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A scenic campsite that functions as a player home, created for Paxton, the protagonist of the GamerPoets roleplay series.

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[size=24]PAXTON's OLD CAMPSITE[/size]

Here it is! After numerous requests you can now finally play with Paxton's old campsite!


A fully equipped scenic campsite that can function as a player home, created for Paxton, the protagonist of the GamerPoets Skyrim role play series "The tale of Paxton" (read below if you're interested). This campsite was designed with Paxton in mind and specifically for his story. It is a "primarily" solitary camp that is used as his base and home. He builds this camp on this location as it is secluded, safe and right next to a malachite mine (new in this mod) that supplies a means of living. The campsite is designed to fit in with the surroundings, has a homely and lively feel to it, whilst offering all the features of a long term camp (forge, alchemy table, etc.). All of it designed/placed to make it fitting to the location. It even boasts an aesthetically functional smoke house.

Designed to fit the vanilla game and feel "immersive", but adds quite some unique features.

It is perfect for people who like to role play characters that require or like a secluded outdoor environment, such as hunters and thieves, or just your average adventurer... You should download it just for the view! The location can be found in the images HERE. The best way to get there is following the road from Ivarstead. For a better explanation on how to find it, watch Insane0hflex's showcase below!. The entrance is hidden from view for a reason, Paxton wanted seclusion and a safe place to live. A path signaling to random travelers is not something that Paxton would create. 

Awesome showcases by Hodilton and Insane0hlflex:


  • Tent ;-)
  • Beautiful scenery and view
  • Fully functional malachite mine without loading screen
  • Extinguishable fires and lanterns. (They are old fashioned rusty to fit the area)
  • Cooking area
  • All craft stuff, including smelter inside the Mine. (All placed/adjusted to "Fit" the surroundings)
  • Aesthetically functional smoke house.
  • Custom wood chopping block
  • Seating area(s)
  • Small farming area's. Even harvestable snowberries in pots!! (Paxton's favourite!)
  • Washing area
  • Shooting range
  • Practice area
  • Chickens (YESS!)
  • You can drink from the main stream for RND users (only certain spots).
  • Secret storage space in the hollow stump ( *wink* to Morrowind players )
  • Secret "custom" trinket to boot, it belonged to Paxton's mom. Read the story below, or better, watch the series if you care to know more
  • Loads and loads of "dedicated" safe storage containers.


GamerPoets is a YouTube channel managed by both Michael and Joe (Michael primarily). Dedicated to role play and mod tutorials, we are a friendly community that aims to help anyone with modding Skyrim. We do so by teaming up with STEP and providing detailed and thorough tutorials and will help you out if you have any problems. We also present you with a fully immersive "TV series" experience with role plays of Skyrim and Fallout. This mod was part of that experience, and after numerous requests, it is finally available for download.


Paxton is an orphaned imperial, who was sadly raised in Honerhall orphanage in Riften, after a vampire raid attacked his family camp when he was a child. The vampires took off with his mother, a high ranked priestess of Mara, and his father later succumbed to his wounds. The raid also caused Paxton to lose sight in his left eye. 
After leaving Honerhall orphanage, Paxton works as a miner for a few years, and realises the live of working for others, under hash and dirty conditions with little pay, was not for him. He finds himself his own malachite mine in the mountain, near the border between Whiterun and the Rift and sets up camp. His life of solitude and seclusion (apart from trading merchants and a strange but friendly mage "Golom" who teaches the young man on magic, life and strange habits), forces him to contemplate on his troubled past, whilst forming an ever greater hatred towards vampires and bandits. He eventually sets out on adventure to seek answers, solace and redemption. Paxton ultimately returns to his then ruined campsite, after certain events transpired... This time, he builds a more prominent and permanent campsite, to find peace and seclusion, providing time to think and further contemplate life. It is this campsite which you can now download.

The tale of Paxton can be viewed on the GamerPoets YouTube channel (role played by Michael).

Although the campsite isn't shown until the end of chapter 1/beginning of chapter 2, Michael, plagued by save file corruptions, decided to completely redo the first chapter. Primarily because his role playing and editing skills have improved tremendously by the time he reached chapter 2. Being the perfectionist he is, he felt that chapter 1 deserved a remake. I recommend watching the new and improved chapter 1, and wait until he's caught up to chapter 2. However, his initial role play series, now renamed to "Rough Draft" is still worth watching if you are as impatient as I am (Joe). Many people have asked for the campsite ever since it was showcased, which prompted us to upload it to the nexus in it's current form.


  • This mod requires High Quality LODs by Ethatron to work proper, only the meshes needed, either medium or high will do.

  • The Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM by Brumbek. Without it, you get missing textures on some objects.
  • There is a No SMIM patch available as well under the optional files section, install after any of the main files. The following textures are required without the patch:
    1. textures\smim\clutter\common\
    2. textures\smim\clutter\common\
    3. textures\smim\clutter\common\
    4. textures\smim\clutter\common\
    5. textures\smim\clutter\woodfires\
    6. textures\smim\clutter\woodfires\

  • Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival 2.6 mod by Chesco. Required for the cooking pot and Campfire to function proper. Set campfire ablaze with a fire spell! NOT compatible with Frostfall 3.0, use the NON frostfall edition instead!!
  • There is a NON Frostfall version available as well! Now with togglable campfire.

  • It requires an FPS cap at 59.9 FPS if you do not want horrible havok problems. I truly urge anyone to cap their FPS if your system is good! You will want that anyways to prevent havok issues in the rest of the game. I recommend it for everyone, and yes, 59.9 or 59, not 60, but this may differ per system...

  • Although not essential, I thoroughly recommend Steve40's critter script fix found HERE. Although the Unofficial patches include Steve40's script fixes, I believe the latest one from Steve is more up to date (even though it is old). 


Although the campsite is fully playable and functional, there are several things that I (Joe) still wish to implement in this public release to better suit more users. However I am currently finishing my PhD and have absolutely 0 time. I will list what is missing/not implemented below.

  • This campsite does NOT work with horses, don't bring your horse inside the camp unless you like to see strange and awkward things happening. I want to implement an automatic dismount at the entrance of the camp, with a small stable like area for a horse. When I do have time I will implement this. If someone has time, and feels the need to do so now, please help out and add the feature, you will be fully credited. The feature isn't there because Paxton doesn't use a horse. The area has been properly navmeshed, and smaller creatures, like followers and dogs, should follow you around without issues.

  • The smoke house is purely aesthetic. Although I want to write a script that converts raw foods to smoked versions, this is not yet done, and my scripting skills are not great. Again, if any of you have time and know how to do this, I would be eternally grateful.

  • There is no sleeping area for followers, I plan on making a version with an additional small tent for followers. Like I said in the description, it was meant as a solitary camp initially. In the meantime, you can safely use Frostfall or similar to add a tent. The area has been properly navmeshed, and some idles have been placed for sandbox behaviours. If you use any follower mods, they should use the idles and behave as if they belong. This goes for dogs too. This has not been properly tested yet though, so please comment on how it works.

  • Similarly, you cannot actually set the place as your home, where your spouse will go. The place is a 100% exterior location and I do not know of a way to make it an official home. If someone does, please let me know. I may experiment around a little when I have time again.

That's it, unless people come with great "fitting" ideas...
Something I will NOT personally implement are display cases/mannequins etc. I feel those do not belong in a campsite like this, and certainly don't fit Paxton's character. If your Dova is a great hoarder, then I recommend a different place for his/her belongings. (There is always the hollowed out tree stump in the back of the camp = ) )...


Although the area I've chosen should not cause any problems with other mods, and as such, be completely compatible, there may be some tree or foliage mods that can create odd or strange looking results. If you use any such mod that gives you weird/bad results, please let me know and I will see what I can do.


I used resources from mod resource packs from the following creators:


Bethesda for an awesome game

If I failed to mention someone, please inform me.



Michael & Joe (SjoertJansen/SkyFalls and SkyMills)