About this mod

A grand overhaul of difficulty, creature encounters, and gameplay balance

Permissions and credits

  • "What a base and trifling creature is man... 
  • yet at once he is the master of this empyrean flow, grand as all the heavens."

The initial goal of Rogue-like Encounters is to flesh out skyrim by balancing the difficulty and challenge of the world around you from level 1 to infinity. This is done through mechanical changes to NPC spellcraft, combat, damage mechanics, spawning, level-balance, and unpredictability.

This mod ONLY edits creatures, creature races, and leveled lists for spells, items, and creatures.

RLE is hefty
(~1gb) as of version 1.53featuring over 370 creatures derived from the same open-source packs as SiC and Monster Mod as well as the open-source resources made by MihailMods.
 The main ESP pack comes with several compatibility patches as well for mods that fit well within its scope. This mod has been maintained for 602 days as of 5/16/2017 and is currently FINISHED BUT STILL RECIEVING CONTENT UPDATES.


Queen Chaurus Test Fights (lvl 28)
Blood Dragon Wipe(lvl 28)
Bleak Falls Wipe

Beholders | Tundra Chimeras #1 | Tundra Chimeras #2Spriggan Woodlord
Sporemind | Diverse Falmer | Furnace Centurion
Morvunskar Raid

Guide: ADDITIONAL Modules

- combat: adds stagger, bleed, and armor degradation mechanics. also removes load door blocking, water restrictions, zone level restrictions from npcs. an alternate version without player races covered is also available.

- morereagants: changes to vanilla leveled lists to drop more ingredients
- spellchanges: edits VANILLA attack spells changing burst damage to damage over time to make mage fights last longer 

- followers: adds 22 followers(7 humanoid, 16 monstrous) through skyrim
wilderness mounts - for those who want rideable, summonable critters and nothing else


- full: full cast of new monsters
lore: made-up and least lore-friendly critters removed, ash spawn moved from mainland, bandit lists cleaned
monsters only(mo): no new player spells / gear

(core module)

Dragons now have fixed combat styles encouraging a higher likelihood to engage in melee, attacks that cool down for usage instead of waiting for combat styles to queue them, conjuration magic, disarming power words to combat weapon users, armor magic, necromancy, and more breath weapons.

For frost dragons, bloodstealing and magic burning are new breath weapons. For fire dragons, lightning, ash, and acidic breath have been added.

(spell-changes module)

All vanilla spells cast by players and npcs, specifically spells that inflict a substantial amount of damage, have been changed into 2-3 second damage over time spells. This re-balances mage fights by allowing the person or npc more-prepared with potions and healing effects a chance to recover and continue, rather than die instantly. This way, two mages hurling large damage spells will become less of a "victor shot first" and more of a "victor has the strategical advantage" scenario.

(core module)

Most non-humans now have a 1 in 10 chance to do critical damage with melee or ranged attacks.

(core module)

You are just newly a dragonborn, for the first time in your life taking up arms. All around you stand men, women, and creatures who have been in arms for years. They are in shape, and used to holding a bow and shield.

(core module)

Most large creatures that have sweeping attacks which target one opponent but pass through others have unlocked attack hitboxes that effect all targets in their swing path. These include dwarven centurions, giants, trolls, mammoths, bears etc.

(combat module)

All power attacks, bashes, and unique attacks debuff armor and cause internal bleeding. These balance combat by rewarding parries and bashes as well as clean power/unique attacks and punishing the reciever. These effects are also distrobuted by cleave and amplified by critical hits.

(combat module)

As of eqRLE 1.5, the entire world now has a script-less, engine-based stagger system applied to melee combat, based on the gargoyle's vanilla combat effects. For the player, taking a heavy or unique attack causes screen-shake and drunken movement. This effect stacks, and while freedom is maintained, accuracy becomes very difficult. NPC's merely go through their own stagger animations.

(combat module)

Bleed/trauma(from melee) and spells in the special combat+ module scale with the character levels of npcs and players from 1x at level one to 4x at level 80 in a quasi-exponential manner, as such:
1-10(1x), 11-20(2x), 21-40(3x), 41-80(4x)

(core module & combat module)

Certain creatures are incredibly good at combat, and others are very basic. As such, for example, a brawl with a Daedric Concubine will always go differently than a brawl with a bandit. Little details like getting struck while attacking, getting struck while moving with your guard down, or even letting your stamina get too low, will render you weak on your next attack, wobbly, hamstrung, slow, bleeding, slightly blinded. Keep your eyes on your attacker, your guard up, and counter when possible to reverse the flow.

The meaning of this module is to provide a consistent utility for spells as the world scales and grows around you, as well as a consistent challenge for melee combat. Bleeding and trauma are always an issue at all levels in this system.

ALTERATION BUFFS (5 min. each)

Elemental Guard (resist fire/frost/cold)
Ether-hand (enchanting)
Brewer-brain (alchemy)
Battle-blood (1-handed, 2-handed, and block)
Regenerator (hp/magicka/sta regen)
Burden-bearer(increases carry weight)

PARTY SPELLS - 100 magicka each
Heal Allies(60hp/5sec.)
Invigorate Allies(60stamina/5sec.)
Affinity for Flight (+90% speed/90sec..)
Storm of Swords (+10% melee dps/2min.)
Rain of Arrows (+10% ranged
Bricks of the Legion (40armor/2min.)


Blood drain
Blood bolt
Blood Blast
Blood wave
Blood rune
Blood cloak
Blood storm
Wind wave
Flame wave
Frost Wave


Magicka Eater
Clay Atronach
Obsidian Atronach
Draugr Graveguard
Forest Atronach
Frost Lurker
Frost Creeper
Sentinel of Sanguine
Flame Lurker
War Hound
Flame Creeper 


Chaurus Crawler
Chaurus Hunter
Snowy Spider
Young Mammoth
Vale Sabre Cat
Moose (male and female)
White Stag
Fox(Red and Snowy)
Wolf(brown, snowy, and red)
Elk (Male andFemale)
Skeever(Brown and Grey)
Gazelle(naked and armored)
Lynx(Plains and Forest)
Bear(Black andPolar)
Vampiric Hound
Armored Husky

ArwingXL - form-writing, leveled-list filling, zbrush sculpting, texturing, testing, etc.
viltuska - the Gehenoth mesh/textures/esp base
muppetpuppet - the original sload mesh
coda - tundra chimera mesh
Skywind Team - cyrodil goblin meshes
MrCasual - the skaven resources
Erkeil& t3ndo - combat profiles
abbalovesyou - creature player mesh resources
tonycubed2 - load door, water behavior, and the Skyrim Remastered conversion
junin/zerofrost - griffin meshes and textures
Mihailmods - grave lord, sload high-blood, furnace centurion, woodlord, and harvester meshes
dogtown1 &ironman5000 - varied creature resources
m150 - bug people creature resources
candit & allzero - blood magic
TheGreyLight - alternate summoning visuals
jackga, Gendundrup,and vicn - creature resources
StudioCD Projekt RED - witcher creature resources

A) Download the DATA and ESP files as well as any additional modules relevent to your game

B) Copy a core of your choice, DATA files, and any additional modules to your data folder

C) If you are running this and vanilla, THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO. If you run any other creature mods, go to
(E). Additional modules have their own instructions.

D) Create a BASHED PATCH and possibly a MERGED PATCH. This mod edits many leveled lists, creature forms, race forms, and other important parts of vanilla. Without these patches, you will get bugs when playing with other mods.

E) Download any memory patches you may need to stabilize your game.

F) enjoy