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Players have a chance of being temporarily incapacitated (and avoid being killed) when health drops too low.

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Player Knockout adds an incapacitation system that kicks in when health falls below a threshold so that death is not always the consequence of losing a fight. Incapacitation only lasts a number of seconds and does not involve any teleportation or the passage of time.

Player Knockout does not require SkyUI in order to function, but installing it will give you more control over the options. Non-SkyUI users will be given a lesser power in the shouts menu that allows you to select the game mode you wish to play in. 


  • Wimpy: Knockout with immunity recovery and no other consequences. The player cannot be killed.
  • Tough (default): Knockout with gold loss and chance of equipment drop. The player cannot be killed.
  • Hardcore: Same as Tough, but knockout happens at 30 percent health and the player can die if it ever reaches zero. 
  • Insane: Same as Hardcore, but attackers who belong to applicable factions will send you to jail.


  • Essential Player: Essential players can never be killed and will get knocked out when health reaches zero. Nonessential players will get knocked out at 30% health but will die if it ever reaches zero. (Falling damage, powerful attacks, and mods that instant-kill from headshots, etc.) 
  • Calm Attackers: Normally friendly NPCs (such as guards and townspeople) will disengage combat after the player is knocked out. This has no effect on hostile NPCs (like bandits or monsters).
  • Gold Loss: Lose 25% of your gold (1000 coins maximum). A small portion of the coins you lose can be recovered from the ground. 
  • Equipment Drop: 50% chance to drop an equipped item from either hand; 75% chance to drop a two-handed item. 
  • Knockout Recovery Immunity: For ten seconds after knockout recovery, attackers will be unable to harm the player. (Helps prevent knockout spamming.) 
  • Knockout Stumble: Knocked out players will slip and fall once every time when trying to get back up. (Lengthens the knockout time.) 
  • Go to Jail: Attackers with the authority to send a player to prison will do so upon knockout. (Note: this isn't only guards; some other NPCs in Skyrim also have this ability. Probably best to turn off during Civil War quests or any mission where landing in jail might have a detrimental effect on achieving the goal.) 
  • Knockout Force: How hard the player is knocked back when knocked out (ragdoll physics). Crank it up full blast to be tossed around like a hackey-sack. 


Healing potions will not work until the immunity period has passed. This is a consequence of using ghost mode for temporary immunity.

Mods that edit killmoves should be loaded before Skyrim Unbound if you want to use the "essential player" option. Killmoves performed on the player can result in having to manually load a previous save. If you do not use that option, they should be loaded after Player Knockout.

It's possible (although extremely rare) to get stuck in an incapacitated state, at which point a previous save must be reloaded. I've not yet been able to determine the cause or work out a failsafe.


You must de-activate the plugin in either SkyUI's Mod Configuration Menu or by using the game mode power and save a new game before removing this mod. Otherwise, your character will either never be able to be killed or will die the instant you load your game.