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Adds a collection of stilettos for the distinguished assassin

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This mod is one I started then kinda sat on for a while, but now it's all done and here it be for your delectation.

This mod adds stilettos that can be both crafted and found in loot. There's a stiletto for pretty much every standard material type and one unique one for particularly shadowy assassins. There's also a Legendary version that adds dragonbone and stahlrim stilettos.

So, what exactly is a stiletto? It's not a shoe, we can get that off the table right away. A stiletto is a knife or dagger designed not to cut, but to puncture, and the narrow blade means the wielder can get into spaces a normal dagger is too fat to get into. Because of this, stilettos are pretty much poop if you just use it like a normal dagger due to their low damage. Swinging it like the Avatar in the SNES version of Ultima 7 is just going to make you super-dead.

Exhibit A. (From Part 1 of Spoony's review of Ultima: Runes of Virtue Part 1)

Where the stilettos excel is in assassination. If you sneak attack your foe while wielding a stiletto, they're dealt 1.5 times more damage compared to if you just smacked them, resulting in either severe wounds or death. Silver stilettos, if used against foes that are susceptible to silver, are dealt 2.5 times more damage, provided you sneak attack them of course.

As mentioned above, stilettos can be crafted or found in loot, whether it be chest loot or in the hands of an enemy. Crafting them requires the necessary perks for the material type (except for Iron). There is a unique stiletto, the Shard of Twilight, which can be found in Nightingale Hall.

The mod is also Dual Sheath Redux compatible and comes with the necessary meshes for it to be so, just make sure to run the DSR patcher after you install.


Ver. 1.2b

Moved the unique stiletto in Nightingale Hall to a better spot, since the original spot rendered it impossible to obtain.

Ver. 1.2a

Nerfed the stiletto sneak attack mult. Stilettos now normally deal 1.5x damage when sneak attacking, silver ones dealing 2.5x against ghosts,
undead and lycanthropes.

Ver. 1.2

Changed how the stiletto backstab perk handles the stilettos. The old way basically checked to see if ALL the stilettos were equipped, so the damage bonus wouldn't correctly apply. All the stilettos now use a custom keyword, which the perk looks for.

Ver. 1.1

Corrected the stahlrim stiletto, which due to an oversight was using the stahlrim dagger meshes instead of the proper sitletto mesh.

Ver. 1.0

Initial Release


Extract the files in the .zip file to yer Data folder, then activate the mod in whatever mod organizer thingy you use.

If you have Dual Sheath Redux, run the DSR patcher after installing to update your DSR Patch.


Disable the mod in your mod organizer thingy and delete the .esp and .bsa, as well as the Stiletto folder in the Meshes folder. Delete, as well, the StilettoBackstabScript.pex from your Scripts folder.