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  1. Nazenn
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    Read this post before you comment...
    Please remember to read the entire description before commenting, because I won't reply to you if that's where the information you want is.

    Feel free to upload your own images to the page, I have that open so go ahead.
    The first fifteen images are all gifs, so wait for them to load before complaining they are only showcasing the vanilla cities.

    If you have any compatibility questions about if it works with other city mods, asking me won't get you far because if it's not in the description, I don't know. Try it out for yourself and report back. If you include pictures or a very comprehensive report, I'll add your info to the description with credit to you.

    If you would like me to re-add something I removed from the files, please state why in terms of how it would benefit the STYLE or VISUALS of the actual mod project as whole. I won't be adding things back in just because you like them because if I did that then eventually I would end up with everything the way it was in JKs Skyrim the original full version.

    Similarly, if you would like me to remove something, please state why in terms of STYLE or PERFORMANCE that it would be beneficial to remove over other options.

    If you'd like some more direct chatting with me or other users of my files, I've also opened a small discord channel specifically for my projects, this now included, where people can go if they want to have a more direct place to chat with me, or other users, and also to make contributions and suggestions etc. You don't have to use it, I still check the comments here at least twice a day and will ALWAYS do so, but it's there as an option for people who would prefer it. Just keep in mind I'm on Aussie time, so if I'm not on when you expect ... yeah... it's a pain, blame the bloody country I live in XD

    In regards to SSE...
    Yes this mod will be coming to SSE, and to consoles as well.
    PS4 users should expect the complete version of the cities, minus three NPCs. For the Towns, they will also be getting a version of them, but a bit stripped back to deal with some of the limitations.

    SSE porting is a priority for me, but first I need to go through and take new pictures of the towns, update the page etc, so its not something I want to do a half assed job of. It will be coming soon, but I am busy, so please try and have patience. If you want to use the cities in SSE in the mean time, you can easily run them through the new CK and convert them yourself, there shouldn't be any issues with that at all. As far as the Towns, I can't guarantee it will work without issues.
  2. Nazenn
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    A very rough outline of my plans for the towns can be found here

    The 1.3 file just released will be the last update for the Towns BETA. After a bit of time has passed for bug reports etc to come in, they will be released as a proper version, and be out of BETA, and this will be updated to a JKs Skyrim page, not just JKs Cities. All the towns are now included, with the exception of JKs Skaal Village which was recently released and I havent even had time to look at that in game yet because I've been so busy. That will be coming out in the next version as a full release along side the finalized towns.

    Once the towns are all finalized, patches will be provided for:
    - Leaf Rest in Riverwood
    - Arthmoor's Iverstead

    As always, questions, comments and feedback are welcome, along with your own observations and FPS tests. Hopefully you guys enjoy it.


    Please Note:

    The Towns BETA does NOT INCLUDE any extra compatibility with other town editing files, including ICAIO. People wishing to use this with ICAIO should be using the light version of ICAIO, not the full one. I have no way of ensuring compatibility with ICAIO at any time in the future due to being blocked by ICAIOS author from accessing the file. More information about that situation can be found in this mods description.

    If you do wish to use ICAIO's full version and JKs Lite Towns BETA together, which will not result in any gamebreaking bugs, make sure you load JKs Lite Towns Beta AFTER ICAIO or else the new shop interiors will break. More info here:
  3. VanKorno
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    I''m getting STDs near Riverwood with this mod installed.
  4. ardiz
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    • 239 posts
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    Thank you, I use this for Riften & Solitude Super Lite , while Whiterun and Markarth I use original JK with little performance hit. Compatible with SE. Would like to see the Morthal only version without entrance gate, I tried to edit some with xEdit but afraid deleting wrong entry.

    Edit : There is conflict with CRF on southgate of Riften, there is double model for gate and guard clipping with the gate added...
  5. MosAnted
    • supporter
    • 199 posts
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    Getting some minor incompatibilities with the "Dawn of Skyrim" compatible plugin. some of the Lanterns placed around riften are getting duplicated. I think this might be an incompatibility with Relighting Skyrim.
    1. SammySahm
      • premium
      • 206 posts
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      The author mentions this in his description - Dawn of Skyrim adds a lot of lights, some of which conflict with this mod.
  6. Dapayk
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    Nice, but Alvor is living in a zoo cage now xD
  7. babiloneos
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    Hi. Is there some problem if i don't install Dawn of Skyrim?
    It's because i don't bought Dragonborn yet.
    Thank you.
    1. ThatDirtyShisno
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      It's optional, only install if you use that mod.
  8. Ondrea
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    • 1,034 posts
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    I'm using the Superlite version along with Nernie's Thief pack and so far seems to be mostly compatible. Nernie's adds shops and a player home to the Riften canal and Windhelm Gray Quarter. The one issue is Nernie's adds a walkway across the Riften canal water where JK's has added a boat. I just disabled the boat and everything else seems to be without issue as far as I can tell.
  9. catbert7
    • member
    • 186 posts
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    So, what's going on with the SSE version? I saw there was one up before but it's been taken down. Was that an unofficial port? If so, is there still an official port planned? I see the sticky had it as a priority almost 3 years ago... Would love to have it, as I think I like the superlite version just as much as the full (that redundant stairway to the forge is the one thing about JK's Whitreun that always annoyed me!) ;)
  10. Slincoginte
    • member
    • 50 posts
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    The lite version of DoS plugin added has deleted navmesh issues:

    [00:00] Checking for Errors in [03] DawnofSkyrim-AllMajorCities.esp
    [00:00] [NAVI:00012FB4]
    [00:00] NAVI \ Navigation Map Infos \ NVMI - Navigation Map Info \ Navigation Mesh -> [0300BB2D] < Error: Could not be resolved >
    [00:00] NAVI \ Navigation Map Infos \ NVMI - Navigation Map Info \ Navigation Mesh -> [03014DE2] < Error: Could not be resolved >
  11. NordKitten
    • member
    • 308 posts
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    haven't tried the mod out yet, but I'm glad I stumbled on this because while I loved jks city mods I had to always not install often with how bad the performance loss was.
    1. killgore
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      same here and I have an [email protected] and a 1080ti ! with my uber-setup I get as low as 30fps in thank you !
  12. jimmywalnut
    • member
    • 368 posts
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    Any plan on adding the smaller towns as lite version anytime soon?

    EDIT: Hmm, it looks like Nazenn isn't actively supporting most of the mod pages he took over since December 2017
    1. bigdeano89
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      • 6,616 posts
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      If you read below he had medical issues he had to take care of. I personally hope he is ok apart from anything else.