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A massive difficulty overhaul covering creatures, combat, spells, and spice.

Permissions and credits

To live is to suffer; to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering” 
-Friedrich Nietzsche

The goal of Rogue-like Encounters is make the world of TES5: Skyrim more interesting and dangerous. This is done with new creatures, spells, combat, minor mentions of prior TES lore, cooking recipes for every food, and overall spice-of-life additions.

RLE is hefty, weighing in at
2.14gb as of its final version 1.8featuring over 400 creatures derived from many open content resources across nexus, steam, dark creations forums, and other locations.
 The library of ESP files contain the cores, optional features to the main mod, and compatibility patches. At its 1130th day as of 10/10/2018, RLE is now FEATURE COMPLETE.


- combat: adds stagger, bleed, and armor degradation mechanics as well as unique on-hit rules for certain creatures; also removes load door blocking, water restrictions, and zone level restrictions from npcs. There are four versions of the combat module numbered 1 through 4. 

- 1: combat styles only: for vanilla purists
- 2: the lite version: on-hit rules overruled by blocking. fps loss minimal
- 3: the scaling version: bleed and combat dps scales with character level
- 4: the full version: all rule systems for bleed, armor sunder, stagger combined with more rules for attacks of opportunity. All systems have gear and situation-based conditions for worsening. Fps loss is rather rough while using vsync.

- morereagants: changes to vanilla leveled lists to drop more ingredients
- followers: adds 22 followers(7 humanoid, 16 monstrous) through skyrim
dragon combat: overhauls all dragon combat in skyrim with special spells, behaviors, and multiple shouts

- unleveled - All npcs are stripped of magicka and hp leveling, and hardleveled between 0 and 40 with set hp/magicka/stamina but variable skill levels. This is intended to be compatible with necromancy and to ease the difficulty(although some higher level creatures appear early on)
level 40 npc cap - caps the scaled core versions to 40 so necromancy doesn't break 

CORE Modules

- full: full cast of new monsters + spells + more food and gear recipes
monsters only(mo): no new player spells/gear/recipes
- lore: limited cast of monsters relative to the game and era + spells + more food and gear recipes
lore (mo): no new player spells/gear/recipes

(core module)
As of RLE 1.8, amongst the Dwemer, you will find some boss creatures that are left-over creations of the Numidium itself. These creatures drop a variety of clockwork weaponry that rival daedric weaponry in power. They also drop knowledge cubes which add to gameplay:

Cube of Embers:
allows the player to turn skulls of daedric wardens into Skulls of Unresting Souls, single use items that can resurrect one creature level 40 or under for one hour. Combining a SUS with a filled black soulgem, doubles its level of effect.

Holding the cube of embers also increases the effect of your necromantic spells.

Cube of Arrow Infusion
allows the player to infuse dwarven arrows or bolts into dire magic arrows/bolts

Cube of Scroll Infusion

allows the player to greatly simplify scroll-creation by nullifying the need for enchanted ink, but an ink vial must remain in inventory for the symbolic bond

(core module)
As of RLE 1.8, Skyrim will have an alternate implementation of magic present for both players and NPCs, based on study and preparation, not memorization and channeling.
With this system, one need only collect the books for the appropriate spells and use them to craft batches of scrolls using the new power "WRITE SCROLLS":

Blank paper + enchanted ink(with Tome X in inventory) = Scroll of Tome X
Blank paper + enchanted ink(with Scroll X in inventory) = Copy of Scroll X

Blank paper(with Tome X, the Cube of Scroll-crafting, and a vial of ink in inventory) = Scroll of Tome X
Blank paper(with Scroll X, the Cube of Scroll-crafting, and a vial of ink in inventory) = Copy of Scroll X
Ink vial + filled soul gem = # of enchanted ink vials
Log of Firewood = 15 sheets of paper
Charcoal/BlueMountainFlower + Glass Ingot = 3 vials of ink

As illustrated, you are copying tome X to scroll X without exhausting it or memorizing it. Also illustrated, the Cube of Scroll-crafting greatly simplifies the process, but it is dropped by a rare dwemer boss called "The Soul-Warden of Numidium." 

Paper, ink, enchanted ink, and scrolls will spawn on npc mages as of 1.8. The can also be bought on vendors.

(dragoncombat module)

Dragons now have conjuration magic, disarming power words to combat weapon users, necromancy, and more breath weapons in the dlc areas. Common dragon-like creatures also have a large assortment of abilities.

Breath weapon assignments
Frost dragons(dlc content):
water blasts, bloodstealing, and magic burning
Fire dragons(dlc content):
lightning, ash, and acidic breath

Tundra drakes:
last wind perk, roars, whirlwind creation, water breathing, and acid spitting attacks
last wind perk, whirlwind creation, roaring and ice storms for the snowy griffon
Tundra chimera:
last wind perk, lightning, firebolts, ice volleys, roars, and water volleys
Chaurus queens:
acid, water volleys, and the last wind perk
The 'Last Wind' perk gives the npc a chance to heal 50% of their health when close to death if they aren't staggered or busy casting/attacking

Raid adds
Dragons now have mmo-style adds which spawn mid-fight. Regular dragons get two or more dragonlings at 50% health. Alduin gets dragonlings at 50% and 2 or more Blackguards of Akatosh(black daedroths wielding daedric greatswords) at 25%

(core module)

All creatures have armor values added to their basic mesh relative to their mass and skin/fur thickness. All creatures also have relevent magic resistence values. 

(core module)

Most non-humans now have a 1 in 10 chance to do critical damage with melee or ranged attacks.

(core module)

You are just newly a dragonborn, for the first time in your life taking up arms. All around you stand men, women, and creatures who have been in arms for years. They are in shape, and used to holding a bow and shield.

(core module)

Most large creatures that have sweeping attacks which target one opponent but pass through others have unlocked attack hitboxes that effect all targets in their swing path. These include dwarven centurions, giants, trolls, mammoths, bears etc.

(combat module)

All power attacks, bashes, and unique attacks debuff armor and cause internal bleeding. These balance combat by rewarding parries and bashes as well as clean power/unique attacks and punishing the reciever. These effects are also distrobuted by cleave and amplified by critical hits.

(combat module)

As of eqRLE 1.5, the entire world now has a script-less, engine-based stagger system applied to melee combat, based on the gargoyle's vanilla combat effects. For the player, taking a heavy or unique attack causes screen-shake and drunken movement. This effect stacks, and while freedom is maintained, accuracy becomes very difficult. NPC's merely go through their own stagger animations.

(core module & combat module)

Certain creatures are incredibly good at combat, and others are very basic. The lower the mass and intelligence, the less a creature can do in melee. The scaling modifiers are blocking, armor-worn, being sundered while hit, being open while attacking, running away, and having both weapons and magic sheathed. Each of these conditions provides an opportunity for an attacker to reward them-self with an advantage.

- blocking stops almost all advantages
- armor worn determines the intensity of bleed and armor sunder
- being open while attacking damages your attack speed directly, which effects shield-raising, bashing, and equivalent animations for bow and crossbow
- getting hit while fleeing or simply not being attentive wing-clips and slows you
- having weapons and/or magic sheathed when attacked sunders maximum stamina, damaging your ability to flee or counter.

The meaning of this module is to provide a consistent challenge for melee combat. 

ALTERATION BUFFS (5 min. each)

Elemental Guard (resist fire/frost/cold) | Ether-hand (enchanting)
Brewer-brain (alchemy) | Battle-blood (1-handed, 2-handed, and block)
Spell-guard | Poison-guard | Regenerator (hp/magicka/sta regen)
Silver-Tongue(barter) | Burden-bearer(increases carry weight)

PARTY SPELLS - 100 magicka each
Heal Allies(60hp/5sec.)
Invigorate Allies(60stamina/5sec.)
Affinity for Flight (+90% speed/90sec..)
Storm of Swords (+10% melee dps/2min.)
Rain of Arrows (+10% ranged
Bricks of the Legion (40armor/2min.)


Blood drain | Blood bolt | Blood Blast
Blood wave | Blood rune | Blood cloak
Blood storm

Wind wave | Flame wave | Frost Wave
Doom | Disarm

Water Rapids | Waterball | Water Rune
Water Geyser | Water Cloak | Water Torrent
Water Wall | Tidal Wave

Gravel | Rock Cloak | Rock Blast
Earth Rune | Boulder | Wall of Earth
Stalagmite | Earthquake 

Gust | Zephyr | Wind Rune
Whirlwind Cloak | Tornado | Wall of Wind
Tempest | Cyclone
Magic Missile


Magicka Eater | Leech | Clay Atronach | Obsidian Atronach
Grimhound | Draugr Graveguard | Forest Atronach | Frost Lurker
Frost Creeper | Sentinel of Sanguine | Flame Lurker | War Hound
Flame Creeper | Daedroth Pit-Fiend


Chaurus Crawler | Chaurus Hunter | Spider | Snowy Spider
Young Mammoth | Scrib | Vale Deer | Vale Sabre Cat
Moose (male and female) | White Stag | Fox(Red and Snowy)
Wolf(brown, snowy, and red) | Elk (Male andFemale)
Skeever(Brown and Grey) | SpectralStag | Beaver | Raccoon
Gazelle(naked and armored) | CaveLion | Cougar
Lynx(Plains and Forest) | Boar | Bear(Black andPolar)
Vampiric Hound | Armored Husky | Sheephound

ArwingXL/Afro - mod organization, mount rigging, esp writing, logic scripting, texturing, texture fixing, bug-fixing/testing
Grimy - unleveled enemies patch
Musashiden - revision of the unleveled patch that effects all new enemies added by mods
viltuska - the Gehenoth mesh/textures/esp base
muppetpuppet - the original sload mesh
coda - tundra chimera mesh
rireki - new dwemer boss creature and weapon meshes
Skywind Team - cyrodil goblin meshes
MrCasual - the skaven resources
Erkeil& t3ndo - combat profiles
abbalovesyou - resources for advanced spriggans, troll-men, and other such humanoids
tonycubed2 - load door, water behavior, and the Skyrim Remastered conversion
junin/zerofrost - griffin meshes and textures
Mihailmods - grave lord, sload high-blood, blind cave drake, wraiths, furnace centurion, wild bats, gladiator of mephala, rock spider, seeker of mephala, myriad will of sithis, sentinel of jygallag, cyclopian troll, spriggan rectifier, goblin witch, ogres, falmer hound, flesh sculptor of mephala, woodlord, watcher of mora, and harvester meshes
dogtown1 &ironman5000 - varied creature resources
m150 - bug people creature resources used for Dreugh
walkingmassofcomplexes - prey-lord of hircine, seeker incubator, dragon welp, wraith of the north meshes
candit & allzero - blood magic
TheGreyLight - alternate summoning visuals
Gendundrup,and vicn - creature resources
jackga - psionic atronach, spider daedra, sentinel of sithis, pig troll, clay atronach
StudioCD Projekt RED - witcher creature resources
Urwy - morian surgical blade, sundering maul meshes
minermanb - ogrim mesh
reaperix - water, earth, and air magic spell resources
berkian - dicynodon, macrauchenia, and tapir meshes/textures
crushboss - insight into game-settings and how they affect AI
jzbai - the lovely scroll-crafting menu setup


A) Download the DATA and ESP files as well as any additional modules relevent to your game

B) Copy a core of your choice, DATA files, and any additional modules to your data folder

C) If you are running this and vanilla, THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO. If you run any other creature mods, go to
(E). Additional modules have their own instructions.

D) Create a BASHED PATCH and possibly a MERGED PATCH, making sure to correct any issues undone by the unofficial patches. This mod edits many leveled lists, creature forms, race forms, and other important parts of vanilla. Without these patches, you will get bugs when playing with other mods.

E) Download any memory or performance patches you may need to stabilize your game. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

F) enjoy