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About this mod

Contains an unvoiced male Argonian Battlemage follower as well as several unique spells, enchantments, quests, boss fights, and spells.

Permissions and credits
Latest Version of Skyrim (
Latest Version of SKSE (1.7.3)
Fuz Ro Doh (Absolutely 100% required if you want to read any of the dialogue in the game)

Downloading this mod will take you to the requirements page, where you can download SKSE and Fuz Ro Doh if you need to.

Arexon the Argonian is a standalone follower plus quest mod  featuring an unvoiced but fully written Argonian Battlemage. Along with the added follower, this mod contains new enchanted armor, weapons, and spells that may prove useful to the aspiring Adventurer on their quest to assist, or track down, the battlemage. This mod is much more than just another “I command you to be my follower” mod, instead keeping within the fun of skyrim and adventures. To gain the trust of the clever Argonian Battlemage you must go through 3 quests, and one optional fourth quest, helping Arexon continue his research amidst a troubling predicament with enraged impatient black orcs. This follower is the result of around 1,000 hours and several months of learning how to use the creation kit, making this mod, and testing this mod. I hope with all my heart that you enjoy this mod.

To start the mod, you must travel to the Candlehearth hall and talk to the Chef located in the cooking quarters. You could help the suspicious Argonian, or, instead, even harm him in his plans.

Time to complete all quests ranges from 2-4 hours, depending on your level and playstyle.


Weapons and Stats
Arexon is an Argonian battlemage enchanter who specializes in Conjuration, Destruction, and Archery, but he is not limited to those rolls. Arexon’s level scales limitlessly to the player, meaning that he will be a useful follower no matter what level you are, unlike the vanilla followers who hard cap at level 50. You can view his primary, secondary, and tertiary stats through a dialogue option once you completed his first quest, and started the second.
Arexon primarily uses shock spells and atronach summons. If he is low on magicka, he will resort to using a permanently bound spectral bow and if he needs to, his charged fists that deal moderate shock damage on hit, relative to his current skill in destruction. If you do not like Arexon’s combat style, you can tell him to change it using dialogue options if you completed the first quest, and started the second.

Training and Bartering
Once you’ve completed the second quest, Arexon could sell you some of his supplies including but not limited to unique potions, unique spells, and unique enchantments as well as useful vanilla supplies. And Once you’ve completed the third quest, he can act as a master enchanting trainer… for a price, of course.

If you’re stingy about the established lore, I suggest not installing this mod. This mod doesn’t throw out any existing lore or much change it, but instead adds new lore to the world surrounding argonians, soul gems and a daedric prince.
I’ve spent quite a bit of time using UESP reading about Argonian Culture, Daedric Princes, and Soul Gems checking to see if I intruded on any established lore, usually basing it off of already existing lore.

The unfortunate disclaimer of all mods
Like all mods, there's bound to be some bugs that playtesting failed to find, and like all mods, there might be some incompatibilities with certain mods. I strongly suggest keeping a backup of your save before installing this mod.

Known Bugs/Issues
Arexon, the Chef, or other npcs in the mod don’t talk to me.
Save your game and then reload it. Talk to Maticus of Riverwood. Unfortunately I have no clue how to prevent this bug from happening, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Arexon is stuck on a rock/object/wall/hole.Fast travel to a nearby location, or try pushing him via sprinting into him.This is something I cannot fix, this involves skyrim’s navmesh which isn’t a part of my mod.

This item/weapon/potion/spell/npc/follower is too powerful/weak!
If you think something is unbalanced, please post about it in the discussions! When posting, please include your character level, the armor/spells/weapons you’re using, and your most invested skills.

Creator of Brutish Argonian Males for the base head model for Arexon. Unfortunately I can’t find a link to the mod or the creator anywhere :(. If someone wants to let me know.

The dev team at SKSE for providing such a great script extension
Lazz for the textures for the Ayleid models
ECrownOfFire for the Lusty Argonian Blade name suggestion.
Ganerumo - Playtester
ExplodingGuy - Playtester
Viva for help with proofreading and dialogue for the chef, as well as supporting me while making this addon.

First Impressions
Requirements: Talk to Arexon in Windhelm’s Candlehearth Hall after talking to the Chef.
Recommended Level: 12

Second Chance
Requirements: Complete First Impressions without killing Arexon, travel to a nearby settlement
Recommended Level: 16

Third Party
Requirements: Complete Second Chance without killing Arexon, use the spell that Arexon gives you.
Recommended Level: 20

Fourth In Command
Requirements: Complete Third Party and survive several Black Orc attacks and have Arexon in your company
Recommended Level: 24

Misc: Retrieval
Requirements: Complete the first part of First Impressions

Misc: Chef
Requirements: Talk to the Chef in Windhelm’s Candlehearth Hall


If you were a victim of the bug where you didn't get most of your items back and have completed "First Impressions" do the following:

open console (press ~) and enter the following:
coc ArexonQuestStorage
This will teleport you to the cell that stores items attached to quests, including the items that Arexon stole.
Open the only container in the room, ignore what it says about breaking games.
Carefully take all your player crafted items, if there are any items that you haven't made, don't take them or it will cause issues for the
current Arexon Quest you're on, if any.

If your lost items are not in there, please send me a message and I'll help you with retrieving them using console commands.

To return to the game, open console (press ~) and enter the following:
coc Whiterun
This will teleport you back to whiterun, where you can enjoy Skyrim once again.

If you haven't' completed "First Impressions" yet, do the following:

Revert your save to a point where you haven't started "First Impressions". The quest was edited to fix the issue regarding the previously mentioned bug.