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Adds The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Yennefer of Vengerberg as a voiced standalone follower to Skyrim.

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Link to Special Edition Version
Japanese version with Voice Patch by BowmoreLover.
La version française du mod by jihan02.
Polish version by fenrissa.

This mod adds The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Yennefer to Skryim. If you haven't played the Witcher series, I highly recommend it. And a big thanks to CD Projekt RED for allowing use of their assets so mods like this are possible.

She can be found in the Winking Skeever in Solitude. If you have any trouble getting her to follower you, please, type in the console 'set playerfollowercount to 0' and try recruiting again before you report it as a problem.

Please note: I did not make her head using RaceMenu sliders and therefor have no preset to share with you. And since I did not use the vanilla head as a base, I'm under the impression that using this head on your played character, while very possible, is more complicated to implement than creating a preset. For that reason, I'm not planning on including that feature at this time.

Also: I did not import the actual head from the Witcher games, but my ego is flattered you think so.


If you're looking for another follower, try my Ciri and Keira mods.

I've also contributed to this Geralt, Triss, and Cerys an Craite mods by imAarwyn.
If you're looking for her outfit, try this fantastic mod by zzjay.


Think of this as a downloadable, stand-alone, vanilla follower that happens to look and sound like Yennefer from the Witcher 3. She comes with various magical features including teleportation to cities, water breathing, and limited support spells. There is a custom horse she summons and rides when the player does. And all of the above can be toggled in her MCM. She has custom made, high resolution skin and eye textures and over 380 unique lines of dialogue. She also comes with her undergarments and I've included CBBE bodyslide files as well.

Check the video section to see her in action.

Japanese Translation by BowMoreLover: Courtesy of Dragonporn.


If you use a Follower Overhaul mod, such as EFF or AFT, you could potentially be able to perform the 'Force Recruit' on her, but it may result in bugs and some of her advanced functionality not working. I don't recommend it.


SkyUI - schlangster
FNIS - Fore

Typical installation: Just make sure the contents of the download package end up in your Data folder, either manually or through a mod manager. After installing the files, run FNIS for users and update your behavior files before starting the game.

As of Version 2.3, Yennefer and Ciri have a few conversations. This should start automatically if you have compatible versions installed. If you do, there will be a Compatibility entry in the MCM telling you it's setup correctly.


Technical stuff:

Meshes: I made the head in Blender using the Citrus head and custom .tri files. That means her mouth moves when she talks, makes facial expressions,
etc. The hair straight up belongs to CD Projekt RED.
Textures: I hand-painted the head texture in photoshop using a lot of healing brush. The body textures were painted on the CBBE body using textures by HelloSanta, HHaleyy, and Zonzai as a base. I included normal and specular maps in this release as well.

She's using a CBBE Nevernude adapted body by default, but you can replace the meshes in the Skryim/Data/Meshes/Actor/Character/Yennefer/ folder. The body textures can similarly be replaced using the same folder structure, but they may not fit seamlessly next to my head texture. If you don't unpack the archive, you won't see the folders. In which case, you can create folders named exactly the same thing and drop your assets in there and it should work.


CD Projekt RED
BowmoreLover - Translations and bug squashing
Borgut1337 (author of Deadly Combat) - Animation Scripts + general combat improvements
Fore - FNIS
schlangster - SkyUI
dualsun - Pretty Female Animations
zzjay - Yennefer's Outfits
HHaleyy - Fair Skin Complexion
Zonzai - Real Girls Realistic Body Texture
Blabba - Citrus head
HelloSanta - SG Textures
Caliente - CBBE Body
Turulo - NPC Nif Merge
Expired - Race Menu
Grace Darkling and Cabal (amidianborn) - Cubemaps
Vicces1212 ( - OldVideoGame.wav
triptherift and sumojellybean- scripting/esp tips
And a whole bunch of tutorials