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A massive creature and gameplay overhaul to make Skyrim more grim and unpredictable.

Permissions and credits

SSE Version: 

I've been all across TamrielI've seen plenty of things just as outlandish as this. I'd advise you all to trust in the strength of your sword arm over tales and legends." – Ireleth

The goal of Rogue-like Encounters is make the world of TES5: Skyrim more interesting and dangerous. This is done with new creatures, spells, combat, minor mentions of prior TES lore, cooking recipes for every food, and overall spice-of-life additions.

A Module Guide for your convenience



These are the guts of the entire mod with DLC implementations. Without these files, NOTHING WILL WORK. Download both archives in the file section and be sure to go through EVERYTHING. I have organized it to make this easy for all modders.



More Monstrous Bosses
Content injectors for the creature library
Adds followers of every class type across skyrim to Windpeak Inn, Candlehearth Hall, Bee and Barb, Frozen Hearth, Silver-blood Inn, Drunken Huntsman, Vilemyr Inn, Winking Skeever, Nightgate Inn, Moorside Inn

Balanced Food Recipes
cooking without salt? brewing fruit into wine at a campfire with old-fashioned wild yeast? creating boiled eggs? its more likely than you think!
Rogue Crafting
Material tool and gauntlet crafting. See below
Arrow Crafting
see the forge for recipes. bring wood, ingots, and any feather you find

Spell-crafting & First-aid
Material Spellcrafting, Staff-crafting, and general witchcraft. See below

Crossbow Implementation
DLC Armor Implementation
These are self-explained

A gameplay module for vampires and werewolves. HP/STA/MAG Potions and non-meat foods stop giving benefits to the player. Instead, the player must collect Blood(health), flesh(stamina), and Nervous fluid/tissue(magicka) to provide those benefits. Hearts can be consumed for stamina and health without being in werewolf form and contribute to the leveling process.

Cell Refresher 8x36

For die-hard mmo-philes who like to see creatures respawn often. most spawns happen every 8 hours and every 36 hours in important areas

Changes every animal mount spell into a normal creature-summoning spell. This is for people who install the creature skeletons for FNIS.

This is for people who enjoy fighting to the very bitter end every single time, uninterrupted by a killmove animation

This is for people(myself included) who think the god-weapons dropped by children of numidium bosses in dwemer dungeons sound too loud and noisey.

This is a neat little mod that uses the animation states to trigger coincidental weapon-collision events between weapons being swung or held in an attack's way. It also works on bows and crossbows.

Don't like the new spells I added? Well now you don't have to look at bandits using them!


There three choices in this overhaul:
Clean, Sunder-based, and Weight-based.(more details below)
CLEAN - Alters only the combat styles
SUNDER-BASED - Special Attacks and spells do status debuffs that make you more vulnerable for up to 8 seconds
WEIGHT-BASED - Based on the physical size of the creature, their base damage scales between 5(crab) and 90(dragon)

Injury/First-aid gameplay is YOUR choice. Not mine. This type of combat module also assumes you know how to use CRASH FIXES and how to set it to implement CUSTOM CELL BUFFER SIZES because injury data is HEAVY. Attacks can apply status effects that debuff you for HOURS, meaning you have to either sleep them off or open up the spellcraft&first-aid menu to craft things to get rid of them INSTANTLY. (details below)

Raid adds
(core module)
Dragons(and many other creatures) now have mmo-style adds which spawn mid-fight.
Regular dragons get two or more dragonlings at 50% health. Alduin gets dragonlings at 50% and 2 or more Blackguards of Akatosh(black daedroths wielding daedric greatswords) at 25% 

(core module)

Distrobuted throughout the world, morrowind-style are creature types that use enchanted arrows. These may be crafted or collected to be used at will. Their damage ratings are much higher than normal arrows, and many of them explode upon impact

(core module)

There is a growing list of special enemies in the world that have more than one form. By this, I mean when their health reaches zero, they change into a weaker or stronger version of themself. Some examples are Troll Pillages, Earth-bound Sinners, Grand Flame Atronachs, and certain Wisp Mothers.  

(core module)

Distrobuted throughout the world are versions of intelligent enemies that can visibly stealth and perform poisonous backstab attacks.  

(core module)

All creatures have armor/magic-resistence values added to their basic mesh relative to their mass and skin/fur thickness. 

(core module)

Most non-humans now have a 1 in 10 chance to do critical damage with melee or ranged attacks.

(core module)

Most humanoid enemies will frequently be pretty decent at positioning themselves in a fight and have these custom perks to mirror that.

(core module)

Most creatures in the world, but very rarely humanoids, attack in arcs, hitting everything in those arcs. These were added to punish players who always group their party close together when fighting something large and tough. If a giant can hit everyone, for instance, with a single swing, it will. the same goes for most other creatures. 

(core non-MO modules)

As of RLE 2.2, all living creatures drop blood, hearts, spinal fluid, and flesh. Consumed by mortals, they do nothing, but when consumed by the cursed(vampires and werewolves), they restore health, stamina, and magicka.

Likewise, the cursed are now unable to recieve any benefits from non-meat based food as well as stamina, health, and magicka potions.


Dragons now have conjuration magic, disarming power words to combat weapon users, necromancy, and more breath weapons in the dlc areas. Common dragon-like creatures also have a large assortment of abilities.

Breath weapon assignments
Frost dragons(dlc versions):
water blasts, bloodstealing, and magic burning
Fire dragons(dlc versions):
lightning, ash, and acidic breath

Tundra drakes:
last wind perk, roars, whirlwind creation, water breathing, and acid spitting attacks
last wind perk, whirlwind creation, roaring and ice storms for the snowy griffon
Tundra chimera:
last wind perk, lightning, firebolts, ice volleys, roars, and water volleys
Chaurus queens:
acid, water volleys, and the last wind perk
Blunt-nosed Drakes:
Blood, fishing, forest, gold-hording, nightstalker, stone, storm, and venomous types with associated breath weapons and roars

The 'Last Wind' perk gives the npc a chance to heal 50% of their health when close to death if they aren't staggered or busy casting/attacking


(sunder-based modules)

All power attacks, bashes, and unique attacks debuff armor and cause internal bleeding. These balance combat by rewarding parries and bashes as well as clean power/unique attacks and punishing the reciever. These effects are also distributed by cleave and amplified by critical hits.

As of RLE 2.35, all armor degradation and bleed is scaled and controlled by the attacker's health and stamina pool. The more stamina/health the attacker has during a power attack or bash, the more intense and the longer bleeding/degradation lasts. This makes all combat scale evenly into late game, is scriptless and completely balanced to work with any other combat mod

(sunder-based modules)

As of eqRLE 1.5, the entire world now has a script-less, engine-based stagger system applied to melee combat, based on the gargoyle's vanilla combat effects. For the player, taking a heavy or unique attack causes screen-shake and drunken movement. This effect stacks, and while freedom is maintained, accuracy becomes very difficult. NPC's merely go through their own stagger animations.

(parry module)

As of eqRLE 2.37, an single, player-only autoparry script will be added to the combat module to make simultaneous attacks between attackers collide, canceling both attacks. Bows also have a chance to block an attack when drawing or holding an arrow at the ready

(Optional combat module variant)

Injected into every spell and physical attack in the game is a balanced injury and matching first-aid system, punishing the player and any ai or follower with residual damaged stats, and rewarding players for taking the time between battles to treat themselves to healing arts and rest.
- INJURY SYSTEM(debuff types)

+ physical damage (max-hp/sta)
+ air magic (physical)
+ earth magic (physical)
+ fire burns (resist fire/max-hp)
+ frostbite (resist frost/max-sta)
+ electric/ionization (resist shock/max-magicka)
+ psionic (ionization)
+ poison/envenomation (hp-regen/max-hp)
+ water/drenching (carry weight/movement speed)
+ acid corrosion (armor-reduction/block)
+ blood/exsanguination sickness (1st-hp/sta-regen)
- FIRST AID (recipe)
all craftable from the 'Spellcraft & First-Aid' power menu

+ cloth samples (harvestable from any unenchanted vanilla armor)
+ bandage (1x cloth sample) - supresses physical injury
+ regenerative bandage (1x cloth sample + 1x regenerative reagant + 1x salve oil) - suppresses frostbite/burns
+ ethanol wash (any spirits) - supresses corrosion
+ salve oil (any beneficial plant, butter, or troll fat) - suppresses corrosion
+ fire salt salve (salve oil + fire salts) - suppresses frostbite
+ ice salt salve (salve oil + frost salts) - suppresses burn injuries
+ towel (2x cloth sample) - suppresses drenching
+ 5 empty bottles (one glass ingot)
+ red mountain tea (red mountain flower + empty bottle) - soothes exsanguination sickness)
+ blue mountain tea (blue moutain flower + empty bottle) - soothes ionization sickness)
+ purple mountain tea (purple mountain flower + empty bottle) - soothes injuries
+ Antivenom (any venom + hp potion) - suppresses envenomation

- new free ability: Trap-Building (opens a crafting menu)
- Leather and leather strip extraction on the go via the trap-building interface
- gauntlet crafting using leather, ingots, and leather straps for those who don't like shields
- Silk gland: now found on spiders
Clay Extraction from mainland ore (for pressure plate traps and Hearthfires if needed)
- Ethanol extraction from mainland alcoholic drinks (used for fueling pressure plate traps)
Mechanism creation via any ingot of the same type (used for all traps)
Spear handle extraction/molding from wood, battle-axe shafts, war-axe shafts, or warhammer shafts (for spear trap creation)
Spear tip creation: three types(chitin, common, and mer-metal) from swords, daggers, ingots, or chitin from mudcrabs or chaurus bugs

TRAPS(placeable via throwing/scroll-casting):

Spirit Rune Powder: made from Charcoal, Bone Meal, Void Salt and Ectoplasm for drawing runes that conjure a bound ghost that haunts and fights for you until it dies when someone steps on its calling rune
- Ankle traps: made from any mainland ingot and a mechanism. can be picked up and recrafted into a throwable trap
- Boulders and Rocks: made from any mainland ore and freely droppable from inventory. they create ankle-twisting hazards
- Caltrops: made from any mainland ingot. can be picked up and recrafted into a throwable trap
- Pressure Plates: Four types(fire, frost, shock, corruption) made from clay/iron/malachite/steel/silver/wood, a mechanism, the matching salt type, a daedra heart for corruption if necessary, and Ethanol
- Spear Spring-Traps: (from chitin, common, and mer-metal tips) made from a spear handle, a mechanism, and a spear-tip
- Basic Trip-Wire: spear handle & leatherstrip or a bow&arrow
- Trip-mines: Six types(fire, frost, shock, dust/blind, web, corruption) made from clay/iron/malachite/silver/wood, a mechanism, the matching salt type(or silk gland), a daedra heart for corruption if necessary, Ethanol, spear handle, lockpick(the pin), and a leather strip



Basically, there are four stages to staff-crafting in RLE/S&S, all accessible in the Spellcraft/First-Aid power menu:

1. Keep a dagger in your inventory. This will allow you to carve blank staves for a specific magic schools FROM WOOD

2. Obtain a Stasis Crucible from a court magician, merchant, witch, or bandit mage. This will allow you to convert filled soulgems into spellgems for a magic school. To make a staff, the spellgem must match the staff-type.

3. Obtain an ingot relative to the spell's power you wish to cast(iron, steel, orchalcum, etc.).

4. Acquire enough Smithing and Enchanting to unlock tiers of staves. (60 in each will allow you access to every spell in the game)

Although the process of making staves is rather simple, it can be very expensive and not as useful as using soulgems, ingots, and wood for other items like enchanted ink, charged/enchanted items, regular crafting, etc. Be mindful of your resources.

(core module)

As of RLE 1.8, amongst the Dwemer, you will find some boss creatures that are left-over creations of the Numidium itself. These creatures drop a variety of clockwork weaponry that rival daedric weaponry in power. They also drop knowledge cubes which add to gameplay:

Cube of Embers: 
allows the player to turn skulls of daedric wardens into Skulls of Unresting Souls, single use items that can resurrect one creature level 40 or under for one hour. Combining a SUS with a filled black soulgem, doubles its level of effect.

Holding the cube of embers also increases the effect of your necromantic spells.

Cube of Arrow Infusion
allows the player to infuse dwarven arrows or bolts into dire magic arrows/bolts

Cube of Scroll Infusion
allows the player to greatly simplify scroll-creation by nullifying the need for enchanted ink, but an ink vial must remain in inventory for the symbolic bond 

(core non-MO modules)
As of RLE 1.8, this mod features spell-craft for both players and NPCs, based on study and preparation, not memorization and channeling. The main prerequisite is magical tomes or scrolls as well as writing charcoal or enchanted ink.
With this system, one need only collect the books for the appropriate spells and use them to craft batches of scrolls using the new power "SPELLCRAFT & FIRST-AID":

Blank paper + enchanted ink(with Tome X in inventory) = Scroll of Tome X
Blank paper + enchanted ink(with Scroll X in inventory) = Copy of Scroll X
Blank paper + writing charcoal(with Tome X relevent to the writing charcoal) = Scroll of Tome X
Blank Paper + writing charcoal(with Scroll X relevent to the writing charcoal) = Copy of Scroll X
Blank paper(with Tome X, the Cube of Scroll-crafting, and a vial of ink in inventory) = Scroll of Tome X
Blank paper(with Scroll X, the Cube of Scroll-crafting, and a vial of ink in inventory) = Copy of Scroll X
Ink vial + filled soul gem = # of enchanted ink vials
Charcoal + ingredient combination = # of specific writer's charcoal blocks(fiery, icey, static, etc.)
Log of Firewood = 15 sheets of paper (or) 4 blocks of charcoal
Charcoal/BlueMountainFlower + Glass Ingot = 3 vials of ink

As illustrated, you are copying tome X to scroll X without exhausting it or memorizing it. Also illustrated, the Cube of Scroll-crafting greatly simplifies the process, but it is dropped by a rare dwemer boss called "The Soul-Warden of Numidium." 

  +ALCHEMICAL SPELLS require you have an ALEMBIC in your inventory, craftable with one malachite ingot, one iron ingot , and one torch. (or bought for ~100g at an Alchemy Shop)
  +SOMATIC SPELLS require enchanted ink and paper.
  +Both crafting methods yield prepared spells of equal value
  + to craft ink from charcoal or flower petals or turn mundane ink into enchanted ink now requires a MORTAR & PESTLE in your inventory.
  + MORTAR & PESTLE(made by Oaristys) can be crafted with merely two pieces of mundane ore(iron or corundum), or a single piece of firewood since you're basically carving it (or bought for ~50g at an Alchemy Shop)
  + spells usually require two to three ingredients to synthesize
  + prepared spells can somatically be transferred to new scrolls in the interface

ALTERATION BUFFS (5 min. each)

Elemental Guard (resist fire/frost/cold) | Ether-hand (enchanting)
Brewer-brain (alchemy) | Battle-blood (1-handed, 2-handed, and block)
Spell-guard | Poison-guard | Regenerator (hp/magicka/sta regen)
Silver-Tongue(barter) | Burden-bearer(increases carry weight)

PARTY SPELLS - 100 magicka each
Heal Allies(60hp/5sec.)
Invigorate Allies(60stamina/5sec.)
Affinity for Flight (+90% speed/90sec..)
Storm of Swords (+10% melee dps/2min.)
Rain of Arrows (+10% ranged
Bricks of the Legion (40armor/2min.)


Blood drain | Blood bolt | Blood Blast
Blood wave | Blood rune | Blood cloak

Wind wave | Flame wave | Frost Wave
Doom | Disarm

Water Rapids | Waterball | Water Rune
Water Geyser | Water Cloak | Water Torrent
Water Wall | Tidal Wave

Gravel | Rock Cloak | Rock Blast
Earth Rune | Boulder | Wall of Earth

Gust | Zephyr | Wind Rune
Whirlwind Cloak | Tornado | Wall of Wind
Tempest | Cyclone
Magic Missile


Magicka Eater | Leech | Clay Atronach | Obsidian Atronach
Grimhound | Draugr Graveguard | Forest Atronach | Frost Lurker
Frost Creeper | Sentinel of Sanguine | Flame Lurker | War Hound
Flame Creeper | Daedroth Pit-Fiend


Chaurus Crawler | Chaurus Hunter | Spider | Snowy Spider
Young Mammoth | Scrib | Vale Deer | Vale Sabre Cat
Moose (male and female) | White Stag | Fox(Red and Snowy)
Wolf(brown, snowy, and red) | Elk (Male andFemale)
Skeever(Brown and Grey) | SpectralStag | Beaver | Raccoon
Gazelle(naked and armored) | CaveLion | Cougar
Lynx(Plains and Forest) | Boar | Bear(Black andPolar)
Vampiric Hound | Armored Husky | Sheephound

If this mod puts strain on your game, specifically the injury module, place these edits in your [papyrus] area in skyrim.ini:
and iMaxAllocatedMemoryBytes=8388608

ArwingXL/Afro - mod organization, mount rigging, esp writing, logic scripting, texturing, texture fixing, bug-fixing/testing
Oaristys - mortar and pestle mesh
Grimy - unleveled enemies patch
LWatson95 - custom staves for the final spell-crafting module
Cheshyr - for the lovely gauntlet shield idea in the rogue-crafting module
Musashiden - revision of the unleveled patch that effects all new enemies added by mods
Enai - for the tripwire code in the rogue-crafting module scripts
viltuska - the Gehenoth mesh/textures/esp base
muppetpuppet - the original sload mesh
coda - tundra chimera mesh
rireki - new dwemer boss creature and weapon meshes
Skywind Team - cyrodil goblin meshes
MrCasual - the skaven resources
Erkeil& t3ndo - combat profiles
proksi - coding reference for building a clean parrying script 
summerdew - Yurei resource(unholy remnant)
abbalovesyou - resources for advanced spriggans, troll-men, and other such humanoids
tonycubed2 - load door, water behavior, and the Skyrim Remastered conversion
junin/zerofrost - griffin meshes and textures
Mihailmods - grave lord, sload high-blood, blind cave drake, wraiths, furnace centurion, wild bats, gladiator of mephala, rock spider, seeker of mephala, myriad will of sithis, sentinel of jygallag, cyclopian troll, spriggan rectifier, goblin witch, ogres, falmer hound, flesh sculptor of mephala, woodlord, watcher of mora, Scamps, Seducers of Sanguine, mounted draugr, emus, moas, young dreugh, and harvester meshes
dogtown1 &ironman5000 - varied creature resources
m150 - bug people creature resources used for Dreugh
walkingmassofcomplexes - prey-lord of hircine, seeker incubator, dragon welp, wraith of the north meshes
candit & allzero - blood magic
TheGreyLight - alternate summoning visuals
Gendundrup,and vicn - creature resources
jackga - psionic atronach, spider daedra, sentinel of sithis, pig troll, clay atronach, queen-regent of sheogorath, shivering rook, shivering tree-knight, shivering bishop
StudioCD Projekt RED - witcher creature resources
Urwy - morian surgical blade, sundering maul meshes
minermanb - ogrim mesh
diegoforfunStunted Imp and unholy vessel meshes
 gg77Unresting Remnant meshes
reaperix - water, earth, and air magic spell resources
berkian - dicynodon, macrauchenia, and tapir meshes/textures
crushboss - insight into game-settings and how they affect AI
residents of skyrim - armored soul-stealer, young hagraven, shivering pawn
jzbai - the lovely scroll-crafting menu setup
Deep Silver/Pihrana Bites - inspiration for the injury/first-aid system
jjpeabody - cover art


WARNING: Do not attempt to convert this mod. Legendary and Special Edition RLE are two completely separate development branches due to unresolved conversion issues. SSE has different content in general and has to be worked on separately.

The manual install method: drop everything you want in ther data folder.
Shardori's install method(for MO2):
Download and install DATA files first (copy the name of your file, so you can easily CTRL Paste as you merge the different cores and files you want to use, with your DATA files).
Download the CORE files, picking only the three main cores. Like so:  
MERGE them in with your DATA files.
Now, pick the contents from the other esp files you want to use and MERGE them into your DATA files.
02_NPC_Additions - open it up and pick what you want, uncheck what you don't
03_Crafting - same as above, open it up and pick what you want, uncheck what you don't
04_Gear - same as above
05_Gameplay - same as above
06_Content_Disablers - same as above
You'll end up with numerous esp's.  You can leave it as is, or open SSEEdit and load all your eqRLE esp's.  Now do the following:
- Hi-light the esp's, then right click anywhere in the left pane and scroll down the menu. Pick OTHER and MERGE PATCH
- let it generate.  A box will pop up for you to name your new patch, and then you can save and exit.
Open your OVERWRITE file and create your new patch.  Don't forget to uncheck all esp's you won't need, as they are included in the new merged patch, but you still need the master esp checked.
Hope I helped and not confused you any more than necessary :)



To summarize:
RLE HEAVILY edits leveled lists. If you have to ask, yes Enairim mods work. so does sperg, skyre, and other perk/gameplay overhauls. Requiem, however, is its own issue and a fence I don't plan on hopping. Combat mods work because the mod's combat modules are entirely optional and are just patch-overs of vanilla combat to make it more punishing for sloppy fighting.

Magic mods work so long as you make a merged or bashed patch. RLE just adds its own spells, as well as attack magic in the blood, earth, water, and air category. I would suggest mods that add less attack/conjuration magic and more from the other categories. (apocalypse, forgotten magic, lost grimoire, midas maybe?)

Brewing/alchemy mods are more or less fully compatible. The mod adds recipes, ingredients, and adds uses for common ingredients to create enchanted dye and charcoal. 

Basically, if you open your load order up in tes5edit/xedit, you'll see what is and isn't an issue. just look for red forms and/or yellow forms in the merged patch generated.