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This mod adds a refuge camp for Bosmer elves, no Bosmer hunter play through is complete without this mod.

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Check out this amazing video showcasing the mod by Hodi.

The Wood Elf Refuge is a mod that adds a lore inspired Bosmer camp to Skyrim. This mod has custom textures that make this camp immersive for a Wood Elf/Bosmer play style. It has custom storage containers and housing. It also comes with crafting stations and a personal vendor. You can even take aim at the archery range. Along with a player home camp it also comes with 9 NPCs and 8 of which are followers. 

If you know of any fix to the issues below, please comment or send me a personal message.  If you feel the need to fix it yourself, send me the .esp so I may update the fix.  I will give credit to anyone who comes up with a fix.

  • You may experience some lag approaching the camp. I am not sure why this happens but, I assume it has something to do with the many static objects it is trying to load. After the bit of lag the camp itself runs smooth.
  • As well as the bit of lag, some sounds can be heard. I don't know why it does that as well. But I think it is the custom storage units displaying their sound effects upon loading.
  • Even though I put nav-mesh over the entirety of the camp, NPCs don't seem to wonder to the very top of the camp. They do wonder up the ramp occasionally, but they don't enter the towers or beyond that.
  • The weapon racks crashed my game when I put a custom weapon on display. They work fine when you use vanilla weapons. 

If you discover any issues please comment or preferably send me a personal message.

Some mods I recommend using for a nice Bosmer play through.

Green Pact Armor by Arcane51388
Bosmer Armor Pack by maty743
TDN Bosmer Skull Headresses by Nightshade
Hunterborn by dragonsong

Anyone may use the assets in this mod to create similar Bosmer camps throughout Skyrim. You just can't upload a variation of this mod. But I would like to see how creative others may get and hope this mod inspires others. If you do decide to create your own camp, please message me. 

If you are interested in doing translations of this mod, you have my permission. Just notify me via private message so I may post a link to your page.

I want to thank frtzngbllr for taking amazing screenshots!