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This adds a Notice Board to Solstheim with more suitable radiant quests.

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  • Spanish
I have found that the Dragonborn Patch from the Notice Board still offers Skyrim Quests on Solstheim. So I expanded the patch to have more suitable quests for Solstheim.

I adjusted several quests to make sense on Solstheim.

I also added a new "Bounty Rieklings" quest which will replace the "Slay Beast" quest on Solstheim, so it will use its settings in the MCM of the original mod. (gold rewards)

Unfortunately, I also had to remove some quests, as they did not work in Solstheim (Bounty Forsworn, Bounty Giant, Mercenaries, etc)

To install, just overwrite the original notice board - dragonborn patch.esp. You will still need the notice board.esp as master!

Hope you enjoy!

Spanish Translation can be found here:


mannygt - For the Notice Board