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A compilation of tweaks for Beyond Reach.

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This LE version is no longer supported and will no longer recieve any updates. The last version is compatible with Beyond Reach v4.0 2019.


I have reached the point where it has become too cumbersome to keep mods for both LE and SE, so I will now only support those on SE.

Just like I did for Wyrmstooth, Falskaar and Agent of Righteous Might, I decided to make some tweaks to Beyond Reach.

SE version can be found here.

Currently, it consists of the following:

Typo Fixes

Fixes several typos in books, dialogue, quest text, etc.

Notice Board

Adds a Notice Board to the Worldspace of Beyond Reach, which provides you with Radiant Quests.

The "notice board.esp" is required as master!

Delayed Quest Start

Beyond Reach initiates its main quest by an encounter with a priestess and her guard in any random city. I made a small tweak which delays this encounter until you are level 25. So you can start the quest at that level.

Skyrim Border Tweak

Connects the Skyrim Worldspace to Beyond Reach's Worldspace. The mountain pass (on the Skyrim side) can be found near Hagrock Redoubt.

However, everything related to the gate and mountain pass will be disabled and invisible, if you haven't been to the Beyond Reach worldspace yet. (i.e.: having spoken to the merchant and travelled there) This is done to avoid issues with the main quest from Beyond Reach.

To use this tweak, you'll need to change the following in skyrim.ini: under [General] bBorderRegionsEnabled=0

I included an attached INI file which takes care of the region borders.

Shields and Cloaks

Gives Cloaks and Shields with the Griffon Emblem to Evermore Guards.

Temper Recipes

Adds temper recipes for all playable weapons and armors, so they can be upgraded at the Grindstone or Workbench. It also adds fixed values and keywords to some armors, to make it function with mods that function on those keywords.

Collision Walls

Adds some collision walls so you can't fall into a pit and get stuck.

Other mods that enhance Beyond Reach

- Witcher 3 Music for Beyond Reach

- You Hunger (optional files)

- Dark Forests of Skyrim - Beyond Reach edition


- razorkid - For Beyond Reach

- mannygt - For the Notice Board

- duinnin - For giving me inspiration and permission to use stuff from Unique Border Gates

- trebtreb aka Hoax2 - For Custom Sigils DIY