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A small change to the Solitude Lighthouse area, including a player home!

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Diamond Bluff Settlement

Welcome to Diamond Bluff! All it contains are minor changes to the Solitude Lighthouse area, where 3 new buildings are located. It provides a small fishing area, owned by Clan Vainswith, with a couple merchants that come by to sell their wares and resupply the farm and outpost. It is all cleaned with TES5Edit, and modifies a small area comparatively unused by other mod authors.

The town contains:
- A permanent location for Talsgar the Wanderer, so he might actually play his talents after you pay him. He will still appear randomly on the roads, but this is his most frequent stop, you could say.
- A few NPC merchants, including a new farmstead; Vainswith Farm and Windmill.
- An expansion to the Solitude Lighthouse to reflect the interior cell.
- Two Solitude town guards with their own shack.
- Unique exterior details, including rope rails and crystal light sticks, and a giant mudcrab carapace.
- A new player home!

The Player Home contains:
- Multiple Adoption friendly! Yet, it contains only 2 follower/child beds, and a master bed.
- Four exterior planters, along with regular garden.
- Spectacular view of the Sea of Ghosts.
- Moderate storage and space, with enchanting and alchemy workstations.
(Unfortunately, no blacksmithing stations. Solitude is the best place next for services)
- Personalized decor, such as privy and washstation mirror.
- Small, cozy cabin atmosphere on the coast!


- Dragonborn (Many aesthetic elements)
- Hearthfire (For crafting and family adoptions)


- Any mod that might modify the exterior of the Solitude Lighthouse area.

I made this town as my favored homestead for a new playthrough; Not so close to a town nor too far away when being the Dragonborn, loved and hated by many factions of the game. The player home is 'technically' owned by a previous homesteader who has paid for the cabin, but has yet to claim it; He is perhaps lost at sea. The Dragonborn thus takes the claim as their own, and Clan Vainswith is none the wiser.

Thank you for downloading and trying it out! Version 1.5 might be released in the foreseeable future!