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A compilation of small tweaks and enchancements for Wyrmstooth

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  • Spanish
Disclaimer: These tweaks are NO LONGER supported. They are kept online for sake of archiving. An SE version can be found here.

really enjoyed playing through Wyrmstooth, but I found that some stuff needed to be tweaked.

I did this based on Zaric Zhakaron's Wyrmstooth monocle review. (warning, spoilers!)

My tweaks and enhancements are modular, so you pick whichever you want and mix and match to your own liking.

A Spanish (Español) version of my mod can be found here.

Craftable Wyrmstone and Brimstone Sets

Up until now, there was no real use for Wyrmstone and Brimstone Ores and Ingots, so I decided to make some craftable sets. Both Armors have the same stats the are slightly lower than Glass, but Brimstone is classified as Light Armor (lower armor/dmg, but also lower weight) and Wyrmstone as heavy (more armor/dmg, but also more weight). So both light and heavy armor users will have one to suit their needs.

To make the armors stand out more, I approached them in a similar way as Stalhrim. All Fire-related enchantments you put on Brimstone Armor and Weapons will be 25% stronger, same applies to Shock and Wyrmstone. In order to make this work, though, you might want to make a Merged Patch (see below).

The plugin also has breakdown recipes and should be compatible with Complete Crafting Overhaul.

Dragon Lore

Without spoiling anything for those who haven't played Wyrmstooth, let's just say I made the Dragons on Wyrmstooth more unique. Killing these Dragons will yield their essence, which can be combined to craft a powerful amulet at the forge.

Realistic Ownership

At a certain stage in the main quest, you'll meet a wizard. However you can just take all his stuff without considered to be stealing. I added an ownership tag to his items, so they'll be considered stolen items, should you take them. However, after you've completed the Wizards quest, you'll be able to take the items, as he says something like "Feel free to take anything you need".

Quest Tweaks

I'll try to explain without spoiling too much.

I increased the level requirement from level 10 to 30, and the Main Vanilla Quest requirement to have completed The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

I disabled the Fast Travel marker to Skyrim until the Main Wyrmstooth Quest has been completed. I did this for 2 reasons:

  • It fixes an exploit in which the 4 followers will follow you indefinitely when you go back to Skyrim before the Wyrmstooth quest has been completed. (See Zaric's video for details.)
  • The Quest Master, Lorius, mentions before leaving: "We won't be leaving the island before the Dragon has been dealt with." So it would make sense you can't leave the Island until you've done that.

I also prevented the 2 other Dragons from spawning on Wyrmstooth until the Main Wyrmstooth Quest has been completed. Some other enemies will spawn instead (before completion of the Main Quest). (Main reason is because of the story, if you really want the details, watch Zaric's video.)


I'm planning on adding several new locations to explore on Wyrmstooth. I won't spoil the locations, so you'll have to discover them.

Radiant Events

I've set a condition to certain Radiant Events to prevent them from activating on Wyrmstooth. (For instance, a women fleeing from Mistwatch, which doesn't make sense on Wyrmstooth)

Follower Tweaks

I changed the weapons the followers wear, so they'll be a random weapon from the leveled list. This is great when you use other weapon mods.

The followers will also no longer follow you into the dungeon.

Typo Fix

As the name suggests, a fix for many typos in Wyrmstooth. If you notice any i haven't covered yet, please report them!

Notice Board

Places a Notice Board from mannygt's mod into Wyrmstooth. The quests have been reworked to fit Wyrmstooth's Lore. The Main file from mannygt is required! The Notice Board can be found in the mining settlement after it's been fully rebuild (after the main quest).

I made an optional version which includes the new armors (Brimstone and Wyrmstone) as possible quests.

If you also use the Realistic Ownership module, I included some compatible versions for you.

Note: This needs to be loaded as last ESP of all my tweaks in order to work correctly!

Compatibility: Bashed + Merged Patch

In order to make everything more compatible, I highly recommend making a Bashed and Merged patch. Without them, certain stuff from my tweaks may not work.

You should also make some personal patches if needed. (For mods that also edit the Player NPC, see 3rd video.)

Some tutorials about them:

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Check out these mods and if you like them, don't forget to endorse them:

jonx0r - For his advice and of course Wyrmstooth

UNI00SL - For the Amulet textures and meshes

Diranar - For the Glass Armor retextures: Blue and Red  

Edhildil - For Stendarr Statue Modders Resource 

bjs_336 - For Skyrim Bridges

mannygt - For The Notice Board

ladyonthemoon and DocClox (on the Bethsoft forums) - for pointing me in the right direction while scripting

GamerPoets - for his YouTube videos

Zaric Zhakaron - For his YouTube video about Wyrmstooth and giving me ideas to improve

Phaedrathallassa - For her video on how to make a patch in TES5Edit

Elminster, Sharlikran, Zilav, and Hlp. - For TES5Edit (xEdit)

Bethesda - For Skyrim and the CK

The entire modding community - for being awesome <3