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Thanks to MRPyro for this great video!

AKrossbow review is start in about 0:44?

I think true dog mod is good

and Thanks theDeModcracy for almost naked lady another video!

Thanks Nozi87 for This Feature review!

Mihail, the AK-rossbow

As you can see, you need Dawnguard DLC for this mod to work

texture path is little messed up in previous file, please download again!

Just Tell me What this mod Do!

This mod make you able too crafting new AKross Bow name 'Mihail'
with 2 Firewoods and 4 Steel ingots
and new bolt name '5.45mm Spiral bolt'(i have to changed it for lore friendly)
with 2 Steel ingots for 10 of them

by the way, you must able to crafting steel items to craft Mihail

noting much to say, it's simple

No leveled list
No involved quest
No special perk or enchantment

just stand alone AKrossbow(and bolt)

Okay.... What Mihail and Spiral bolt does?

Compare to vanilla crossbows, Mihail does more damage, more fire rate and ignore 50% of target armor
and Spiral bolt is one great Soviet ammo for killing that
flying faster then the other bolts, and more accurate

Sorry for my bad English
and Thank you for reading