Can you make him compatible with UFO/AFT/EFF/every follower overhaul ever?"

Maybe. If I was the author of those mods. 

Version 1.6 offers 3 new hairstyle options:
(Currently the beard version isn't compatible with the other hairstyles. I will add support for the others soon)

Keep in mind that some of the hairstyles used physics in TW3 and therefore might appear a bit different to you. They were also ported FROM The Witcher 3. 
The original comes with the Classic style. For any of the other hairstyles, simply download the main version (Geralt Of Rivia) and under optional files, download the hairstyle you want. 
When asked to overwrite, click yes to all. 

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