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A Small plugin which adds to Castle Grey

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This requires some explanation so read this before doing anything!

My mod makes additions to the Mod Castle Grey by Holth2004 it requires that you download that mod.  In its current unfinished form the Castle Grey mod causes a number of problems with vanilla quests in Skyrim and not being externally navmeshed makes it impossible (except by dumb luck) to get a follower into the Castle.

The Castle Grey mod file itself can not be changed and a new version published (the mod author is not contactable to ask permission being deceased). Consequently for my mod (CastleGreyUPD.esp) to work you will have to clean the original (CastleGrey.esp) with TESVEdit yourselves. For this purpose I have included a step by step guide in the download (note it includes deleting a whole cell don't panic I replace it).  The mod permissions specifically precluded bug fixing so I nor indeed anybody else can publish a cleaned version.

Health Warning - This solution is not perfect, some problem remain which could only be solved by editing CastleGrey.esp in the CK. But I don't believe they will break anything.

What to do:

1. Download Castle Grey and place the CastleGrey.esp (and only this file) in your data directory.
2. Download my file and place the CastleGreyUPD.esp and CastleGrey.bsa in your data directory.
3. Open CastleGrey.esp in TesVEdit and clean it using the guide.

CastleGrey.esp must be higher in your load order than CastleGreyUPD.esp

What this mod currently does:

1. Externally navmeshes the castle.
2. Activates the two merchants so they will sell you stuff.
3. Adds basic sandbox packages to the NPC
4. Adds a BSA with the facegen data.
5. Fixes non displaying piece of architecture
6. Fixes library (mostly)
7. Replaces the Armoury Cell with a new version (this is the cell that was breaking stuff)

I hope that's slightly clearer than mud.

Future Releases:

1. Packages for NPC's so they go to bed and do stuff.
2. Autosorting/looting in the Armoury.

All Credit to Holth2004 for creating this magnificent castle

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