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High quality texture replacer for the Black long robes or Warlock Robes (Male and Female) featuring 2048x2048 textures for both the robes and the hood.

Installation: Simply Unzip and copy the Data folder in your Skyrim directory. Compatible with edited meshes for every body replacer.
The .dds files should end up into Data/texture

Permissions and credits

This is a texture replacer for the long black robes or Warlock Robes (Male and Female) for both the robes and the hood.

Installation: Simply Unzip and copy the Data folder in your Skyrim directory. It should be compatible with edited meshes for every body replacer. Be mindful that excessively skimpy meshes may distrupt the textures.

The .dds files should end up into Data/textures/clothes/warlock
Overwrite if asked.

Skyrim Special Edition Version here

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More Informations:

I'm going to start with a quote:

I do indeed, the only problem I have with the warlock robes is:
- Alchemists wear them,
- Elemental Mages wear them,
- Dremoras wear them,
- Conjurers wear them,
- The Hag in Markarth Wears them,
- Pilgrims wear them,
- Warlock Sid wears them,
- Heck, even some necromancers wear them for whatever reason, given there’s Necromancer robes in the game,
- I feel like occasionally I should wear them just to fit in the crowd.

See where I’m going with it? It’s like everytime they didn’t feel like
making new clothing for some characters Beth put the black robes on
them. I don’t want them to be overly generic, but at the same time, I
don’t want them to look out of place on anyone. It’s gonna be quite the
To this day that's what I think about the black robes, given how many npcs wear them, it's quite hard to have them fit every possible character while mantaining some sort of personality. I've decided that, in the end, keeping it simple was the way to go. From random alchemists, to warlocks to Dremoras nobody looks out of place wearing these, but at the same time they have a dark, renegade-ish feeling that I really like.


Thank you! (:


Q: How do I obtain the outfit?
A: This is a Texture replacer for the Warlock/Black Robes, it will replace the Black Robes, Black Mage Robes, and some of the conjurer robes. In game these robes can be obtained by defeating and looting enemy Mages/Witches/Conjurers/Alchemists/Warlocks and some Necromancers, purchased from some merchants, including Radiant Rainment in Solitude, and crafted if you happen to use a mod that allows for vanilla equipment to be crafted.

Q: Male and Female?

A: Male and Female, yes.

Q: Can you release any of the characters in the screenshots?

A: Absolutely not.
There's many reasons for this, read this blog post if you want to know more.

Q: How about as ECE/RM Presets?
A: Absolutely not. Besides, without my mods they'd look nothing like what you see.

Q: Is this compatible with X ?

A: It's a texture replacer, so unless you have a mod replacing the same textures or changing the texture pathing of the black robes it's all good.

Q: How do you get the character's ears to look like that?
A: Through Racemenu 3.0 and above, by expired, I manually edit them in the sculpt tab.



Halofarm's Poser.
GomaPeroPero Poser.

Special thanks:

to Mi. Gr. , Ti. Lo. , Angrylock
, vintagelf, Ge. Jo. Ry. , Da. Ta. , xCrmisonSky, Kevin R., Jess R.

for your kind donations, it was unexpected, but I really appreciated them. (:

All my Tumblr followers for the constant support and feedback.



Please do not redistribute or edit this file without my approval.

You are free to showcase this file in YouTube videos and/or screenshots and/or mod reviews.

Thank you for downloading!